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2099.  BROOKLANDS RACE CARD. Card for the "Second Meeting" i.e. the first proper meeting after the opening day. July 20th 1907. Events included The Surrey Stakes and the Weybridge Stakes of 50 Sovs. Also a private match race: "steam versus petrol" between a 30hp White and a 30hp Ariel. This is in such good clean condition that I think it must be a reproduction. Single fold card item opens out to A4 size. £10
2098.  LIGIER JS27 PRESS PACK. Glossy folder containing typescript sheets on Ligier Gitanes letterhead giving full details of the team, cars and drivers for the 1986 Formula 1 season 13 sheets in total. softcover item in good condition (some slight edge rubbing to cover). A4 size. £20
2097.  MARCH ENGINEERING 1987.  Glossy full colour illustrated brochure for the March company, highlighting their Indycar, F2, F3 and F3000 successes plus the engineering facilities at the factory. Double page spread on the Oldsmobile Aerotech prototype. softcover item in good condition (some slight edge rubbing to cover). pp.20 A4 size. £30
2094.  1950 ALPINE RALLY. A competitor's medal from the XXIII Rallye International des Alpes - Cortina D'Ampezzo a handsome bronze item 60mm (about 2.5in) in diameter with a stylised car and mountains on the front. The back has a space to engrave the competitor's name. - (this one is blank) Extremely rare item in excellent condition. £150.
2093.  RENE DREYFUS.  A nice photograph showing three racing drivers: Paul Frere, Phil Hill and Rene Dreyfus chatting in the pits of what looks like Monaco. Signed in blue fountain pen by Rene Dreyfus. Rene wasn't generally in the habit of signing stuff. However he was a good friend and could be persuaded! To authenticate this I'm including a short personal note from him on his personal letterhead discussing photographs. 7in x 5in black and white print in excellent clean condition. £120
2092.  ASTON MARTIN / FERRARI.  Original colour print showing Aston Martin 'Project 214' and Ferrari 250GTO sports cars at speed. Not sure of the event but the Agip advertising suggests Italy. 7in x 5in Cibachrome print in excellent clean condition. £12
2091.  RAYMOND MAYS E.R.A..  A nice little print of some superbly evocative Ward artwork showing Mays cornering hard in the D-type E.R.A. Professionally mounted on card in a deep window mount. Image size is 5.25in x 3.25in. Mount is 9.5in x 7.5in approx. In good condition and ready for framing. £10

2090.  AC COBRA AT BONNEVILLE.  A superb 1965 press release from Goodyear announcing a successful record breaking attempt by Craig Breedlove and Bobby Tatroe. They set 23 new international endurance records on the 10-mile circular track, driving a Daytona Cobra Coupe, averaging over 150mph for twelve solid hours. The press release consists of two sheets of 13in x 8in typescript, headed with the Goodyear GB address etc. and one 4.5in x 3.5in photographic print, (stapled to page 2)with its own caption slip on the back. £38
2089.  TONY BROOKS.  A lovely photograph showing Tony Brooks in his race kit talking with Tony Vandervell. The Vanwall can just be glimpsed in the corner of the frame and those are Vanwall mechanics behind them. An original photographic print clearly signed by Tony Brooks in pen. 8in x 5.5in. £65
2088.  GRAND PRIX DE GOLLION.  Original programme from this historic event held in 1985. Drivers included Alboreto, Alliot, Arnoux, de Cesaris, Laffite, Prost, Tambay,Regazzoni and Toulo de Graffenried, no less .A4 glossy covered item in very good condition. £12
2087.  BELGIAN GRAND PRIX 1963.  Not a programme, but a single fold leaflet-style mini-brochure for the race. Circuit map, spectator information etc. Folds out to just over 10in x 8in. In good condition (faint quarter folds). £14
2086.  MERCEDES-BENZ COLLECTOR'S GUIDE.  Vol. 1: The 1940s and 1950s including 300SL, 190SL and Ponton models. James Taylor. MRP. Another in this excellent series, this has all the usual features: a detailed history of the models produced, lots of rare photographs, chassis numbers, production figures etc. etc. Competition cars and single seaters are also covered. Hardback without dustwrapper in excellent condition. 9in x 7.5in. pp.144 £30

2085.  ASTON MARTIN BLUEPRINTS.   Original blueprints of drawings for what we are pretty sure is the Aston Martin DB3s. Marked “David Brown Tractors Ltd. Auto Division- Feltham”  (ie A-M). One large 30in x 20in.  drawing with full specifications etc. for a rear splined hub. Four smaller 10in x 7.5in drawings of suspension brackets etc. The smaller drawings have been overstamped “10 DEC 1965”  All in good clean condition. – The large drawing has been folded three times, while the smaller ones are perfectly flat.  Large drawing £40 small ones £10 each. click here for a larger image

2084. NAPIER RAILTON AT BONNEVILLE. .  A couple of really lovely vintage photographic prints from John Cobb’s record attempt in 1938. These are press prints and the typescript caption sheets have been removed from the backs and mounted directly below the prints. Ruthrauff and Ryan Inc. of Detroit were the agency and the client seems to have been Chrysler as the copy features the Dodge truck in the background almost as much as the record car!  Fabulous, rare photos of a historic event. Both John Cobb and Reid Railton are clearly visible in the sideview shot. Mounted on boards (originally framed but these have deteriorated) with brown paper backing from the framing. I think the prints are sepia tinted rather than faded with age.  Some water damage to one of the mount cards but the prints themselves are both excellent. Overall size 12in x 15in. photo size 9.5in x 7.5in.  As a pair £175
2082.    AINTREE GRAND PRIX. 1957 copy of 'Everybody's' magazine containing a 2.5 page feature on "Britain's richest race...with prizes valued at £7000..." Written by Peter Lewis and with B&W photographs of Moss, Ron Flockhart, Fangio etc. inside and a great colour photo of Peter Collins on the cover. The rest of the magazine is great too, with articles on all sorts of things and bizarre period ads. 32 page magazine in good condition (some edge rubbing and small tears to the very edges of pages). £10
2080.    RIVERS FLETCHER - A LIFETIME WITH CARS . More of a photo album than an autobiography, but what photographs! Rivers Fletcher started young: while still a schoolboy he was a riding mechanic for Malcolm Campbell at Brooklands. He went on to work for Bentley, MG and Raymond Mays, both with ERA an BRM. 159 large-format pages of photographs and reminiscences. Hardback with dustwrapper in very good condition (one small spine tear neatly repaired with tape). 11.5in x 9.5in. pp. 159 £75

2079.    RIVERS FLETCHER / ROY SALVADORI.  RILEY A nice handwritten note from Rivers Fletcher attached to a photograph which shows "...the ex-Dobbs 2-litre Riley so that I could give young Roy Salvadori a bit of a run in his first racing car..." Original 3"x2" photographic print stuck to an 8"'x 9.5" sheet of writing paper with the details as described handwritten and signed by "Rivers". £30
2078.    WILLIAMS. Maurice Hamilton. 2009 history of the last true independent F1 team from Frank's earliest motorsport adventures in the 60s through to the current Williams F1 setup. Hardback with dustwrapper in very good condition. 6in x 9.5in. pp. 372 £17
2076.   BOB EVANS.  A rare publicity card/photo showing a portrait of Bob Evans, the British driver who drove in F1 for BRM, Lotus and Brabham in the 1970s plus his various mounts. This card is autographed by Bob Evans in blue/black biro. 6 x 4in. £25
2075.   TYRRELL.  A mint, unused window sticker for the F1 team when they had Candy Appliances as a sponsor. This is the static/vacuum cling type of sticker so there's no glue or residue. 8.5in x 3.5in. £8
2072.   MY SPEED KING - LIFE WITH DONALD CAMPBELL.  Tonia Bern-Campbell. 2002. An intimate portrait of Donald Campbell by the woman who was his wife from 1958 until his death. Hardback with lots of rare photographs from the family collection. In excellent condition with similarly immaculate dustwrapper. 6.5in x 9.5in. pp.235 £22

2068.   LAMBORGHINI / BERTONE 'GENESIS' PROTOTYPE.  Rare press folder containing details of the engine built by Lamborghini for the Bertone Genesis concept car revealed at the Turin motor show in 1988. The contents comprise: covering note from Bertone in Italian, French, German and English., Press information sheet on Lamborghini letterhead giving details in Italian of the 3500cc V12 engine. Handwritten English translation of the essential details at the bottom), Three sheets of Lamborghini design drawings of the engine, Lamborghini address envelope containing a 35mm colour slide of the engine.(scan shown here) All presented in a glossy A4 white Lamborghini folder. The set £2
2066.   MONTE CARLO OR BUST!: "Those daring young men in their jaunty jalopies".  A slightly odd book, produced to tie in with the 1969 film, this has wonderful barmy Ronald Searle drawings of all the characters played by Terry Thomas, Gert Frobe, Eric Sykes, Peter Cook, Tony Curtis et al with accompanying text telling the story supposedly from each competitor's point of view. Hardback with dustwrapper in such pristine condition I had to check it isn't a reprint! No page numbers but approx pp.80. 8.5in x 9.5in. £20
2065.   BROOKLANDS AUTOMOBILE RACING CLUB.  Souvenir programme from the 1907 official opening of the Brooklands Automobile Racing Club "...intended to give the reader some idea as to why and wherefore this Motordrome was built.." Lots of great pictures of the Track under construction and some action from the press opening a couple of weeks earlier (well, you can't have a race programme with no pictures of racing cars can you?) This is a reprint, published by the Brooklands Society in 1977 with all the original 1907 ads etc. Softcover item in excellent condition. 10in x 7in. pp.65 £22
2063.   ASTON MARTIN DBS.   Terrific large-scale model of the new Aston Martin DBS which is beautifully detailed enough for static display. - This one however has the bonus of being radio-controlled.  Produced as part of the publicity for the James Bond film "Casino Royale" (There's a movie logo sticker on the controller) the model sadly has no guns or other gadgets but it is very fast as it should be of course.  11in long.  £22
2060.   CLASSICAL MACHINERY  magazine. Two copies; vol. 1 issue 1 and vol.2 issue 2of this obscure magazine edited by Godfrey Eaton.  An eclectic mix of subjects are covered: Aircraft, Steam locos, Norton BS and Douglas motorcycles, Ferrari P4, V1 flying bombs(!), Speedway,  , Medieval forge-hammers (and let's face it you can never have too many articles about those!), Quite a bit of Bugatti content as you might expect: Bugatti 251, Brescia, 35B Bugatti railcars, an Ettore design for a fishing reel etc. The issues are "Autumn 1974 and Winter 1975" which is quite a time between issues. Is this a complete run or did they manage more?  Nicely printed with thick card covers. A4 format. pp.32 /36  as a set of two issues. £12
2058.   WAVES WHEELS WINGS- AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY.  SIR WALTER WINDHAM. Originally a sailor, the author joined the Royal Indian Marine, later becoming a King's Messenger. He was an eminent pioneer motorist, officiating at the first ever Irish T.T. and early aviator, founding the British Aeroplane Club and doing much to secure the strength of the RAF by the outbreak of WW2. Several illustrations including this rather fanciful depiction of a Spitfire downing an HE 111. Ex-lib hardback without dustwrapper but in good condition. No year but some time after 1940. 5.5in x 8.5in pp. 166 £30
2057.   TRAVELS WITH A  2CV. Nicola Earwalker  1988.    An account of an epic journey from London to Karachi by a husband and wife team for no better reason than to see if they could!  Illustrated paperback in excellent condition and a must for aficionados of the 'Tin Snail'.   5in x 8in. pp.182 £10
2056.   W.O.  THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF W.O. BENTLEY. 1958 first edition of  'W.O's autobiography. Effectively a history of the heyday of the 'Bentley Boys' told by the man who was at the centre of it all. Written in an easy, readable style and full of great anecdotes.  Illustrated.  Hardback without dustwrapper in very good condition.  5.5in x 8.5in. pp.223  £25
2055.   INTERNATIONAL TROPHY MEETING SILVERSTONE 1962. Programme for the event held in May 1962.Very good condition (one small spot on the cover is about the worst imperfection!) 5.5in x 8.5in. pp.84  £20

no.2054.   MR. PUNCH  AWHEEL. J. A Harmiton (Ed.) A collection of original magazine pieces on "the humours of motoring and cycling" with the inevitable cartoons- well over a hundred of them.  No date but must be 1900s.  Interesting to see that cyclists were perceived as as much of a menace (and figures of fun) as motorists.  A lovely hardbacked book with gilt lettering and profile of Mr. Punch on the cover. and spine. An excellent gift for any 'Brighton Runner.'  5in x 7.5in. pp.192 £22
no.2053.   SPEED ON WHEELS: SIR MALCOLM CAMPBELL. 1949 first edition of this, the last book written by Malcolm Campbell before his death. (a small paragraph from the publishers noting that Campbell had not seen the proofs as he died before publication).  This attempts to explain "the lure of speed" before devoting chapters to the early days of record breaking, then progressively faster records, the work of driving at high speeds, organising record attempts etc. etc.  Illustrated (sample plate page here). Hardback without dustwrapper in very good condition.  5in x8in. pp.214  £25
no.2052.   JOCHEN RINDT: Uncrowned King. David Tremayne.  Superbly detailed biography of F1's only posthumous world champion.  Hundreds of terrific period photos and meticulously researched text.  Large format hardback with dustwrapper in as-new condition. 9in x 11.5in. pp. 336  £35
no.2051.   BONNEVILLE NATIONALS 1988. S.C.T.A. Rules book for the 40th Speed Week held on Aug 14-20 1988. This covers the Bonneville Nationals Land Speed Record Meet and the S.C.T.A. rules covering Dry lake speed trials.  Total technical detail for every competition class for cars and motorcycles, streamliners, hotrods etc. with some great illustrations of competing vehicles, plus details of officials, ads for tuning parts etc. etc. soft card covered booklet in excellent condition. pp.88 £12

no.2050.   BRITISH LEYLAND CALENDARS. Two terrific period calendars from BL's  Truck and Bus division.  Each has a single image of classic '70s 'dolly bird' artwork on heavy art paper with removable strips for the months below. A metal band holds the top edge firm and incorporates a hanger. Both unmarked and unused (rolled for storage). Would look great in the garage!

2050a:  1974 calendar.  21.5 x 15.5in image plus 7in deep calendar portion.  £20

2050a:  1975 calendar.  21.5 x 15.5in image plus 7in deep calendar portion.  £20

no.2049.   ROWLAND EMETT:  ALARMS AND EXCURSIONS. ..."and Other Transports Transfixed " Often forgotten these days, Emett was, in his day as influential and popular as Heath Robinson or Brockbank.  His favourite subject matter was ramshackle inventions rendered with an extraordinary florid line.  Best known for his rococo and gothic trains, this book concentrates more on road vehicles: steam rollers, bicycles, trams, and of course cars. Most of these are from the 40s and 50s I'd guess but they are timeless. 1977 Edition hardback in very good condition with similarly fine dustwrapper. 8.5in x 11in.No page numbers but approx pp.94   £23
no.2048.   MOTOR MUSEUM HEADSCARF.   1960s Italian made silk-style (actually "100% acetate") multicoloured scarf depicting exhibits at the Beaulieu motor museum: a 1909 Rolls-Royce, 1910 omnibus, a showman's engine, 1929 'Golden Arrow' and a (curiously green) 'Bluebird'.  These are becoming very collectible now, thanks to Goodwood and other venues where period dress is popular.  approx. 26in square. £60
no.2047.   ATALANTA.  Woman As Racing Drivers.   S.C.H. Davis.  Chapters on  Camille du Gast, Dorothy Levitt, Kay Petre, Gwenda Hawkes, Elsie Wisdom, Dorothy Stanley Turner,  Madame Juneck, Margaret Allan, Sheila Van Damm and others. The title refers to the mythical daughter of King Scyros who could run faster than any man (sensible girl).  Hardback with dustwrapper in good condition (a little rubbing) 5.5in x 9in. pp.255  Hard to find these days. £30
no.2046.   TOURIST TROPHY.   Richard Hough.  1957. A definitive history of the T.T. from 1905 to 1955. Chapters on all the classic road races that started in Ireland and ended at Donington and Dundrod.  Rare now.  Hardback in very good condition with similarly fine dustwrapper. 5.5in x 9in. pp.255   £45
no.2045.   PURSUIT OF VICTORY.   Karl Kling.  1956 Autobiography of the Mercedes driver who joined Daimler-Benz in 1936 and stayed with them until their withdrawal from racing in 1955. English text.  Illustrated with ninety excellent photographs. Hardback with no dustwrapper but in very good condition (some foxing to text pages) .5.5in x 9in. pp.192   £32

no.2042.   THE GRAND PRIX CAR.    The rare two-volume set of Pomeroy's classic and respected tomes on Grand Prix cars and races up to the mid-1950s. Superb technical descriptions and the famous fold-out cutaways, technical drawings, photographs etc. Still the most exhaustive coverage of the subject. Fold-out cutaways extend to 11in x 17in and include the 1914 Grand Prix Mercedes, Type 35 Bugatti, Delage, Peugeot etc. Large format 11in x 8.5in.  The publication dates differ because Pomeroy wrote his first book in 1948 ("The Grand Prix Car 1906-1939') and when Grand Prix racing began again after WW2 it became obvious that he should update, but enlarging such a big volume was not an option. It was divided and published again as the updated two-volume set as offered here. The volumes were (for some misguided reason) offered separately, and as most people thought they already had vol. 1 they just bought vol.2 so the reprint runs immediately became unbalanced. The original single 1948 volume referred to above is a fine book but this is the set to have.

This matched set (both volumes inscribed "Best wishes, Valerie, Christmas 1957") is in good condition with both volumes retaining their dustwrappers, which have a few tears (almost inevitable in such big heavy books) but they are now protected from further damage by removable clear plastic sleeves. The inside pages are excellent: clean and unmarked.

Also included: Email me for more information and photos.  8.5in two-volume set. pp. 267 + 344  £400

no.2040.   SPRITELY YEARS.    John Sprinzel and Tom Coulthard. 'Race and rally memories from the classic era plus the full story of the Sebring Sprite'   Superb history of the exploits of  Austin-Healey Sprite legend and co-founder of Speedwell Tuning, John Sprinzel.  Profusely illustrated with wonderful period photos not just of Sprites but Minis, MGs, Triumphs, Porsches Saabs, Fords etc. etc. in  races, rallies (he won the British Rally Championship) and endurance events such as the East African Safari and Liege-Rome-Liege. Published in 1994 and very hard to find now. This copy is all but immaculate (price clipped dustwrapper). 8.5in x 10in. pp. 240  £125
no.2038.   SPLIT SECONDS- RAYMOND MAYS.   1952.   Mays was one of Britain's top racing drivers in the 1920s and 1930s, establishing the ERA team pre-war and BRM post-war. This is subtitled "My Racing Years" and it covers his extensive career, notably in sprints and hillclimbs, including the famous incident (see left) where he lost a wheel at Caerphilly in 1924. Illustrated hardback without dustwrapper in good condition (faded spine but otherwise good and clean)  5.5in x9 in.   pp.310.   £25   

no.2036.   RACING CAR REVIEW.   Denis Jenkinson. 'Jenks' produced these exquisite little books annually for 'Motor Sport' magazine for many years: Selected cars from the previous year's motorsport (And other eras!) are discussed in great technical detail, together with a summary of their exploits in that season, all in Jenks' inimitable and entertaining style. Highly collectable now.  I can offer the following, all in very good condition. Illustrated hardbacks without dustwrappers. 7.5 x5in. Varying between 102 and 172 pages. £20 each:


1949:     Alfa Romeo (158 and 3.4 litre), Alta GP, Blue Crown Special, C.T.A.-Arsenal, Cooper (500 and 1000) Emeryson Special, E.R.A. (1.5 litre, 2 litre and E-Type), Ferrari 1.5 litre GP, Maserati CLT/48, Mercedes M163, Simca and Lago-Talbot 4.5 litre. £20

1951:     A.F.M. Formula 2, Alfa Romeo 158, Alta GP, B.R.M., Connaught F2, Cooper 500 and 1100, E.R.A. Ferrari F1 and F2, H.W.M., Maserati 4CLT, Milan, E.R.A., Simca, Successful 500cc cars, Lago-Talbot 4.5 litre and Veritas-Meteor.£20

no.2035.   ALF FRANCIS  RACING MECHANIC.     Peter Lewis 1957.   Alf  (seen here in the striped cap at Pescara in '57) was most famous as Stirling Moss's mechanic for many years but he made his name working for H.W.M. before working for Peter Whitehead, and then Moss. He stayed with Stirling, running a Cooper-Alta, private Formula 1 Maserati and then followed him to Mercedes and Maserati. A unique insight into 1950s racing and one of the classics of the period. Illustrated. Hardback without dustwrapper in excellent condition. 5.5 in x 8.5in. pp. 336   £35   
no.2034.   ECURIE ECOSSE. Graham Gauld.  'A Social History of Motor Racing From The Fifties To The Nineties'.  Superb history of the team which achieved huge successes in a wide range of cars from Cooper-Bristols, Listers, AH Sprites and Formula Libre cars, plus of course the legendary C and D-type Jaguars before Hugh McCaig and author Gauld raised it 'from the dead' to run in group C in the 80s. Privately published by Graham Gauld  Public Relations Ltd. in 1992 and hard to find now. Great illustrations from behind the scenes as well as racing shots. Softback book in very good condition. 11.5in x 8in.  pp.210 £45
no.2033.   McLAREN.  A Racing History.   Geoffrey Williams.  1991 history of the team set up by Bruce McLaren in 1963 and going right through from the days of Bruce and Denny Hulme, through the era of James Hunt and Niki Lauda to Alan Prost and of course Ayrton Senna. Very detailed, covering technical innovations and on and off-track stories on an almost race-by race basis (every race result is fully recorded) and made with the full co-operation of the team itself. Profusely illustrated.  Hardback with dustwrapper in virtually new condition. 7.5in x 10in. pp.336  £20
no.2030.   REG PARNELL.  Graham Gauld.  1996 biography of the man who was one of the most influential on postwar British racing. He raced at Brooklands (being at the centre of the infamous Kay Petre crash controversy) before driving for Alfa Romeo, Scuderia Ambrosiana, Tony Vandervell and B.R.M.  His later career saw him managing teams, most famously Aston Martin.  He was responsible for bringing Chris Amon over from New Zealand.  Authoritative biography with excellent photographs. Hardback with dustwrapper in as new condition. 6.5in x9.5in. pp.208 £28
no.2027.   FIAT MOTOR CLUB (GB).    A beautiful, heavy chrome-plated badge with lugs for fitting to to a bar or bumper.  The red section looks like paint rather than enamel but it’s as originally made. No manufacturer but ‘M2293’ is engraved on the back. A terrific accessory for an old Fiat 500 etc. 4.5in. high. £45
no.2025.    WEST ESSEX CAR CLUB BADGE.     An original badge in chrome plate and red and yellow enamel in superb, almost unused condition. The badge itself is 2 inches in diameter with screw lugs for fitting to bodywork, dashboard etc. This one has been mounted onto a 4 inch high chromed surround for fitting to a badge bar or bumper.. £90
no.2024.   AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX 1998.    Programme for the F1event held on 8 March 1998.  Excellent condition. pp.172  £8  Click here to see our Programmes page for the full current stock.

no.2023.   JAGUAR XK150 ROADSTER..    Original brochure for the XK150 issued by Jaguar Cars Ltd in 1958 for the UK market.   Beautiful silver cover and great design.  Full specifications on back page, including Special Equipment and ‘S’ type models. Single-fold four page item in good condition (has been folded at some time with two vertical folds) Unmarked apart from a little handwritten note of the dealer’s name on the back cover.  Opens to 27 x 9.5in.  £48

no.2022.   JAGUAR TWO POINT FOUR LITRE  (Mk1) Brochure.    Issued by Jaguar Cars Ltd in 1955-56 for the UK market, this is typical of Jaguar brochures of this period:  Terrific artwork which lets the beauty of the car sell itself and basic spec information on the back page. Single sheet, double fold-out item in OK condition (two vertical folds, separating along folds neatly repaired with tape)  folds out to 22in x 17in.  £28

no.2021.   JAGUAR TWO POINT FOUR LITRE  (Mk1) Brochure..     Issued by Jaguar Cars Ltd in 1956-57 for the UK market. Full colour brochure as distributed to showrooms, motor shows etc. and originally collected by prospective customers and innumerable small boys!. Single sheet, double fold-out item in OK condition (one vertical fold, separating along folds)  folds out to 20in x 15.5in.  £22

no.2017.    B.R.S.C.C. BADGE..     The BRSCC badge is a particularly attractive one, with its crossed flags and head-on racing car it has obvious similarities with that of the BRDC.  The British Racing and Sports Car Club is a bit more egalitarian though. This original (not repro) item is in good condition with only a couple of very small chips to the yellow enamel surround. Numbered 3666, made by Marples & Beasley Ltd, of Birmingham. 5.5in high. £95

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