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Catalogue. 1535 - 1482

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1535.    ASTON MARTIN OWNERS CLUB St. JOHN HORSFALL RACE MEETING. Special commemorative poster for the 50th anniversary of this event in 1999. Almost all the significant Aston models are depicted in racing trim. Glossy poster in very good condition 35in x 23.5in £25
1534.    FRENCH GRAND PRIX 1967. Poster for the 53rd Grand Prix de l'ACF, held at Le Mans for only the third time in its history (1906 and 1921 being the previous occasions) The Circuit Bugatti was a purpose-built track inside the 24 hour course, using none of the public road sections but including several hairpin bends. It was unpopular with the drivers and spectator numbers were low, so F1 never returned to the Sarthe. 23.5in x16in poster with very light quarter folds from original mailing, clean and free from tears etc. Rare. £100
1532.    ASTON MARTIN VIRAGE VOLANTE. Original Aston Martin Lagonda press release (Embargo until 0001hrs 18 September 1990) giving details of the new car, production of which "will start next year", available at a price "expected to be in excess of £150,000"  Three sheets of heavyweight laid paper with AM and Lagonda badges plus Prince of Wales feathers (HRH was a good customer for many years) together with 6in x 8in glossy photo. All in superb condition. £25
1530.   LA COMPETITION AUTOMOBILE. Jean Fondin. 1966. Superb lavishly illustrated history of all aspects of motor racing, including the very earliest races, Grands Prix, , record breaking Indianapolis etc. Colour and B&W photos and authoritative French text. 8in x 9.5in hardback in excellent condition with dustwrapper in protective sleeve. pp.295 £45
1529.    JACKIE STEWART WORLD CHAMPION. Jackie Stewart & Eric Dymock. 1970. The first four chapters cover "the build-up" from 1963 to 1968 before a very detailed account of the 1969 season. Each race covered in its own chapter. Jackie has written most of the book (Eric Dymock's passages are italicised) and the events are obviously very fresh in his mind. Profusely illustrated hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition. Dedicated to the memory of the late Jim Clark. 5.5in x 9in approx. pp.192 £30

1527.    MONZA GRAND PRIX. Acrylic ashtrays with racing scenes printed on them, by the Societa Incremento Automobilismo e Sport who have attached swinger calendars- rather amateurishly it must be said! - they are simply taped to the backs and could be removed without damage if you prefer. Three to choose from:

1527a 1992 race scene; Ferrari leads (of course) Williams and Benetton. 1993 calendar attached. £25
1527b 1994 race scene; Ferrari alone on the track. 1995 calendar attached. £25
1527c 1996 podium ceremony; Schumacher, Alboreto and Hakkinen. 1997 calendar attached. £25

1523.    LOUIS RENAULT. Anthony Rhodes. 1969 1st edition. Detailed, illustrated biography of the pioneer motorist and car maker. As you might expect it is also a good history of the Renault company and its products.  Hardback with dustwrapper in excellent condition. 5.5in x 8.5in. pp.235  £20
1519.     FERRARI PORTFOLIO Sergio Massaro. Large format labour of love covering the following models: 166 Inter, 500 Mondial, 250 Mille Miglia, 250 GT, 250 Berlinetta, 250 GT 2+2, 250 GT Le Mans. 246 Dino, 328, Mondial, Testarossa and 348. Each model photographed from every angle inside and out. Dual Italian and English text. Original cover price of £95. Hardback in excellent condition with equally perfect dustwrapper. 9.5in x 12in. pp.127 £35
1518.    GLAS GOGGOMOBIL Press Release. "The Goggomobil is 5 years old" 1960. Three pages of typescript press information plus a 5x7in glossy photo of the company founder, Hans Glas who "is celebrating his 70 years and his 200,000th car". This contains the details of a charity competition prize of a Goggomobil which was won by Sir Bernard Docker, chairman of Daimler!  £25
1514.  WITH HINDSIGHT. Charles Mortimer. 1990. Charles was that wonderful combination of a former racer at Brooklands and post-war tracks, latterly a dealer in rare racing books and a wonderful raconteur. This is the last of his autobiographies, perhaps less well known than "Racing a Sports Car" and "Brooklands and Beyond". Excellent dustwrapper with plastic protector. SIGNED BY CHARLES MORTIMER.7.5in x 10in. pp.143  £55
1513.    THE GLORY OF GOODWOOD. 1999. Beautiful large format book by Mike Lawrence, Simon Taylor and Doug Nye on the history of the Sussex motor circuit from its beginnings as RAF Westhampnett through its racing heyday to the Revival meetings held today. Packed with superb photos from all eras, reproductions or original tickets and passes, plus authoritative text from expert authors. Hardback with dustwrapper (corner clipped) in excellent condition.10.5 x 12.5 in pp.288  £25

1512.    GOODWOOD PROGRAMMES. It's hard to believe the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival meetings have been with us for over ten years. The programmes for both events are lavish affairs and highly collectable. I can offer the following:

1997 Festival of Speed. Mint condition £12
1998 Festival of Speed. Mint condition £12
1999 Festival of Speed. Mint condition £12
2000 Festival of Speed. Mint condition £12
2001 Festival of Speed.Mint condition £12
2002 Festival of Speed.Mint condition £12

2004 Festival of Speed.Mint condition £12
2005 Festival of Speed.Mint condition £12
2006 Festival of Speed.Mint condition £12
2007 Festival of Speed.Mint condition £12
2008 Festival of Speed.
Mint condition £12
2009 Festival of Speed.Mint condition £12

1998 Revival Meeting.  Mint condition £15
1999 Revival Meeting.  Mint condition £15 (with tickets for entry and startline grandstand) £15
2000 Revival Meeting.  Mint condition £15
2001 Revival Meeting.  Mint condition £15
2002 Revival Meeting.  Mint condition £15
2003 Revival Meeting.  Mint condition £15 (with pocket race guide/programme) £15
2004 Revival Meeting.  Mint condition £15
2005 Revival Meeting.  Mint condition £15
2006 Revival Meeting.  Mint condition £15
2007 Revival Meeting.  Mint condition £15
2008 Revival Meeting.  Mint condition £15
2009 Revival Meeting.  Mint condition £15


1517.    BMC APPROVED TOOLS. Beautiful booklet listing the range of tools available from BMC Service Ltd. Ideal for concours types both as a glovebox accessory and to identify the authentic brand and type of spanners, screwdrivers etc. for the full tool kit. Mint condition ("1965" has been written in the dealer box on the back cover). 5.5in x 8.5in pp. 8  £10
1516.    BMC BULBS. A double fold-out 8.5in x 16.5in leaflet showing the full range of BMC automotive bulbs, their specifications and Philips equivalents. Mint condition ("1960" has been written on the back cover). 5.5in x 8.5in pp. 8  £7
1508.    "WHEELSPIN" ABROAD.  C.A.N. May. 1949. This book deals with May's experiences of competing in the Lisbon and International Alpine Rallies of 1948 in an MG and an Allard respectively. A rare book from the author of "Shelsley Walsh". Introductions by John Thornley of MG and Sidney Allard. Great photographs. Hardback with good dustwrapper in good condition.5.5in x 9in pp.176  £30

1506.     BRITISH GRAND PRIX PROGRAMMES. A selection of programmes all in extremely well-kept condition, many with the original supplementary entry lists, flyers etc. All approx. A4 format:

1506b.    1979 Silverstone. Excellent clean condition. £18

1506c.    1980 Brands Hatch. Excellent clean condition with entry list booklet and advance booking form for Silverstone '81  £18

1506d.    1981 Silverstone. Unwritten with entry list booklet and fold out Team Marlboro poster. £16

1506e.    1982 Brands Hatch. Excellent clean condition with entry list booklet and advance booking form for Silverstone '83  £16

1506f.    1983 Silverstone. Excellent clean condition. £15

1506g.    1984 Brands Hatch. Excellent clean condition £15

1506h.    1995 Silverstone. Excellent clean condition. £15

1506i.    1998 Silverstone. Excellent clean condition. (one small crease to the corner of front cover). £15

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1501.    THE MASERATI 250F.  Denis Jenkinson.  1975.  Detailed profile on one of the world’s most famous Grand Prix cars but top GP writer.  SIGNED by Denis Jenkinson on title page.  pp.80  £55
1497.    1955 INDIANAPOLIS YEARBOOK.  Detailed accounts of the race won by Bob Sweikert, tech section, driver profiles, 388 photos, charts and drawings.  Softback.  pp111.  £40
1496.    GRAND PRIX CARS OF 1960.  Original titled folio of four colour fold-out posters with detailed technical description, early Michael Turner art, photos of Cooper, Lotus, BRM and Ferrari.  Folds out to 20x23in.  This was commissioned for the 1960 U.S. GP at Riverside but few were sold – because they arrived in California the day after the race…  Rare complete set.  £60
1478.    AUTOCOURSE 1975/76 . International Motor Racing and Rallying Review but most people collect these for the Formula One content which is superbly detailed. Every race of the 1975 season is covered in detail with photos and statistics as well as off-track action. There's a photo on page 119 captioned "Elf PR man and journalist Eoin Young does the Haka- not a pretty sight!" Also the (in)famous incident at Barcelona where the team personnel worked on the circuit guardrails themselves is here. An article by Jackie Stewart on the retirement of Graham Hill is prefaced by a hastily added page recording his death in an air accident on November 29th and paying further tribute to "our sport's finest ambassador. a universally loved personality and a fine British Sportsman"   Hardback in good, clean, tight condition (one corner board slightly rubbed) in similarly good dustwrapper in plastic protective sleeve. 9.5in x 13in. pp208  £145
1492.    ADVERTISING AND THE MOTOR CAR Michael Frostick 1970. Fascinating treatise on car advertising from the 1890s to the 1960s. Lots of ads are reproduced, many in colour. The history of advertising covered in detail plus a section on seventy years of FIAT adverts., Good analysis includes references to the "International Pin Head Family"- the ever-so-slightly undersized people who appeared in so many ads to make the cars look bigger- a practice which continues to this day.. Hardback with slightly edge rubbed dustwrapper and faded spine. 10in x 12in approx. pp.159 £22
1489.    MODEL CARS Vic Smeed (ed) 1980. Comprehensive practical guide to modelling cars from diecast and plastic kits, through to scratch-built advanced models and slot guided and radio controlled racers. Extensively illustrated in colour and black and white with photos and diagrams etc. Large format hardback in OK condition (ex library) with very good dustwrapper in plastic protector. 9.5in x 12in pp.192 £18

1487.    MANSELL/WILLIAMS F1 Model Kit.  Tamiya kit in giant 1:12 scale of Nigel Mansell's FW14B "Red 5" car which took him to the championship in 1992- or you could build Ricardo Patrese's car if you prefer. Produced with the help and approval of Williams GP Engineering this has a breathtaking level of detail, with working steering and suspension, rubber tyres, cables etc. on the fully modelled engine. Removable cowling shows the 'works' with the carbon fibre effect clearly visible. Many metal parts make it strong and accurate. Hundreds of parts- everything still sealed in the original bags so nothing is missing. Finished model is 11in (355mm) long and 7in  (180mm) wide. £95

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1486.    THE JAGUAR FILE. Eric Dymock 2004 Third edition of this handbook of all the Jaguar models since 1922. Everything from the Swallow sidecars of the earliest days to the current XJs, X and S types etc. Road, racing and experimental models are all here, including the Le Mans and F1 cars, the XJ13 and the Goldie Gardner record car with the four-cylinder XK engine of 1948. Jaguar powered cars such as Coopers, Tojeiros and of course Listers are also included. Every model variant has its own description, specifications and photo. There is also a section on the history of the company and a good index. Intended primarily as a reference work it is filled with anecdotes and asides, as well as unusual photos which make it an interesting just to browse. Open it at random and it's hard not to get sidetracked! Hardback with dustwrapper in as-new condition. 8.5in x 6in pp.480 £20
1485.    SPORTS CAR CHAMPIONSHIP Anthony Pritchard. 1972 1st edition. Excellent account of the years 1968-1971 by the expert author of the 'Motor Racing Year' books of the seventies. (see item 1066) This was the period which saw the rise of Porsche and John Wyer's JW Automotive team to great heights, fighting for supremacy with the 5 litre Ferraris. Extremely detailed text covers each of the four seasons race by race, with a wealth of photographs of one of the 'golden ages' of sports car racing. Hardback with dustwrapper in superb condition 6in x 9.5in pp.240  £40
1484.    SHELL/ A CENTURY IN OIL. Stephen Howarth. Fascinating epic history of the Shell Transport and Trading Company from 1897 to 1997. Lavishly illustrated with period photographs and engravings. As you might expect, there is lots of early motoring and motorsport content as well as aviation and shipping. The chapters on the two world wars are particularly good. Hardback in virtually as-new condition with similar dustwrapper.  8in x 10.5in pp.397. £20
1483.    RONNIE PETERSON. Grand Prix Racing Driver. "The Story of a Search For Perfection" by Alan Henry. 1975 account of Ronnie's racing career to date. Illustrated throughout. Good clean hardback with excellent dustwrapper. 7in x 9.5in  pp.164.    £35  
1482.    PORSCHE. The Man and His Cars. Richard von Frankenberg. 1965 MBC English language edition of "Die ungewohnliche Geschichte des Hauses Porsche". Illustrated. Hardback in excellent condition with similar dustwrapper. 5.5in x 8.5in  pp. 223.     £28

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