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1869.    FERRARI YEARBOOK 2009.  The official Ferrari magazine is published quarterly, the December one being double-size and acting as the yearbook. To describe this as lavish is an understatement! Large format (9.5in x 13in) softcover glossy book normally only available to Ferrari customers or by subscription. Very good condition. £55

1844.    FERRARI / OLDSMOBILE IMSA EXXON SPORTS CAR POSTER.  A double-sided poster from 1996 sponsors Pirelli showing a Ferrari 333SP on one side, and a Riley & Scott MkIII Oldsmobile on the other. Pretty good condition (a couple of tiny edge tears and some pin holes in the corners. 38.5in x 27in. £18
1645.    ADDIO BANDINI.  Franco Lini & Luigi Costantini 1967. Special volume produced in tribute to Lorenzo Bandini after his fatal crash at Monaco in 1967. Covers his career as well as detailed analysis of the events of the final Monaco weekend. Good selection of photographs accompany Italian text. Author Lini was sporting director of Ferrari. It's rare to find anything on Bandini, let alone period items like this. Softback in good, tight condition, 5.5in x 8in approx. pp.82  £24
1363.    CORVETTE, FERRARI, MERCEDES, PORSCHE. Four For The Road. Henry Rasmussen. 1989.   Four books (the 'Survivors Series') combined in one volume. Originally published as 'Ferraris for the Road', 'Corvettes for the Road' etc.  This makes for an impressve tome. Lavish photography (as you'd expect from Rasmussen) of a huge variety of models but also historical background and terrific archive pictures of production, racing, period publicity shots etc. Worthwhile as a marque book for any one of the four covered with the others as a bonus - superb. over 950 photographs, 500 in colour. 11in x 9 in c600page hardback in excellent condition with similar dustwapper in protective sleeve. £35
1332.    GILLES VILLENEUVE. The Life of the Legendary Racing Driver. Gerald Donaldson. 1989.  Superb biography of one of the most popular drivers of the 80s and certainly the most spectacular to watch. As Nigel Roebuck says "The crowds loved him because he, of all the men out there was so clearly working without a net" Colour photo section. Hardback in excellent condition with similarly perfect dustwrapper (in plastic protective sleeve.  6in x 9in. pp.352 £25
1209.    ENZO FERRARI - MES JOIES TERRIBLES  1964 French language edition of Ferrari's autobiography. Softback in very good condition. 4.5in x 7in   pp.215  £40
a.  Canadian first day cover with a block of four identical stamps featuring Gilles in a Ferrari F1.  Postmarked June 1997, 15 years after Gilles' fatal crash at Zolder.  Colour art of Gilles and Ferrari on cover.  7.5 x 4.5 in. Brief biography of Gilles in English and French on reverse.  £35
b.  Same cover but with two different stamps of Gilles in the F1 Ferrari. Same details as above.  £30
953a.    FERRARI / The Prancing Horse.  Del Cavallino Rampante.  Fascinating First Day Cover with colour art of Cortese winning Ferrari's first race in 1947, with a Lockheed P38 flying overhead linking the prancing horse with the Italian Air Force and Ferrari.  A printed sheet in the envelope provide a detailed history of Francesco Baracca whose Squadriglia carried the prancing horse as their banner in WW1.  Following is death in action, his mother presented Enzo Ferrari with the prancing horse badge suggesting that it might bring him luck.  This first day cover was carried in an Italian Air Force Starfighter which overflew Ferrari at Modena on the 50th anniversary of the first Ferrari victory.  Ferrari on special Goodwood Festival of Speed postmark (20 June 97) for the Isle of Man Philatelic Bureau.  20p Isle of Man stamp features Reg Parnell in a 4CLT Maserati (!) in 1951.  8.5 x 4.5 in. £35
887.    FERRARI and McLAREN COLOUR ART (Ickx and Hulme) on 1970 Christmas card from the President of the RAC de Cataluna.  8 x 5 in.  £40
826.    FERRARI LETTER.  Headed notepaper dated 15 Dicembre 1969 relating to mechanics Borsari, Pignatti and Bellentani.  Italian text typescript. 11 x 8.5 in.  £40
762.    GILLES VILLENEUVE  Limited edition (number 1366) postcard. front artwork shows Villeneuve portrait behind race Ferrari photo with the legend "Gilles Lives".  Stamped with special San Marino GP postmark. 24.4.93 but not written on or posted. Mint condition. 6x 4 in.  £25


713.    FERRARI F1.  Onyx 1:43 scale of Alain Prost's car complete with driver figure in original box with Prost's signature in felt tip on the clear lid  Two different models available as described with signed box:  1990 and 1991 cars with shape and detail differences.  £50 each.
677.    MARLBORO-McLAREN -FERRARI MONACO Dinner Menu. 1995. Amazing original unused item with cover portrait  photographs of Mika Hakkinen and Nigel Mansell with their McLaren and Gerhard Berger and Jean Alesi with the '95 Ferrari. This became an instant collector's item when Mansell quit the team after just two races on the eve of the Monaco Grand Prix and never graced the dinner! Titled GRAND PRIX MONACO 1995.  £20
644.    FERRARI DRIVER POSTCARDS. Factory issued cards of drivers and cars. All official Ferrari factory cards with prancing horse logo and other details on the reverse.
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Top row, L-R:
Patrick Tambay (white overalls) and car.
Card number 243/82.  SOLD
Michele Alboreto and car. Card no.292/83   £30
Rene Arnoux and car. No card no.     £30

Second row, L-R:
Patrick Tambay and car. No card no.   £35
Arnoux & Alboreto and car. Card no.332/84   £30
Rene Arnoux and car. (blue background) Card no.357/85   £30

Third row, L-R:
Stefan Johansson waving by car. Card no. 362/85   £30
Alboreto & Arnoux both looking at car. Card no.355/85
Pista Di Fiorano (Ferrari test track) Card no. 465/87   £20

Fourth Row, L-R:
Michele Alboreto and car. (blue background) Card no.362/85   £30
Michele Alboreto with foot on car. Card no.423/86   £30  SOLD
Alboreto and Berger standing behind car. Card no.466/87   £25

Bottom Row, L-R:
Nigel Mansell driving car on track. Card no.574/89   £25 SOLD
Gerhard Berger & Nigel Mansell and car. Card no.544/89   £30
Prost & Mansell (shaking hands rather gingerly over car) Card no. 597/90
Prost & Mansell (same picture shaking hands as above but with Ferrari / Agip logos) Card no. 588/90
 - Not shown £35

565.    FERRARI / STEWART.  Action colour tinted photo of frantic Ferrari pitstop for Jackie Stewart in the 1000km race at Brands Hatch.  Rear view of the car.  How many Ferrari drives did JYS have?  Maybe just this one?  8x5 in.  £20
538.    TONY BROOKS / FERRARI.  B&w photograph of Tony Brooks sitting in GP Ferrari cockpit while mechanics work on the engine.  10.5 x 8.5in.  SIGNED BY TONY BROOKS.    £75
495.    FERRARI/ KONI.  Le Mans 1961.  Illustrated promotional item.  Photographs of Gendebien/ Hill winning Ferrari, Mairesse/ Parkes Ferrari, Noblet/ Guichet Ferrari, Pabst/ Thompson Maserati, Gregory/ Holbert Porsche, Cunningham/ Kimberley Maserati, etc.  Double side item for Koni shocks.  £20
367.    FERRARI/ FIORANO.  Colour postcard of 312P Ferrari on test track.  Italian. £15
364.    FERRARI/ SHELL.  1961 racing achievements book.  Comprehensive photo coverage of the season dominated by Ferrari.  8.5x5.5in.  pp.52    £40

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