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2169.     JAGUAR XJ LONG WHEELBASE.  .   Original luxury press launch brochure for this extended wheelbase version of the 2004 Jaguar flagship XJ model. Includes a CD-ROM with 40 press photos and text. Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition 14in x5.5in pp.29  £18  
2118.     JAGUAR GUIDE - John Bentley.   Rare 1957 American volume on the history and development of Jaguar cars to date. Fully illustrated and with lots of information (SU needle charts and advice on brake pad changing in the maintenance chapter)  Softcover item in very good condition (minor edge rubbing, clean and tight binding) 5.5in x 8.5in pp.124   £22

no.2023.   JAGUAR XK150 ROADSTER..    Original brochure for the XK150 issued by Jaguar Cars Ltd in 1958 for the UK market.   Beautiful silver cover and great design.  Full specifications on back page, including Special Equipment and ‘S’ type models. Single-fold four page item in good condition (has been folded at some time with two vertical folds) Unmarked apart from a little handwritten note of the dealer’s name on the back cover.  Opens to 27 x 9.5in.  £48

no.2022.   JAGUAR TWO POINT FOUR LITRE  (Mk1) Brochure.    Issued by Jaguar Cars Ltd in 1955-56 for the UK market, this is typical of Jaguar brochures of this period:  Terrific artwork which lets the beauty of the car sell itself and basic spec information on the back page. Single sheet, double fold-out item in OK condition (two vertical folds, separating along folds neatly repaired with tape)  folds out to 22in x 17in.  £28

no.2021.   JAGUAR TWO POINT FOUR LITRE  (Mk1) Brochure..     Issued by Jaguar Cars Ltd in 1956-57 for the UK market. Full colour brochure as distributed to showrooms, motor shows etc. and originally collected by prospective customers and innumerable small boys!. Single sheet, double fold-out item in OK condition (one vertical fold, separating along folds)  folds out to 20in x 15.5in.  £22


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1960.    JAGUAR XJ220. Philip Porter. Osprey Publishing 1990. Rare and highly collectable super-luxury volume aimed at being the definitive account of Jaguar's supercar project from its initial conception by a "Saturday Club" of engineers, through to prototype form and eventually production.  First hand accounts form many of the original team, plus rare pre-production shots, accounts of racing activities etc. etc. Hardback in excellent as-new condition with equally fine original slipcase. 9.5in x11.5in 286pp  £1450 email us for more details.
1852.    JAGUARS AT LE MANS.    Superb Michael Turner artwork of the 1988 Silk Cut Jaguar XJR9s approaching the Dunlop Bridge at night. Wonderfully evocative poster in superb original condition with no pinholes creases or other damage. Quarter folded for original mailing. £35.

1839.    JAGUAR E-TYPE  ROAD TESTS. A pair of original road tests reprinted from 'The Autocar' and 'The Motor' as advertising material, as manufacturers used to do. Dating from 24th March 1961 and 31st May 1961 respectively. A nice mixture of road test, manufacturer photos and data. A4 four-side fold-out items (the Motor one is only three pages long). Good condition, horizontally folded from original mailing. As a pair £18

1740.    JAGUAR YEARBOOKS.  Sumptuous productions in the old tradition of achievements books of earlier decades. These are all all the presentation editions: hardbacks in slipcases bound in exotic materials and bearing the name of the recipient, "Eoin Young"  Each volume is full of lavish photographs, both contemporary pictures of cars at the factory or on the track, and historic images from Jaguar's history. 




1740a.   2000 yearbook.     Heavy green card dustcover with window revealing engraved stainless steel nameplate. (no. 148 of 750). Slipcase is custom made from crystal acrylic/perspex. (small crack/chip from bottom corner) The book itself is in immaculate almost unread condition.  - I leafed through them when they were new and then just put them on the shelf!.  pp. 192    £55



1740b.   2001 yearbook. Pale tan suede-type material for the cover this time, embossed with the Jaguar 'growler' logo and an engraved stainless steel nameplate. Slipcase is printed with a large colour photo of an alloy wheel and lined with the same suede material . No page numbers this year but it's the same size as the others so I'd guess pp.190   £55



1740c.   2002 yearbook. Silver silk material for this year's cover, embossed with the title and logo, and with another engraved stainless steel nameplate. Slipcase is photo-printed black/silver card. pp. 190    £55




1740d.   2003 yearbook.   White leather/parchment- feel cover with engraved stainless steel nameplate. Slipcase is photo-printed black/silver card. Some slight marking to the top edge of the slipcase and the parchment stuff takes fingerprints easily,  otherwise as clean and unused as the others. pp.190    £55

1715.    DAIMLER BROCHURE. Luxury publication covering Series III Sovereign, Vanden Plas, Double Six and Limousine models. Full colour, heavyweight paper with card covers. Cover is not quite as pure white as it could be but otherwise in very good condition. pp.28 plus numerous fold-outs. 11.5in x 9.5in. £12.
1583.    JAGUAR XJ Series III launch brochure. Original large format brochure introducing the Pininfarina-designed Series III model in 1979. Lavish photography of the car inside and out as you'd expect, but also great pictures of production in the factory and testing of prototypes. Text gives the history of the company and the new model as well as specs etc. Slightly rubbed covers and a small mark on the front but otherwise very good. 11.5in square approx. pp.36 £25

1427.    JAGUAR SERVICE SHEETS.  Produced by "Motor Trader" in the 'fifties:

1427a.    Jaguar Mk VII Saloon, 1951-1952. Details of engineering changes, engine data diagrams of controls, wiring engine, gearbox and suspension cutaways etc. service and lubrication chart. Paper has yellowed but in good condition. Publication no. 197.  8 page item 8in x 10.5in   £15


1427b.    Jaguar 2.4 litre Saloon, 1956/1957. Similar to the MkVII item with exploded diagrams of engine, gearbox, rear axle and suspension, wiring and lubrication charts etc. Original staples have rusted out but otherwise in good clean condition. Publication no. 277.  8 page item 8in x 10.5in   £12


1427c.    Jaguar 3.4 litre Saloon, 1957/1958. Very like the 2.4 litre publication with exploded diagrams of engine, gearbox, rear axle and suspension, wiring and lubrication charts etc. Again, the staples have deteriorated but otherwise it's good and clean. Publication no. 303.  8 page item 8in x 10.5in   £12

1257.    JAGUAR DRIVER'S YEARBOOK 1979-80.  Edited by Paul Skilleter, this Jaguar Driver's Club annual contains features on the major meetings of the year, articles on such topics as a racing XK120 and V12 Engineer Claude Baily.  Also race results, a "Jaguar Identifile" of chassis numbers of all models, plus directories of suppliers etc. Lots of photos, some in colour. Hardback in good condition with slightly rubbed dustwrapper. 8.5in x 12in pp.120. £20
1186.    JAGUAR. Andrew Whyte. 1980.  History of the company by noted marque specialist. Part 1 covers the people, part 2 the products. Profusely illustrated with period photos. Foreword by Sir William Lyons. Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition. 7in x 9.5in  pp.250   £25
764.    TWR GROUP. Design, Engineering and Manufacturing. Large format, ring bound brochure describing TWR's operations in road and race car and engine design. Covers Aston Martin DB7, Volvo and Holden Touring Cars and of course Jaguars including the XJ220, XJR 9 and XJR 15.  Full colour throughout with gatefold pages. 15x 11 in. 22 pp. in original card case.   £40

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