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Eoin Young's Rare Motoring Books and Memorabilia

A constantly changing collection of very rare and choice memorabilia and motoring books.
Eoin is sadly no longer with us, but his enthusiasm and love of motor sport is alive and well here.

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2244.    WATKINS GLEN 6 HOURS of ENDURANCE,  SCCA   CAN AM,  SUPER VEE   Programme 1981.   Another great US programme from this CanAm and Sports car event Held on July 11 and 12 1981. Great clean condition. pp.78. £10.  
2243. MICHAEL TURNER - JOCHEN RINDT /JACKIE STEWART .   Vintage Christmas card published by Royle with a wonderful Michael Turner picture of the 1969 British Grand Prix: "Jochen Rindt, Lotus-Ford contesting the lead with Stewart's Matra just before stopping to rectify damage to the rear aerofoil" 7.5in x 4.5in. Good unwritten condition. £8  
2242. MICHAEL TURNER - BRUCE McLAREN .   Vintage Christmas card published by Royle with another terrific Michael Turner picture of the 1965. May "Silverstone sports car race: Bruce McLaren in his McLaren-Elva takes the lead from John Surtees' Lola 70" 7in x 5.5in. good unwritten condition. £8  
2236. BELT UP! THELWELL’s MOTORING MANUAL .   While not as dedicated to motoring subjects as Brockbank, Norman Thelwell occasionally took a break from his stock subject of small girls on fat ponies to do motoring cartoons. My favourite is the clown car in urgent need of repair as “the engine’s running dead quiet, she won’t back-fire and I can’t get the radiator to boil”. Hardback without dust wrapper in good condition. 6in x 8in. pp.128 £7  
2231. CATERHAM SEVENS.   Chris Rees 1996 MRP title covering all aspects of the Seven. Foreword by Jonathan Palmer (the JPE variant is covered here in detail) and an article on “Caterham Sevens and Me” by Chris Rea. Profusely illustrated in colour and b&w throughout. Hardback in good condition (ex-library so it has a couple of stamps on the endpapers and title page and a shelf no. on the spine but otherwise good with a tight binding and clean pages. 7.5in x 10in pp.208 £12.  
2229. SALUTE TO JACK BRABHAM MEETING.   Brands Hatch November 29, 1970. Programme for this event held to honour Brabham who had announced his retirement earlier that year. Races included GT and Formula F100, Formula Ford, Modsports, Saloon, Formula Libre and of course one solely for. Brabham cars Jack made a demonstration drive too. Full entry list, which has been annotated and corrected by a keen spectator (probably not Eoin: the handwriting looks too neat!;-) 5.5in x 8in pp.28 £12  

2227. STIRLING MOSS and LOTUS.    Unusual snapshot showing Moss sitting on the back wheel of his Lotus 18 reading while mechanics fettle the car. We think this is during practice for the Portuguese GP on 14th August 1960. This was Moss’s first race after his accident at Spa that year and the car had been completely rebuilt while he was recovering.  Moss was disqualified at the end of the race when he spun and stalled on the 51st lap (of 55) and restarted by pushing the car downhill against the race direction before carrying on to finish the lap. The print is dated (by Kodak) August 1960 and the official’s armband says “..ACP 60” so it’s definitely from that year. Original photographic print (not an inkjet copy!) 5in x 3.5in. £16

2226. EARLY AND LATE - The Bulletin of the Rolls-Royce Section of the VSCC.   . Three very early bulletins: Vol. 1 no. 4 (September 1957) No. 5 (December 1957) and No.9 (April 1959). Short and sweet (each consists of 8 pages) but full of erudite articles. Some slight water damage to the top L corner of two of the three but nothing serious. A5 (5.5in x 8in approx.) Set of three £8  


1700.    A RECORD OF GRAND PRIX AND VOITURETTE RACING. The "Wisden" of motor racing in full, hardbound form. Paul Sheldon and Duncan Rabagliati's exhaustively researched reference series has race by race accounts, starting grids, results sheets and a wealth of other information. I have one volume left, 8.5in x 12in hardback in very good condition:

1700c.    Vol. 6 1954-1959 pp.331  £120



2222.     HISTORIC FORMULA JUNIOR. Volume 7 2009-2010  .   Duncan Rabagliati and Richard Page. 2011. In the same format as the “…Grand Prix and Voiturette…” titles listed above this is equally authoritative. Hardback in as-new condition. pp.285. Signed by authors Rabagliati and Page and certified no. 52 of a limited edition of 70 copies) £75  
2225.     FORMULA ONE REGISTER RECORD BOOK -1966.   Paul Sheldon, Duncan Rabagliati and Yves De La George. The first volume in a supplementary series to the “…Grand Prix and Voiturette…” books, this covers Formula 1, 2, 3, US NAT. Championship and TASMAN races in even more detail. spiral-bound softcover book in poor but readable condition. (plastic spiral binder is starting to deteriorate but no loose pages) pp.240 £30  



2223.     FORMULA ONE REGISTER FACT BOOK: FORMULA 3 .   Paul Sheldon and Duncan Rabagliati.1990.
Like the other titles this series does what it says on the cover: A full race-by-race record of F3 races with grids, results, fastest lap etc. etc. Not quite as much detail as the Grand Prix series (no race reports for example) but packed with hard data. We have the following volumes:

1947 to 1952. spiral-bound softcover book in poor but readable condition. (plastic spiral binder is starting to deteriorate but no loose pages) See pic:8in x 11.5in pp.239

1953 to 1955. spiral-bound softcover book in good condition.(plastic spiral binder is starting to deteriorate but no loose pages) 8in x 11.5in pp.223 £25

2221.     MOTOR RACING CIRCUITS IN ENGLAND THEN AND NOW. Peter Swinger .   A comprehensive account of all the race circuits in England,whether long-vanished, in constant use or revised. Period photographs and plans show variations in layouts over the years and the text gives the history of more than 50 tracks. Fascinating.  Softcover book in excellent as-new condition. 8in x 10in   pp.160.   £15   
  2219.     LE MANS WINNERS POSTER.   Rather on the lines of the 'Goodyear victories' posters this one, produced by the ACO, Auto Hebdo and the Ville du Mans for the 2000 race shows all 67 winners to that date - which means there's not a single Audi on it! Quarter folded from original publication (with the programme, I think) and in very good, clean condition it will frame beautifully.  17.5in x 23in. £25  
2212.     SPORTING PEUGEOT 205s.   Another in the excellent Collector's Guide series, this has the usual wealth of detail, period photographs and competition histories, plus ownership information. Hardback in excellent condition. 9.5in x7in. pp.128.  £12     
2210.    CHROME DREAMS.   AUTOMOBILE STYLING SINCE 1893.   A study of the aesthetics of car design rather than the technicalities, this is an interesting history of the development of the motor car. Illustrated with rather stylised line drawings rather than photographs. Hardback with dustwrapper in very good condition (a couple of marks and a tiny amount of edge rubbing to the dustwrapper)  6.5in x 9in   pp.310    £10  
2209.     BRABHAM RALT HONDA. THE RON TAURANAC STORY  Mike Lawrence. 1999.  Highly detailed biography of the man who designed and built his own Ralt racing cars before going on to wider acclaim as the designer of many successful Brabhams. Illustrated with lots of period photos and with no less than seven appendices giving race results, technical details of designs etc. Softcover item in excellent condition. pp.256.   6in x9in. £25  
2208.     QUARTER MILE.  The Drag Racing Book for Spectators and Competitors. 198..   A nice look at the UK drag racing world in the late 1970s/early 1980s but with some historical content too. Lots of photographs of cars in action and constructional details and paddock shots. Ex-library softcover item in OK condition (some surface rubbing to the cover) 7.5in x 9.5in. pp.160. £8  
2206.     GRAND PRIX REQUIEM.  William Court 1992.   An unusual premise for a motor racing book: to cover those drivers who have "paid the ultimate price". - However, as Nigel Roebuck writes in his foreword, William Court truly appreciates drivers and this is a positive celebration of their "audacity and resolution above normal understanding". It's also a fascinating read. Hardback with dustwrapper in very good condition  6in x 9.5in   pp.344    £20  
2203.     INDIANAPOLIS 500 YEARBOOK 1984.   The usual hefty programme-style publication with well over 200 pages of articles and both colour and black and white photographs covering every possible angle and aspect of the race. Softcover item in good condition (yellowed spine and some surface rubbing to the cover) 8.5in x 11in. pp.22. £15  
2202.     A GUIDE TO MOTORSPORT CIRCUITS OF THE WORLD.  Tony Sakkis 1993.  Comprehensive guide giving essential details for the travelling race goer or journalist; How to get there, where to stay, and most interestingly, what it's like. Every circuit has its own atmosphere, be it awful or wonderful. A great reference book. Softcover item in good condition ( a little edge rubbed) 6.5in x 9in. pp. 192.  £5  
2200.     IOTA. 500cc RACING 1947 - 1953.   Edited highlights of  Iota, "the magazine for the amateur car builder" from its earliest days. Lots of articles reproduced in their original format, plus period ads etc. give this a wonderful feel. Published in 1980. Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition . 5.5in x 9.5in   pp.383    £20  

2195.     TIME AND TWO SEATS.  FIVE DECADES OF LONG DISTANCE SPORTS CAR RACING. Janos Wimpffen 1999.   The World Sports Car, Grand Touring and Manufacturer's Championships. . One of those books which really needs no introduction; a classic work of epic proportions which will be known to most collectors.  This covers pretty much every aspect and every race of sports car racing  not just in the UK and US but worldwide from 1953 to 1998. Every race is described in detail, and with a full results table. Most are illustrated with period photos and an attention to detail which is mind-boggling. Pretty much the ultimate reference book for sports car racing, it's well- laid out and easy to navigate despite its scope. If you need to look up (for example) how Pedro Lano and Ernesto Tonquist fared in the 1954 Buenos Aires 1000km it's here- their Ferrari 225E suffered brake failure on lap 9:-)  A huge labour of love by author Wimpffen, the historian for the Bruce McCaw collection and the Motorsport research Group, this runs to two volumes, over two thousand pages and 8.5kg (18lb) Two volumes in twin slipcase with silver lettered bookcloth all in very good condition. 9.5in x 12.5in x 5in pp.2256   £850  

2192.     MOTOR RACING AT THRUXTON IN THE 1980s. Bruce Grant Braham.  A nice book from Veloce publishing detailing this period in the Hampshire circuit's history with a wealth of colour photographs and  a detailed text. Softcover item in as-new condition (fresh out of the plastic wrapper) 8in x 7.5in. pp. 96  £10  
IMAGE COMING SOON 2189.     BEWLEY CARS - .   This is an oddity: a letter from Blakedown Design Services of Kidderminster in May 1986 plus copies of design drawings for the Bewley 500 /1100cc cars, plus a copy of the general arrangement drawing for the "proposed "Lita" car. There is also a reference in the letter to John Corbyn "as another constructor has already supplied a number of chassis.. named Jedi"  excellent condition. The letter is A4 and the three design copies are A2 (approx. 19 in x 13in).  £10  
IMAGE COMING SOON 2188.     THE ELVA STORY .   Reproduced from Autosport in 1965 this is an extended article by Michael Kettlewell, photocopied and attached to a cover sheet bearing the logo and address of the Elva Owner's club, most likely as part of a membership pack. Nice original period item. 6 single side A4 sheets plus cover. £10  

2186.     AUTOMOBILE SPORT - .   Started as a rival to the venerable Autocourse, these motor sport annuals cover major international motor sport: Formula One, Rallying, Le Mans, American racing etc. etc. It didn't last long - a shame as they are fine annuals with a wealth of writing and photographic talent (Nigel Roebuck, Mike Doodson, Jeff Bloxham, Keith Sutton, Randy Leffingwell etc. etc.).


2186a     Automobile Sport 81-82- .    The first year of publication. Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition. 8.5in x12in. pp.208.  £10

2186b     Automobile Sport 82-83- .    Second year of publication. Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition. 8.5in x12in. pp.240.  £10

2186c     Automobile Sport 83-85 .    No, that's not a typo, this third edition covered two years. My favourite thing about it is the bizarre decision to sum up all that motorsport with a cover picture of.. er, Niki Lauda eating an apple. . Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition. 8.5in x12in. pp.192.  £10



2185.     TEAM LOTUS:  THE INDIANAPOLIS YEARS - Andrew Ferguson 1996.  Excellent history of Lotus' assault on Indy with Jim Clark and written with a wealth of Lotus team documentation. Author Ferguson was their competitions director. Hardback with dustwrapper in good condition. (some fading to spine and end boards are marked 'damaged corners' but the corners are only very slightly rubbed, not dented. 10in x10in. pp.240.  £70  
2180.     RONNIE PETERSON - SUPERSWEDE. Alan Henry in association with Ronnie Peterson.  1978.    . First published in 1975 as 'Ronnie Peterson - In Search of Perfection', this is a revised and updated edition published after Peterson's death in '78. Softcover. 6.5in x9in pp.200.  £18     
2179.     GOODWOOD - A PRIVATE VIEW.  PHOTOGRAPHS 1949-1956.  Cyril Read & Robin Read.    Cyril Read was an avid motor racing enthusiast who took his cameras everywhere, especially in the pits and paddock of Goodwood. This book combines images from his archives with text by son Robin and gives a great flavour of what Goodwood was really like in period. Softcover item in good condition (slight waving to the pages and a couple of edge bumps). 11in x 8in pp.102.  £10     
2177     THE POST WAR TOURING CAR. Graham Robson. The cover image gives a clue to the approach taken here. this is not  an exhaustive history of all makes and models but highly selective, "leading you through the Alvises, Aston Martins, Singers, Facel Vegas, Lanchesters, Ferraris and Maseratis.. Citroens, Studebakers, Alfa Romeos and Lotus Cortinas...." Published by Haynes but with the imprint of Thoroughbred & Classic Cars magazine. Illustrated. Hardback with dustwrapper in very good condition. (a little fading to the spine) 7in x9.5in. pp129.  £9     
2176.     MORGAN.  First and Last of the Real Sports Cars.  Gregory Houston Bowden 1986.    Second  "greatly expanded" edition of this exhaustively detailed history of the Malvern marque. Illustrated throughout. Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition.(a little fading to the spine) 7in x10in pp.288  £20     
2174.     MY GREATEST RACE - by 20 of the finest racing drivers of all time.    The drivers are: Mario Andretti, Jack Brabham, Juan Fangio, Emerson Fittipaldi, Graham Hill, Denny Hulme, Jacky Ickx, Raymond Mays, Stirling Moss, Roy Salvadori, Jackie Stewart, Johnny Lurani, Philippe Etancelin, Piero Taruffi, Huschke von Hanstein, Froilan Gonzales, Innes Ireland, Paul Frere, Olivier Gendebein and Toulo de Graffenried. Published by the Jim Clark Foundation. Hardback in reasonable condition (ex-library) Good dustwrapper. 9in x9.5in pp.139.  £10     
2173.     JIM CLARK REMEMBERED  Graham Gauld. 1984 (2nd ed.).   Originally published in 1974, just six years after Clark's death this gives a great insight into the driver who many felt to be the greatest of them all. Great photographs and anecdotes from those who knew him well. This second edition is identical but for the addition of a new appendix by Peter Jowitt, who conducted the investigation into the fatal crash at Hockenheim. Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition 6in x9in  pp. 144  £25   
2170.     EARLY MOTOR-CARS. 1904-1915.  George A. Oliver.  1959.  Large format book of full colour line illustrations of a selection of cars: 7hp Oldsmobile Runabout, 8hp De Dion Bouton 3 seater, 15hp White rear entrance tonneau, 40/50hp Rolls-Royce Roi de Belges, 12/16hp Renault Doctor's coupe, 38hp Daimler tourer, 28hp Lanchester landaulet, 12hp Adler landaulet, 12/16hp Vermorel 2-seater, 9hp Morris Oxford, 15/30hp Argyll tourer and Model T Ford. Each full-page illustration is faced with a page of descriptive text.  There aren't too many of these left now: Many were robbed of their illustrations which were cut out and framed. This one is complete and in very good condition, considering it is ex-Farnham School of Art library.  (a couple of paint/finger marks but generally clean and tidy.) Hardback in good condition. 18.5in x 13.5in. pp. 52 £25  
2169.     JAGUAR XJ LONG WHEELBASE.  .   Original luxury press launch brochure for this extended wheelbase version of the 2004 Jaguar flagship XJ model. Includes a CD-ROM with 40 press photos and text. Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition 14in x5.5in pp.29  £18    

2168.     SNAKES AND DEVILS. A HISTORY OF THE SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX.  Eli Solomon.  A superb and rare book covering the Grands Prix years of 1961 to 1973. The F1 races are discussed in detail, but so are the clubman and motorcycle events and off-track occurrences. It's gorgeous to look at too with more than 400 rare photographs and press cuttings. Foreword by Sir Jack Brabham. This copy is signed by the author and dedicated to UK motor sport writer Mike Lawrence. Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition 10in x 12in pp.288  £200  

2161.     COLIN CHAPMAN'S LOTUS     Robin Read.    Subtitled "The Early Years, the Elite and the Origins of the Elan" it actually covers way more than that. The elevens, elevens, formula junior and 'sixties grand prix cars are all covered together with  a wealth of information and rare photographs of the factories and people involved. Author Read was Lotus's sales manager in the 'sixties.  Signed on the title page by Robin Read, Hazel Chapman, "young Mike"(Costin) and a host of others which I can't read(!). The occasion was the book's launch on 29 June 1989 and the dedication is to "Frank". This, plus another "to the aerodynamicist!" suggest Frank Dernie, Lotus' chief designer at that time. Autographs aside, this is an amazingly detailed book: easily the most detailed Lotus volume I've seen. Hardback with dustwrapper in very good condition. 8in x11in  pp.335.   £80  
2160.     THE UPPER CRUST - John Bolster  1976.    John Bolster is always highly readable, and this book on the 'greats' of pre-war motoring is no exception. Chapters on Panhard, Mercedes, The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Hispano-Suiza, Packard and The R-R Camargue but a lot more models discussed too. Illustrated throughout with photographs and technical diagrams. Hardback with dustwrapper in good condition. 5.5in x9in  pp.200.   £8  
2159.     ROSEMEYER! A new Biography. Elly Beinhorn Rosemeyer and Chris Nixon 1989.    An enlarged and updated version of the book originally written by Rosemeyer's widow in 1938. Working with Chris Nixon this has a great deal more information ad an additional two chapters.  Rare now.  Softback book in very good condition. 7in x 9.5in. pp.191 £45  
2156.     HARRY FERGUSON. Bill Martin.    Ulster Folk & Transport Museum 1996 publication covering the life and work of the man from his early motoring and flying career through his work on the Ferguson tractor system, his dealings with Ford and the Jensen FF 4WD car.  Softback in very good condition (cover faded) 8in x 6in  pp.30  £9      
2150.     FANGIO - The Life Behind the Legend.  Gerald Donaldson.  Extensively researched 2003 book on the 'Maestro' Softback book in good condition (light creases/edge rubbing to cover ). Illustrated. 6in x9in pp.294.   £1  
2149.     DIRECTORY OF CLASSIC PROTOTYPES AND GRAND TOURING CARS  Anthony Pritchard.  Excellent book covering some 32 different manufacturers from Abarth to Tojeiro with a chapter/history of each and the principal prototype/GT competition cars they made. Race details and incidents, plus lots of photographs make this far from the worthy but dull reference work the title suggests but rather a good read, albeit with a wealth of historical detail. Softcover book in good condition (light creases/edge rubbing to cover) . 6in x9in pp.212.   £25  




















2148.   AUTOCOURSE SALE!   Following the acquisition of a couple of collections we now have a bit of an overstock on Autocourse.  Collectors know this definitive Grand Prix annual well: Nothing else has such an authoritative collection of data, stats and analysis of the GP season each year. We currently have the following at reduced prices. Get yours while stocks last...

AUTOCOURSE 2009-10     Excellent condition with very good dustwrapper   pp.  £30

AUTOCOURSE 2007-2008. Kimi Raikkonen's championship year for Ferrari. Over 300 pages on the F1 season, plus GP2, A1 GP, Sports cars etc. etc. All the stats, all the race reports and stunning photography throughout. Hardback in good condition (a small amount of rubbing to the top of the dustwrapper) 9.5in x 12.5in. pp.336   £25

AUTOCOURSE 2006-07     Excellent condition with very good dustwrapper   pp336.  £25

AUTOCOURSE 2005-06     Excellent condition with very good dustwrapper   pp336.  £25

AUTOCOURSE 2004-05     Excellent condition with very good dustwrapper   pp248.  £25

AUTOCOURSE 2003-04     Excellent condition with very good dustwrapper   pp272.  £25

AUTOCOURSE 2002-03     Excellent condition with very good dustwrapper   pp272.  £25

AUTOCOURSE 2001-02     Dedication this year reads "For George. Love One Another. November 2001' - a reference to the death of George Harrison. Excellent condition with very good dustwrapper   pp288.  £25

AUTOCOURSE 2000-01     50th Anniversary year. Excellent condition with very good dustwrapper   pp304.  £25

AUTOCOURSE 1999-2000     Excellent condition with good dustwrapper (some surface scratches)  pp288.  £20

AUTOCOURSE 1998-99     Excellent condition with very good dustwrapper (small crease on top edge of back top edge).  pp.288  £20

AUTOCOURSE 1997-98     Excellent condition with similar dustwrapper (two tiny corner rubs) in removable plastic sleeve.  pp.280  £20

AUTOCOURSE 1996-97     Excellent condition with very good dustwrapper   pp272.  £20

AUTOCOURSE 1995-96     Excellent condition with good dustwrapper (some light scratches and imprints of handwriting from using it to rest on)  pp.  £20

AUTOCOURSE 1994-95     Excellent condition with good dustwrapper   pp 288.  £20

AUTOCOURSE 1993-94     Excellent condition with good dustwrapper (light surface scratches and marks but nothing unsightly)  pp288.  £20

AUTOCOURSE 1992-93     Excellent condition with good dustwrapper.  pp.288  £25

AUTOCOURSE 1991-92     Excellent condition with faultless dustwrapper.  pp.288  £25
AUTOCOURSE 1991-92     Good condition with rather tired (torn/repaired but complete) dustwrapper.  pp.288  £20

AUTOCOURSE 1990-91     Excellent condition with good dustwrapper.  pp.288  £45

AUTOCOURSE 1989-90     Excellent condition with very good dustwrapper.  pp.287  £25

AUTOCOURSE 1988-89     Excellent condition with faultless dustwrapper.  pp.272  £30
AUTOCOURSE 1988-89     Excellent condition with very good dustwrapper.  pp.272  £25
AUTOCOURSE 1988-89     This one is an oddity: Exactly the same content as the other 88/89 editions down to the caption for the cover photo (Ayrton Senna In McLaren) BUT a completely different dustwrapper depicting a blue Leyton House-sponsored March-Judd! No year on the front but 88/89 is confirmed on the spine. Odd...  and collectible for the completist of course! Excellent condition with heavily edge rubbed dustwrapper.  pp.272  £25

AUTOCOURSE 1987-88     Very good condition with very good dustwrapper.  pp.272  £30

AUTOCOURSE 1986-87     Good condition with poor dustwrapper (a piece is missing from the back).  pp.272  £25

AUTOCOURSE 1985-86     Very good condition with good albeit (edge rubbed) dustwrapper.  pp.272 £30

AUTOCOURSE 1984-85     Very good condition with OK dustwrapper (front tear repaired and some edge rubbing evident).  pp.256  £25

AUTOCOURSE 1983-84     Very good condition with OK dustwrapper (quite extensively edge rubbed).  pp.256  £30

AUTOCOURSE 1982-83     Very good condition with OK dustwrapper (quite extensively edge rubbed).  pp.256  £30

AUTOCOURSE 1981-82     Good condition with poor dustwrapper (heavily edge rubbed).  pp.256  £30

AUTOCOURSE 1980/81    Good clean condition inside. Dustwrapper has a few creases and tears (repaired) Note of thanks to Williams commercial Director Sheridan Thynne from Williams sponsors Leyland Vehicles on the title page pp. 240 £40


AUTOCOURSE 1975/76. International Motor Racing and Rallying Review but most people collect these for the Formula One content which is superbly detailed. Every race of the 1975 season is covered in detail with photos and statistics as well as off-track action. There's a photo on page 119 captioned "Elf PR man and journalist Eoin Young does the Haka- not a pretty sight!" Also the (in)famous incident at Barcelona where the team personnel worked on the circuit guardrails themselves is here. An article by Jackie Stewart on the retirement of Graham Hill is prefaced by a hastily added page recording his death in an air accident on November 29th and paying further tribute to "our sport's finest ambassador.. a universally loved personality and a fine British Sportsman"   Hardback in good, clean, tight condition (one corner board slightly rubbed) in similarly good dustwrapper in plastic protective sleeve. 9.5in x 13in. pp208  £100


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