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What is a 'Whizzer?
 A Whizzer is any vehicle land, sea or air borne which is deemed by the Association to be A Good Thing. The criteria for choice are many and varied but basically come down to taste (or prejudice). Thus Thrust SSC, Supermarine Spitfires or George's Go-Kart are all Splendid while A "MG" Maestro isn't.  Having said that, one of the few rules is no value judgements of relative merit. We all have different enthusiasms and irrational prejudices (see the Gentlemen and Cads feature for more insight) but we don't argue (much) over which is better.
It is all too easy to get elitist or competitive about our enthusiasms (indeed this is a problem with a great many car clubs) and lose sight of the fact that we are linked by the same broad area of interest. Therefore we put our individual prejudices aside and agree to differ. If we all liked and disliked the same things  we'd join a regular car club and probably get very bored or obsessive about things like whether the wheel nuts on that car are correct for the particular year.

Virtually all of us own several vehicles, generally including one or more "classic" (ie old) car or bike. We attend shows, race meetings and the inevitable autojumbles throughout the year, both in the UK and abroad.  The Events page contains the Events List which is updated from time to time. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy please check with the event organiser (not us!) before setting out. To publicise your event send us an Email...

If you found this page while looking for stuff relating to the American "Whizzer" cyclemotors then try If you like cyclemotors and Autocycles have a look at Peter's Excelsior Autobyk in the Garage or visit the National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club site.

If you are looking for parts then head for the Spares section for a virtual autojumble where the stalls are clean and it never rains. (You have to supply your own tea/ dodgy burgers though)
You'll also find features on the Land Speed Record (L.S.R.) and things like superchargers etc. just because I like them. Also accounts and photos from trips to places like Le Mans, Pike's Peak and Bonneville Salt Flats. The latest vanity page is dedicated to the Ashley Bonneville Midget. - the supercharged, lightweight, special-bodied car which I have been toiling over for the last few years.

Our favourite suppliers, restorers and websites are all listed in the Links page.

Oliver Postgate. 1925-2008

"Once upon a time, not so long ago, there were two overgrown boys called Oliver and Peter.
And Peter lived on a farm.
It was a rather unusual farm because it didn't grow any crops and there were no sheep or cows, but it was the home of Ivor the Engine, Noggin the Nog, the Clangers and of course Bagpuss.
And there they made the most beautiful, the most brilliant, funny old Small Films in the whole wide world or so we like to think. "    
- Oliver Postgate.