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Programmes  For collectors of race and rally programmes- all the relevant catalogue items are collected here. Note that programmes are usually in the language of the host country unless stated.

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2246.    MILWAUKEE MILE   MILLER'S GENUINE DRAFT 200  Indy Car programme 1993 .   Programme for this event held on June 4-6 1993. Excellent clean condition 8.5in x 11in. pp.68 £9
2245.    DAYTONA 500 NASCAR  Programme February 14 1971 .   A terrific programme covering the '500' on 14th Feb plus two 125-mile Grand Nationals on 11th and 12th Feb 1971. Lots of colour illustrations and articles etc. In superb almost-new condition- remarkable given it's over 45 year's old! 8.5in x 11in. £12
2244.    WATKINS GLEN 6 HOURS of ENDURANCE,  SCCA   CAN AM,  SUPER VEE   Programme 1981.   Another great US programme from this CanAm and Sports car event Held on July 11 and 12 1981. Great clean condition. pp.78. £10.
349.    VANDERBILT CUP.  1904.  Excellent facsimile reprint of the original illustrated programme with photographs of all major cars and drivers plus a summary of the race..  Published by the Veteran Motor Car Club of America in 1944.  8.5x5.5in.  pp.78   £65
1385f   2002    SAP US Grand Prix (F1) Indianapolis. Mint condition. Glossy . A4 format pp.128  £10
no.2024.   AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX 1998.    Programme for the F1event held on 8 March 1998.  Excellent condition. pp.172  £8   
1661a     Australian Grand Prix.  28 Feb- 3 March 2002. One crease to the corner of the cover but otherwise excellent. £10  




1385b   1998   Grosser Preis von Osterreich (F1) Spielberg. Mint condition. Glossy . A4 format pp.98  £15


1585.    BELGIAN GRAND PRIX PROGRAMMES.  I can offer the following; Condition as stated below:

1585i.    1993. Spa Francorchamps.  Freebie Marlboro racing news magazine included. Good clean condition. pp.54. £15


2154.     RACE OF CHAMPIONS 1973 - Brands Hatch. official programme.  Great programme from this Daily Mail - sponsored F1 event which acted as a curtain-raiser for the 1973 European F1 season. Excellent condition. 8.5in x11.5in pp.42.   £12
2153.     RACE OF CHAMPIONS 1974 - Brands Hatch. official programme.  Great programme from this event - the first F1 race of the European season. sponsored by the Daily Mail . Good condition. 8.5in x11.5in pp.32.   £12
2116.     W.D. & H.O. WILLS RALLYCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP 1970/1971. LYDDEN Programme.  Original programme for this event giving entant details (driver and vehicle). Some crease/ edge rubbing but intact and clean. Some pen note on the back cover but otherwise unwritten. 5.5in x 8.5in  8 pages includimg covers. £8
2115.     BRITISH GRAND PRIX PROGRAMME 1971.   Original race programme in excellent clean condition (light crease to very edge of back page, otherwise pretty much perfect). 5.5in x 8.5in soft cover pp.88   £23
2055.   INTERNATIONAL TROPHY MEETING SILVERSTONE 1962. Programme for the event held in May 1962.Very good condition (one small spot on the cover is about the worst imperfection!) 5.5in x 8.5in. pp.84  £20


1613c. Silverstone 1985. (shown) Programme from the event in very good condition. A4 (8in x 11.5in approx) size, pp.96   £18
1613d. Silverstone 1989. (not shown) Programme from the event in excellent condition. A4 (8in x 11.5in approx) size, pp.106   £18

1506.     BRITISH GRAND PRIX PROGRAMMES. A selection of programmes all in extremely well-kept condition, many with the original supplementary entry lists, flyers etc. All approx. A4 format:

1506a.    1978 Brands Hatch. Excellent clean condition with entry list booklet and advance booking form for Silverstone '79  £18SOLD

1506b.    1979 Silverstone. Excellent clean condition. £18

1506c.    1980 Brands Hatch. Excellent clean condition with entry list booklet and advance booking form for Silverstone '81  £18

1506d.    1981 Silverstone. Unwritten with entry list booklet and fold out Team Marlboro poster. £16

1506e.    1982 Brands Hatch. Excellent clean condition with entry list booklet and advance booking form for Silverstone '83  £16 SOLD

1506f.    1983 Silverstone. Excellent clean condition. £15

1506g.    1984 Brands Hatch. Excellent clean condition £15

1506h.    1995 Silverstone. Excellent clean condition. £15

1506i.    1998 Silverstone. Excellent clean condition. (one small crease to the corner of front cover). £15


2155.     THUNDER SALOONS / F3 Programme.. 1985.  Great image of a modified Capri on this interesting programme for a clubman race day at Brands Hatch on June 23rd 1985.  An eclectic mix of races as ever from the Thundersaloons and F3 races to a House of Lords v House of Commons celebrity Ford Escort XR3i race, Renault 5 turbos, Formula Ford 1600 etc. etc. Very good condition. 8.5in x11.5in pp.42. £7
984.    BROOKLANDS GOLDEN JUBILEE 1957 Official programme.   Colour illustration of early motor race on cover. Cord tied, 4pp plus covers. 5 x 8 in. List of Brooklands facts, plus programme of events - unveiling of a memorial, parades of cars, fly-past plus tea at 4.30 pm and finishing with cocktails at 6.00. Absolutely, old boy..  £30

1149.    BROOKLANDS Reunion meeting programmes. all in excellent clean condition:

1967.    60th Anniversary meeting. Programme for the concours, driving tests and displays of veteran, vintage and classic cars and motorcycles. Historical articles on the rack with period illustrations, list of competitors etc. Good condition. 6in x9.5in £10

1978.    Includes a section reproduced from a 1933 yearbook. Particularly good for photos. 5.5in x 8.5in   £8

1983.    Full entry list, plus period photos etc. 6 in x 8.5in  £8


310.    BROOKLANDS GOLDEN JUBILEE.  1957.  Programme listing all participating racing cars, motorcycles and Light Aeroplanes.  Cars include Hampton's 5-litre 'Black Bess' Bugatti, Napier-Railton, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang II, Parry Thomas' 1927 Leyland Eight plus Bentleys, Sunbeams, etc.  6.5x8.5in.  pp.19     £30
285.    RACING CAR SHOW PROGRAMMES.  London.  Full details of all cars, companies and teams on display. Photographs of main exhibits.
1960  pp.63  £40
1962  pp.89   £35
1964  pp.128 £35
1965  pp.128 £30
1971  pp.116 £25
1661i     2002 British Grand Prix.  5-7 July 2002.  £10
1661c     Brazil.  29-31 March 2002.  £10
1661g     2002 Canadian Grand Prix.  7-9 June.  £10
1877.     DUTCH GRAND PRIX PROGRAMME 1968.  In good condition (one small half-inch tear on the cover and some of the lap chart filled in (Bianchi's "Cooper-Alfa" has been corrected in pen to read "Cooper-BRM"  5.5in x 9in approx. pp. 40  £35
1874.     DUTCH GRAND PRIX PROGRAMME 1979  Issue of 'Auto Rennsport' doubling as the official race programme. Excellent condition (Grid lineup and some numbers filled in on the lap chart, otherwise unmarked.  8in x 11in. pp. 150   £28
1872.     DUTCH GRAND PRIX PROGRAMME 1985 Excellent clean condition. 8in x 11in. pp.56   £26
1661j     France.  19-21 July 2002.  £10
no.1970.    1965 GERMAN GRAND PRIX Programme.  1 August 1965  Original Race programme from the Grand Prix.  Good condition, clean and unwritten apart from the word 'file' in the corner of the cover. German text.  pp. 82. 6in x8in.  £28
no.1969.    1978 NURBURGRING Touring Cars programme. 8 + 9 July 1978:   Good condition. Some notes on lap chart pp. 62. 6in x8in.  £18

no.1968.    GERMAN GRAND PRIX Programmes:   Three early 'seventies programmes for the GP.  A curious lack of imagination shown by the designers: The same cover art is used on all three and many of the ads are the same inside. The dates and race entry details are different however!  all are 6in x8in. 

1968a.    31 July-1 August 1971.  Good condition. unwritten. pp.74 £25

1968b.    29-30 July 1972.  Good condition. Some notes on lap chart, about 2mm has been trimmed from the bottom of the pages (I think the pages weren't properly cut by the printers) . pp.74 £22

1968c.    4-5 August 1973.  Good condition. Some notes on the lap charts and grid chart "Pole on the other side to mine- thank Tony Marsh". pp.74 £25

no.1966.    1955. NURBURGRING ADAC EIFEL-RENNEN   29 May 1955.    Programme for Car and Motorcycle races including a race for sports cars including Moss and Fangio's Mercedes 300SLRs. Farina and Masten Gregory in Ferraris plus sundry Porsches, OSCAs etc. Excellent clean unwritten condition. German text.  pp. 52. 6in x8in.  £30
no.1965.    1961 NURBURGRING ADAC 1000km RENNEN   28  May 1961.   Drivers included Phil Hill, Masten Gregory,, Wolfgang von Trips, Pedro Rodriguez, Jim Clark, Innes Ireland, Stirling Moss, Graham Hill and Dan Gurney. Good condition (a couple of small handwritten notes on the lap charts). German text. pp. 52 6in x8in.  £20
no.1963.    1962. GERMAN GRAND PRIX. NURBURGRING   August 5th. 1962.    Original Race programme from the Grand Prix.  Good condition, Some of the lap charts have been filled in but otherwise clean and virtually unmarked. German text.  pp. 48. 6in x8in.  £30
no.1962.    1976 NURBURGRING ADAC GOODYEAR 300   1976.    Race programme for this meeting which included races for Formula 3, Touring Cars and Sports Cars (Porsche 936s, 908s Chevron B31s, Lola T390s, McLaren M8s, that sort of thing) on 2-4 April 1976. Good condition, clean and unwritten. German text. pp. 24 6in x8in.  £18
1385a   2002   Mobil 1 German Grand Prix (F1) Hockenheim. Mint condition. Glossy . A4 format pp.112   £10
1661h     European Grand Prix(Nurburgring) 21-23 June 2002.  £10
1661l     Hungary 16-18 August 2002.  £10
1385e   2002   Vodafone Gran Premio d"Italia (F1) Monza . Mint condition. Glossy . A4 format pp.112 £10
973.    GRAN PREMIO PARCO DI MILANO.  1986 retro event.  Glossy programme. Anniversary of 1936 race.  Photos of all historic cars competing. 12 x 8 in. pp. 36   £25
971.    FERRARI PAPAL VISIT.  4 June 1988.  Programme / order of service. 9x7in, opens to 27x9in.  Photos of Pope and of statue commemorating the occasion.  Italian text.  Enzo Ferrari was ill and missed the event. £65
1661d     San Marino Grand Prix.  12-14 April 2002.  £10
1661m    Italian Grand Prix.  13-15 September 2002.  £10
1385g    2002   Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix (F1) Suzuka . Mint condition. Glossy . A4 format.  pp.146   £10
1079.    MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIX. Kuala Lumpur 2000. FIA official programme for the race. Sauber on the cover (the race was sponsored by Petronas). A4 format softback in brand new condition. still sealed in its original plastic in fact. English text on cover (that's all I can see!) £20
1661b     2002  Malaysian Grand Prix.  15-17 March .  £10

2001    Programme in translucent plastic press folder with integral ring binder of 48 pages of press information. £30

1661f     2002 Monaco Grand Prix.  23-26 May .  £10


  661e     Spain.  26-28 April 2002.  £10

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