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2226. EARLY AND LATE - The Bulletin of the Rolls-Royce Section of the VSCC.   . Three very early bulletins: Vol. 1 no. 4 (September 1957) No. 5 (December 1957) and No.9 (April 1959). Short and sweet (each consists of 8 pages) but full of erudite articles. Some slight water damage to the top L corner of two of the three but nothing serious. A5 (5.5in x 8in approx.) Set of three £8
2213.     CLIMAX IN COVENTRY - WALTER HASSAN 1975.   . "My Life of Fine Engines and Fast Cars"  1975 first edition covering 'Wally' Hassan's association with Bentley, Jaguar, Coventry Climax, the Napier Railton LSR Car etc. etc. Illustrated. Hardback with dustwrapper in very good condition. 6.5in x 9in pp.158   £20   
2138.     BENTLEY 4.5 LITRE SUPERCHARGED.  Foulis 'Autofolio' publication on the famous "blower" Bentley. More than a simple picture book, this has period advertisements, technical pictures of the oily bits (it is published by Haynes after all!) and a lot of good information on the known history of each chassis. Hardback in good condition. 8in x 10in. pp. 72.   £10
1935.    ROLLS-ROYCE ENTHUSIASTS' CLUB YEARBOOK 2010.    A lavish, hefty tome produced for the RREC.  Lots of the sort of 'lifestyle articles you'd expect in expensive magazines but there's some great historic R-R and Bentley content too, drawing on the club's own archives.  Not normally sold outside the club.  Hardback in good condition (one corner bumped) with very good dustwrapper. 10in x10in. pp.429  £14
1906.    ROLLS-ROYCE  1925 -39 MANUAL.  c1950.  John Haynes.  This may be the first-ever technical tome produced by the now-famous Haynes publishing group.  Basic printing and reproduction of photographs and drawings but remember this is a first! Acknowledgements include the Science Museum and Rolls-Royce themselves. Slightly grubby cover but very good inside  8x5in.  Softback.  Pp.101  £40

1786. BENTLEY: AGAIN 1928. "The Sixth Annual Le Mans 24 Hour Road Race Won for the third time by a Bentley Car" Achievements book published by Bentley Motors Ltd. "Presented with compliments as yet another demonstration of amazing reliability". Gold-embossed light blue card cover with original, tight cord tie. Very clean inside, apart from a water stain at the bottom of the spine which doesn't extend as far as the text or artwork on any page. Photographs, Gordon-Crosby and De Grineau drawings, articles from motoring and national newspapers etc. etc. This is a rare and lovely thing. - I've only ever seen one before! More images or other information on request. 28 numbered pages 6in x 10in. £1200
1650. ROLLS-ROYCE / GRAND TOUR. Diary of an Eastward Journey. Patrick Balfour 1934. A handsome volume giving a complete account of the author's trip from the RAC in London, through Europe to Syria, Iraq and Persia(sic), Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Malaya, Siam and Sumatra before returning home. Illustrated with 47 pages of photographs.  Hardback in excellent condition. (No dustwrapper but a clear plastic sleeve has kept the covers clean) 6 x 9.5in. pp.318. £70
1629.    In The Beginning - THE MANCHESTER ORIGINS OF ROLLS-ROYCE. Michael H Evans 2004. Extensively rewritten new edition of the book first published by the R-R Heritage Trust in 1984. Exhaustively researched history of the company from the childhood of Henry Royce through to the demolition of the Cooke St. factory in the 'sixties. Every conceivable angle is covered with illustrations from the archives throughout. Softback in excellent condition signed by Michael H Evans. 6 x 8in. pp.384.   £25
1601.    ROLLS-ROYCE Enamel badge. Brass-type metal with inlaid black enamel R-R logo. looks just like the radiator badges but a little smaller. 1in x 1.75 in (25mm x 44mm). Plain back. £40
1548.    ROLLS-ROYCE & BENTLEY 60th Anniversary Pageant Goodwood 1964. Souvenir programme from this event containing many historical articles and photos as well as the event information. Great period adverts too, plus a 'Motor' cutaway of a 1928 4.5 "Blower". 9in x 9in softback programme with glossy covers in good condition. pp.60 Illustrated. £20

1422.    ROLLS-ROYCE SILVER SERAPH. Fabulous hardback book which forms the brochure for the last R-R model to be built at Crewe. Elegant design and beautiful photography throughout. Mint condition with silver covers and blue cloth spine. 7in x 12in. pp.32  £40
  1421.    ROLLS-ROYCE CORNICHE. Sumptuous glossy brochure which consists almost exclusively of gorgeous photographs, with just one page of specifications. Excellent  condition. Large 9.5in x 13.5in format. pp.28   £18

1391. ROLLS-ROYCE. CLAUDE JOHNSTON. 1926.  Privately published colllection of tributes to "C.J." who was the first secretary of the Royal Automobile Club and effective creator of Rolls-Royce. As its secretary and later managing director he balanced the talents of Royce, the doughty engineer and Rolls the racing driver, aviator and salesman.  See the excellent biography by W.J. Oldham; "The Hyphen in Rolls-Royce" which sums up his role perfectly. Soft covers with portrait print on inside page.  Water damage to bottom corner is extensive but doesn't affect the legibility of the text of this extremely rare item.  (more detailed pictures on request) 9in x 11in. pp.23 £125
1270.    ROLLS-ROYCE & BENTLEY.  A LIVING TRADITION. 1958.  Lavish presentation book on "The Background Story of Current Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars"  by Col. J. R. Buckley.  Text concentrates on the traditional high standards of engineering and craftsmanship at Crewe. Pen and wash illustrations throughout and a line drawing of a contemporary Rolls on the endpapers. Hardback with superb dustwrapper, presented in a decorative slip case. 9in x 9in. pp.35   £75

1171.    ROLLS ROYCE.  THE MAGIC OF A NAME. Harold Nockolds. with illustrations by Roy Nockolds.  1966  revised edition of this RR Classic, first published in 1938. History of the company from the first car in 1904 to the legendary automotive and aeronautical organisation it became. This edition also covers WW2 aero engines in detail.  Terrific Roy Nockolds paintings are reproduced in colour. Hardback  5.5in x 9in  pp.283 

1171a.1966 edition as described above. Dustwrapper slightly rubbed at corners. Signed by Roy Nockolds.   £35

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