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2235. FERRY PORSCHE - CARS ARE MY LIFE.   . Professor Ferry Porsche and Gunther Molter. Biography of Porsche - both the man and the marque. Ferry was given his first car at the age of 11 - but he could already drive at that age. He has unique insight into the formative days of Porsche, through dealings with the Hitler regime in the 1930s and the Volkswagen before developing the racing and road cars. Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition (one small nice to the d/w edge) 7in x 9.5in pp.280 £28
2230. PORSCHE / HANS HERRMANN.    Official factory postcard from Porsche Stuttgart- Zuffenhausen showing “Porsche Werksfahrer” Hans Herrmann. In excellent clean unmarked condition with no creases or other blemishes. 4in x 6in. £20
2191.     PORSCHE  PRESS PACK  JUNE 2006- .   A nice high-quality book with press information and photos of the Porsche UK range for 2006 plus a CD-ROM full of pictures and press releases - all the easier for journalists to cut 'n' paste! Rare item for the Porsche collector. Hardback in excellent condition. 8.5in x6in. pp19.  £18   
no.2006.   PORSCHES AT LE MANS.     Dominique Pascal. 1984.   Described as “an incredible feat of research” This is an account of the more than 440 Porsches who have contested Le Mans in all classes since 1951. Each car gets its own entry, accompanied by a photograph (some in colour) and details of the entrant, drivers and its performance in the race. Data tables of specifications against race numbers are also here, so you can look up any car shown in an old photograph or film footage. Superb reference work and fascinating for lovers of Le Mans and Porsches. Hardback with dustwrapper in very good condition. pp.134  9in x 11in. £38
no.1993.    THE PORSCHE 911 STORY.  Paul Frere.     Originally published in 1976, this is the updated 1983 edition of this standard work on the 911. Profusely illustrated, packed with data on every possible variant and derivative of road and competition cars. Hardback in excellent condition with perfect (albeit price clipped) dustwrapper in protective sleeve. 7in x 10 in. pp.227.  £24
1922.    PORSCHE 911 GT1 LE MANS(1998).    Maisto Diescast model in 1/18 scale of the car driven by Alzen, Muller and Wollek in the 1998 24 Hours.  A beautiful heavy thing with opening doors, removable engine cover, detailed interior, working steering etc. In excellent clean condition (one mirror missing). £20
1907    PORSCHE GUIDE by SLONIGER.  1958 US publication by noted Porsche expert and aimed at the serious Porsche owner rather than just the armchair enthusiast. History of the company, Tuning and extras (including supercharging), strengths and weaknesses, plus track use (including diagrams on cornering technique) Fascinating.  Softback in good condition (a little very light water staining to the edge of some pages) 5in x 8in pp.128  £22
1871.    PORSCHE PAST AND PRESENT Denis Jenkinson.  Jenks was an early convert to Porsche, using his own 356 to cover motor racing from the mid 1950s onwards. This is therefore a lot more than a marque history, being filled with personal stories and analysis in his own unique style. This should be a standard work in any Porsche library. Hardback with good dustwrapper (very slight corner wear) 7in x 10 in approx. pp.208  £23
1616.    EDGAR BARTH. Terrific super-sharp glossy photograph by Julius Weltmann (and with his stamp on reverse).of the man who drove for Porsche and Rob Walker among others. Handwritten note on reverse says "Edgar Barth - no more fit for 1965" Barth died of cancer later in the year. 9in x7in print in excellent condition. £20
1591.    PORSCHE 924. Born to Break Records. Porsche-published brochure telling the story of driving a standard 924 around the world,  taking in Innsbruck, Ankara, Teheran, Zahaidan,Karachi, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, New York, Montreal, Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva, Karlsruhe, Milan and Paris. Illustrated throughout. English text. Softback 10in x 11in. pp. pp.14 £25
1485.    SPORTS CAR CHAMPIONSHIP Anthony Pritchard. 1972 1st edition. Excellent account of the years 1968-1971 by the expert author of the 'Motor Racing Year' books of the seventies. (see item 1066) This was the period which saw the rise of Porsche and John Wyer's JW Automotive team to great heights, fighting for supremacy with the 5 litre Ferraris. Extremely detailed text covers each of the four seasons race by race, with a wealth of photographs of one of the 'golden ages' of sports car racing. Hardback with dustwrapper in superb condition 6in x 9.5in pp. 240  £40
1482.    PORSCHE. The Man and His Cars. Richard von Frankenberg. 1965 MBC English language edition of "Die ungewohnliche Geschichte des Hauses Porsche". Illustrated. Hardback in excellent condition with similar dustwrapper. 5.5in x 8.5in  pp. 223.     £28
1458.    PORSCHE 924 CARRERA GT  commemorative medal. 1981. View of the car in low relief on the front and Porsche logo and "Fahren in seiner schonsten form" which translates ( I think) as "driving in its most beautiful form" on the reverse. 1.5in (40mm) in diameter. bronze coloured metal. £28
1363.    CORVETTE, FERRARI, MERCEDES, PORSCHE. Four For The Road. Henry Rasmussen. 1989.   Four books (the 'Survivors Series') combined in one volume. Originally published as 'Ferraris for the Road', 'Corvettes for the Road' etc.  This makes for an impressive tome. Lavish photography (as you'd expect from Rasmussen) of a huge variety of models but also historical background and terrific archive pictures of production, racing, period publicity shots etc. Worthwhile as a marque book for any one of the four covered with the others as a bonus - superb. over 950 photographs, 500 in colour. 11in x 9 in c600page hardback in excellent condition with similar dustwrapper in protective sleeve. £35
1352.    WE AT PORSCHE. Ferry Porsche & John Bentley.  Autobiography of Dr. Ing. h.c. Ferry Porsche  which is also of course, an excellent history of the company. Published in 1976. Foreword by Baron Huschke von Hanstein. Illustrated hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition. 6in x 8.5in approx. pp. 290  £22
1230.   PORSCHE CARRERA 6 Print. Very crisp line drawing of the Porsche Carrera 6, shown in 3/4 profile. Artist's credit is "Dixon"  Printed on cream coloured semi-matt cream paper . Will frame beautifully. 12in x 7in.  £12
1168.   LE MANS / PORSCHE  1968.    A sheet of 20 stamps for the 1968 Le Mans in September 1968 with artwork of what looks like a Porsche 904. Not postage stamps, my best guess is that these are publicity stickers for altering posters, programmes etc. The race was postponed from the usual June date because of civil unrest in France.  Overall sheet size 9.5 in  x 8in. £12
1084.    VOLKSWAGEN. - Small Wonder: The Amazing Story of the Volkswagen. Walter Henry Nelson. 1967.  Exhaustively researched history of the Volkswagen company from its conception by Ferdinand Porsche before WW2 through to the Beetle becoming the world's best selling car in the 'sixties. Illustrated hardback with excellent dustwrapper. (inside corner price clipped) 6x9 in pp.304  £25
374.    WOLFGANG VON TRIPS.  1988.  Hermann Harster.  Superb glossy collection of b&w photographs tracing the German nobleman's racing career from Porsche to Ferrari.  Great action.  Career race results.  Card covers.  German text. 8x8in  pp.44 £45
340.    PORSCHE/ Firestone.  Illustrated German Firestone achievements folder. Dramatic b&w action photograph of Brian Redman's 908 Porsche airborne at Nurburgring.  Centre spread colour of Jo Siffert's March 701.  B&w action of Schetty's Ferrari 212E hillclimb car plus Tecno F3, Ginetta G12, etc. 8x11.5in.  Folder.  £10
337.    WOLFGANG VON TRIPS.  Illustrated biographical funeral folder.  10 September 1961.  German text.3 x 5in  £30

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