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2060.   CLASSICAL MACHINERY  magazine. Two copies; vol. 1 issue 1 and vol.2 issue 2of this obscure magazine edited by Godfrey Eaton.  An eclectic mix of subjects are covered: Aircraft, Steam locos, Norton BS and Douglas motorcycles, Ferrari P4, V1 flying bombs(!), Speedway,  , Medieval forge-hammers (and let's face it you can never have too many articles about those!), Quite a bit of Bugatti content as you might expect: Bugatti 251, Brescia, 35B Bugatti railcars, an Ettore design for a fishing reel etc. The issues are "Autumn 1974 and Winter 1975" which is quite a time between issues. Is this a complete run or did they manage more?  Nicely printed with thick card covers. A4 format. pp.32 /36  as a set of two issues. £12
1921.    BUGATTI : International Magazine of Automobiles and other objets d'art. . English Edition March 1992. The majority of this volume covers the EB110 supercar, with coverage of the launch, technical and design articles etc. There is also material on the 'other Bugattis: Carlo and Jean , and articles on wheels, Nuvolari, a Dutch vintage rally, the Bologna motor show etc. etc. Hardback in excellent condition (originally distributed with no dustwrapper) 13in x 9in. pp.80 £25

1417.    VINTAGE CAR RACING MEDALS. Made of a kind of silvery pewter type metal showing pair of 20's/30's race cars in relief. The rear shows a wreath of oak leaves and a space for engraving the name of the event or winner etc.
Small medal is 1 inch (25mm) in diameter with attaching loop and ring. Larger one is 1.5in (38mm) in diameter. both are in excellent condition and supplied in card boxes. Not strictly a Bugatti item but the front car is clearly Ettore-inspired.

1417a. smaller 1 inch medal  £50

1417b. larger 1.5inch medal  £75

991.    BUGATTI OWNERS CLUB CLASSIC PRESCOTT POSTER. Michael Turner artwork on this poster for the Golden Jubilee event of 1979. Perfect unused condition 15 x 23.5 in  £15
898.    BUGATTI OWNERS' CLUB.  Monte-Honiton-Carlo Rally.  June 12 1938.  Large format fold-out typescript results.  Won by C.I. Craig in a supercharged Bugatti.  16.5 x 12.5 in.  Folded for original mailing.   £30
874.    BUGATTI OWNERS' CLUB Christmas Card.  Unwritten with original envelope. 8x5.5in
a.  Side view basic colour artwork of Type 13 Brescia with brief description inside.  £15
b.  Side view basic colour artwork of 1910 Type 13.  'Alleged to have seen service on the battlefields in 1914-18 war, and to have been Bugatti's personal car'.  £20

341.    BUGATTI VALVE SPRING Packed in a plastic bag with a slip of card from the factory with figures (tested strength in Kg?) written in pencil,  a photograph  (shown here) and a brief history of the Type 251 car. The printed card bag header also states:

"A Valve Spring from the Last Grand Prix Bugatti.
Production was geared to a run of eight cars, and this hairpin valve spring (authenticated as a genuine Bugatti part by the Bugatti Owners Club) is a souvenir of the very last Bugatti." £30

531.   BUGATTI  TYPE 35 Key ring.  Three-quarter front view of car in relief.  Bugatti oval badge in relief on reverse.  Original unused item in original French titled plastic packet.  I think this key ring was produced for the Bugatti centenary some years ago.  Handsome piece.  1.5  inch diameter.  £25

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