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2065.   BROOKLANDS AUTOMOBILE RACING CLUB.  Souvenir programme from the 1907 official opening of the Brooklands Automobile Racing Club "...intended to give the reader some idea as to why and wherefore this Motordrome was built.." Lots of great pictures of the Track under construction and some action from the press opening a couple of weeks earlier (well, you can't have a race programme with no pictures of racing cars can you?) This is a reprint, published by the Brooklands Society in 1977 with all the original 1907 ads etc. Softcover item in excellent condition. 10in x 7in. pp.65 £22


1149.    BROOKLANDS Reunion meeting programmes. all in excellent clean condition:

1967.    60th Anniversary meeting. Programme for the concours, driving tests and displays of veteran, vintage and classic cars and motorcycles. Historical articles on the rack with period illustrations, list of competitors etc. Good condition. 6in x9.5in £10

1978.    Includes a section reproduced from a 1933 yearbook. Particularly good for photos. 5.5in x 8.5in   £8

1983.     Full entry list, plus period photos etc. 6 in x 8.5in  £8


984.    BROOKLANDS GOLDEN JUBILEE 1957 Official programme.   Colour illustration of early motor race on cover. Cord tied, 4pp plus covers. 5 x 8 in. List of Brooklands facts, plus programme of events - unveiling of a memorial, parades of cars, fly-past plus tea at 4.30 pm and finishing with cocktails at 6.00. absolutely..  £30
530.    BROOKLANDS AUTOMOBILE RACING CLUB.  Colour enamel lapel pin with stud fixing.  Miniature of the Brooklands car badge with two period cars racing under the bridge on the banking. Lettered:  'B.A.R.C. Brooklands.'  Unused in original plastic display box.  1 inch deep by 1.25  inches across the wingtips.  £30
668.    BROOKLANDS.  1957.  Two detailed typescript press releases from Vickers-Armstrong on headed paper describing the unveiling of the 'Brooklands 1907-1939' memorial and the cars that will be on parade.  £20
310.    BROOKLANDS GOLDEN JUBILEE.  1957.  Programme listing all participating racing cars, motorcycles and Light Aeroplanes.  Cars include Hampton's 5-litre 'Black Bess' Bugatti, Napier-Railton, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang II, Parry Thomas' 1927 Leyland Eight plus Bentleys, Sunbeams, etc.  6.5x8.5in.  pp.19     £30
264.    BROOKLANDS SNAPSHOT ALBUM.  Pocket sized fold-out item originally available from vending machines at the Track.  Envelope titled Snapshot Album to be used for mailing like a postcard. 4x3in.  Fold-out titled:  The Snapshot Album of Brooklands Motor Course Weybridge.  Vest Pocket Souvenir.  Twelve views in sepia gravure.  1920s action views, pits, paddock, test hill.  Unusual postally unused item.   £55

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