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1005.    1960 BRM.  Colour photo/art fold-out poster featuring Michael Turner art of the first rear-engined BRM with Graham Hill, Jo Bonnier and Dan Gurney in the background.  Art of cockpit, colour photos of the car and drivers.  Full "Motor" technical description.  10 x 7.5in opening to 22 x 20in.  Fine display item.  £25 (part of a set.-see main catalogue page. - click here)
656.    1966.  THE OWEN ORGANISATION B.R.M. Grand Prix Racing Car.  A.F. Rivers-Fletcher.  Owen organisation publication.  Revised uprated BRM history to include the H16 and Jackie Stewart's Monaco win in the Tasman V8. Photographs of Hill, Stewart, Spence, Attwood.  Chapter on engine development.  7.5 x 5in.  pp.40  £40
655.    1966.  SOME ASPECTS OF MOTOR RACING RESEARCH.  Peter Spear and Tony Rudd.  Owen Organisation publication.  Detailed illustrated glossy treatise on the
technicalities as exercised by BRM.  Written by the team's chief engineers. Photographs, technical charts.  9.5 x 6in.  pp.50   £45
654.    BRM -- "Development of the Owen Organisation's BRM H-16 Formula 1 Racing Engine."  A.C. (Tony) Rudd.  a 9-page illustrated paper delivered to a Symposium on Transport Engines of Exceptionally High Specific Output for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in Nottingham.  September 1968. Photographs and performance chart.  Total technical detail by the Chief Engineer of BRM.  11 x 8.5in.  pp.9  £40

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