Brazilian Car Stereo. 
In and around Salvador at Christmas I witnessed several "noise"competitions. Non descript Car A would nonchalantly park up next to the beach. The boot lid is opened to reveal a custom made speaker box filling the luggage space complete with 12+ inch woofers. The guy then opens up a side door and brings out a PA system on a lead and props it up on the sea wall. All ears in the vicinity and beyond are then assailed by Bob Marley. Car B pulls up 20 yards away, opens up his boot lid etc etc...... you get the idea.......

Outside Salvador I noticed the ultimate car accessory... the ON car stereo (see photo ). Thankfully the machine was in a dormant state when I happened by. As well as having the dubious advantage of allowing music to be played whilst in motion it also frees up boot space for transporting your extended family when necessary.  Andrew Knowles.

NB: If you like hilariously-modified cars then have a look at www.stupidnorthernmonkey.co.uk for pages and pages of the things. All the daft exhausts and plywood rear wings shown on BBC's "Top Gear" seem to have been stolen from here. It's good fun ,although the tone of mockery gets a bit tiresome after a while.

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