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Things To Buy:- Automobilia and other treasures

Eoin Young Motor Sport Memorabilia. (formerly "Motormedia")
Long-time Motorsport journalist and Splendid Whizzerist.  Hundreds of Rare books and pieces ofMotoring memorabilia. (site design by yours truly)

Laurence Edscer Motor Sport Memorabilia
A dealer in evocative motor sport related treasures.  (another of my sites!-PR)

Loveridge Auctioneers. Guy Loveridge is an automobilia specialist, enthusiastic collector, historic racer and general all round good egg. British vintage & classic cars and commercial vehicle parts and services.  Andrew Knowles Woodturning and bespoke picture frames. Beautiful stuff from a SWA member!

Surrey Sports and Classics
That's MG Bits and Jeremy to most of us. The official website of the home of classic car mending and cups of tea in murky mugs.

Ashley Hinton Panels
MG and Austin Healey panelwork manufacturer, Sprite/Midget expert and general Good Egg.

Frontline Spridget
Bits to make Sprites and Midgets go faster (recommended!....)
Surrey Automotive Specialists. Tiny Tim's bonkers oriental road rockets, rolling road and non-stop banter emporium.   Old Things R Limited.  New Zealand based web site with a large stock of Sales Brochures,  Automotive Literature, Collectable Books etc. etc.

Formerly Brooks auctions. Robert Brooks is a classic car auctioneer and the only man apart from Rob to drive an Ecclestone Whizzer (what's the secret?)

Chater's Motoring Bookshop
Purveyors of Splendid Whizzer literature to the terminally addicted. (Hi Rob!)

Motorsport Sites: 

Bluebird Electric
Home of the attempt on the Electrically powered record at Pendine Sands by a Campbell descendant.

Brooklands Museum
New and much improved website for the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation. Also home of the "Whizzer In Chief" the mighty 24 litre Napier Railton.

Bolide.   Great name for a beautifully executed site. A classic car web magazine with a heavy emphasis on racing. recommended.

The British Racing Driver's Club
The official site of the BRDC. You'll need a sound card to hear the frenetic Murray Walker opening soundtrack..

The Vintage Sports Car Club. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Vintage sports cars, hiilclimbs, sprint events etc. All with old fashioned gentlemanly good humour.

Southern California Timing Association.  Organisers of Bonneville Speed Week.

Don Vesco and the Turbinator Current Wheel- driven Land Speed Record holder. Sadly Don Vesco died at the end of 2002.

Goodwood Road Racing
The Festival of Speed and the Circuit Revival. It's all here.

Other Good stuff:  Great links and blogs on the restoration of a couple of Aston Martin V8s ( the proper OLD ones)
A home - made JET powered go-kart. Plus how to build one yourself! All you need is  a big truck turbo and some sticky backed plastic. Children - get a grown-up to help you.  however, do check out the site below for a cautionary tale!

Electric Land Speed Record car.  Does exactly what it says on the tin.  The Le Mans camping specialists with our sense of humour. If you've been to LM you'll understand the title!

The true story behind the JATO powered Chevy urban myth:  One of those "Darwin Award" stories you doubt is true. - read this guy's account of what really happened!
Mad, Ireverrant and very rude motoring site. Guaranteed to offend Moped riders, Mitsubishi Evo drivers, David Coulthard.. in fact everybody. Very funny.

Angle Grinder Man
Death to Wheel Clamps! Destruction to Gatsos!  This fearless champion of driver's rights actually takes an angle grinder to these things while wearing a Lycra jumpsuit, mask and cape. All very strange but it's good to know he's out there.... -isn't it?

Kew  Bridge Steam Museum
A wonderful place full of really BIG whizzy steam engines. Go on a weekend when there's steam up and you can stand inside an enormous beam engine while it operates.

Classic Motor Monthly
The Newspapery thing you get at autojumbles. A good guide to what's on.

The UK Motorsport Index
Huge directory of great sites for everything even remotely connected with... UK motorsport.

The National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club
Any club with a magazine called "buzzing" has to be good...

Burbank's Best- The Lockheed Twins site. Absolutely everything you could wish to know about Lockheed twin-propeller airliners by award - winning aviation expert and tailfin logo designer Michael Zoeller.

Association of British Drivers. Death to Gatso cameras! ..  Confusion to speed humps!
Wonderful politically-incorrect cartoons for bikers. If you've never heard of Ogri you have a treat in store. (swear-o-phobes and Volvo drivers need not apply:)

Veteran Car Club of Great Britain  London- Brighton runners. ( I want a steam car!)

The Shuttleworth Collection. Old Warden, Biggleswade (how apt)  Large collection of vintage aircraft in flying condition.

Per Thomsen's Sprite/Midget site. Only in Danish but that doesn't matter too much as it's full of terrific pictures - quite a bit of supercharger information here too.
Our little knitted friends. Poetic of soul and technically competent with it. You must have spotted them by now...