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2108.  MERCEDES BENZ. A Collection of odd and intriguing facts about Mercedes-Benz Automobiles. - Produced by Mercedes-Benz Sales in South Bend, Indiana, this was showroom literature in 1961. Lots of little snippets of information, but more of a collectors item than a work of reference. Softcover item in good condition bar a couple of notes in pen inside and what look like dollar calculations on the back cover. - working out finance on a new Merc perhaps? 5.5 in x 8in pp.8 £5  
1772.    MERCEDES-BENZ  QUICKSILVER CENTURY. Karl Ludvigsen. 1995.  Huge definitive history of  Mercedes in competition from 1895-1995. An astonishing level of detail, both technical and historical. Illustrated with period photos and design drawings throughout more than six hundred pages.  Ludvigsen is a noted authority and was granted unprecedented access to the previously secret M-B archives.  Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent virtually new condition. 8.5in x 11in. pp.617. £125  
1425.    MERCEDES/ JUNGE DAS IST TEMPO. 1954 German-language book on "the fastest cars in the world and their drivers". Lots of Mercedes content with superb photos of the streamliners, F1 cars, Le Mans, the Carrera Panamericana, Record breaking (including John Cobb's Napier Railton) US concept cars etc. etc. superb B&W photos and German text (a couple of neat pencil notes in the margins but otherwise good and clean). Hardback 7in x 10in. pp.64   £55  
1364.    RUDOLF CARACCIOLA Postcard.  A nice period postcard of a studio shot ("Lazi" photographer's mark in bottom R corner) showing the driver in his racing suit with silk scarf and goggles. probably for publicity and/or fan mail. In excellent clean condition with no writing on the back.) one tiny crease in extreme bottom corner)  £35  
1363.    CORVETTE, FERRARI, MERCEDES, PORSCHE. Four For The Road. Henry Rasmussen. 1989.   Four books (the 'Survivors Series') combined in one volume. Originally published as 'Ferraris for the Road', 'Corvettes for the Road' etc.  This makes for an impressve tome. Lavish photography (as you'd expect from Rasmussen) of a huge variety of models but also historical background and terrific archive pictures of production, racing, period publicity shots etc. Worthwhile as a marque book for any one of the four covered with the others as a bonus - superb. over 950 photographs, 500 in colour. 11in x 9 in c600page hardback in excellent condition with similar dustwapper in protective sleeve.   £35  
1243.    MERCEDES PIONEER OF AN INDUSTRY. Alexander E. Ullmann 1948. Good history of the early days of  Daimler and Mercedes. Illustrated with photos, line drawings and period advertisements. Lots of racing content especially pre WW1. Softback 8.5in x 11in. pp.48  £15  
1236.    GLANZVOLLE ALTE AUTOZEIT. Beautiful book on early cars  with great glossy Julius Weitmann photographs on virtually every other page. Daimler, Mercedes, Maybach etc. feature heavily but all the thoroughbreds such as Bugatti, Rolls Royce and Hispano Suiza are here. Some unusual things too, such as the Rumpler Tropfenwagen of 1921 which looks like an airship gondola on wheels. German text. Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition (faded spine but otherwise perfect) large format 9in x 11in pp.169  £20  
935.    KAMPF MIT 500PS.  Manfred von Brauchitsch.  1940 autobiography of the Mercedes works driver.  Gothic German text.  Berlin published.  Frontis photo with facsimile signature.  Illustrated with cartoon-type art. Dustwrapper has photograph of Brauchitsch sitting on Mercedes front bumper. 7.5 x 5in.  pp.158    £130
641.    MERCEDES BENZ 1939.  15.2.39.  Factory published technical specifications of all production models including the Typ 500, the supercharged 540K and the 7.7-litre Grosser.  Two-side single-sheet item.  German text.  12 x 8.5in.  £30
560.    MERCEDES 300SL / 1955 SPANISH GP.  Mercedes archive b&w photograph of the start  with two 300SLs leading from a pair of  Jaguar XK coupes.  Captioned on back.  8.5 x 5.5 in.  £40
542.    MERCEDES 300SL / ROB WALKER.  Christmas card with Brockbank cartoon of Rob Walker in speeding 300SL. SIGNED:  ROB WALKER.  Mike Hawthorn crashed fatally just after passing Walker in his 300SL on the Guildford Bypass in 1959.  9 x 4in. £65

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