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RZB7.   RICHARD BURNS 2002 PEUGEOT SPORT DRIVER OVERALLS. These were made for the late World Champion by Sparco in 2002. They were for the RAC Rally round of the the WRC. Richard had moved to Peugeot after winning the World Championship the previous year with Subaru. Price £1,100


RW2.    1968 LONDON-SYDNEY MARATHON LAND CRAB OIL PAINTING. This was presented to Paddy Hopkirk,Tony Nash and Alec Poole for their 2nd place with the works Land Crab, SMO 226G. It shows them on the Australian section of the Marathon. The painting is oil on board and measures 26 x 40 inches. Price £975
RM23. INTERNATIONAL WELSH RALLY 1989 DRINKS COASTER.This is presumably made of Welsh slate.It has a cloth base and measures 3 1/4 inches in diameter. Price £20
     SP33.    CLUB RALLIART ADVENTURERS WRISTWATCH. This is an unused,boxed wristwatch, produced for Mitsubishi. It has a black face with second sweep hand and a red Velcro strap. Price £65
RE21.   BRITISH TRIAL & RALLY DRIVERS ASSOCIATION ANNUAL DINNER DANCE 1958. A brief menu, toasts and awards programme. The Ladies Silver Garter was won by Mrs. P. Mayman! Price £15
RC38.     ACROPOLIS RALLY 1984.An unusual time-zone clock, presented to competitors on this event. The digital clock has an additional rotating dial to calculate the various world time-zones. It is made of plastic and measures 4 x 6 inches. Price £80
       RC41.    LONDON-MEXICO RALLY 1995. An original,unused,competitors presentation wristwatch for this event. It is still in the original unopened box. The manufacturer, Verco,only made 200 of these watches. Each one has the competition number on the face of the watch together with a small rally plate.This one is number 13. Price £180

RC44.    LONDON SYDNEY MARATHON 1993. A competitors wristwatch from this event. It is un-worn and has the competition number 18 on the face.It also has its original pouch. Price £65




RC45.    LONDON SYDNEY MARATHON 1993. An unused window sticker for this event. It measures 3 1/2 x 3 1/4 inches. Price £10

R1.221.   COUPE DES ALPES 1969. An original book of invitations to cocktail events in the evenings, during the rally. Unused and with competition number 162 on each of the 4 invitations. Price£40

R1.222.    MONTE-CARLO RALLY BRITISH COMPETITORS CLUB 1961. An original membership card for member number 1416 ( no name ). Price £25 SOLD

R1.223.    MONTE-CARLO RALLY DRIVERS CLUB. An unused membership card for this exclusive club. Price £15 SOLD

R1.224.    RALLY BALTIC 1968. An unusual list of events in the rally, in the form of a fold out rally plate. Price £25

R1.226.    FIAT MIRAFIORI 1977. An unused decal for the 1977 champions. Price £5

R1.227.    LOMBARD RAC RALLY 1991. An unused decal for this event. Price £5

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