Formula One Memorabilia

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FO01.     GERHARD BERGER 1992 McLAREN HONDA SHOEI HELMET. An original helmet for the third year with McLaren. It has the number 5 painted on the back and I think this refers to the number provided by Shoei for the driver ,that year. It is in very good condition, but has a small amount of bobbling to the lining. Price £9,500

FO02.     EDDIE IRVINE 2002 JAGUAR RACING BIEFFE HELMET. Eddie changed his helmet design when he went to Jaguar and this is the result. It is signed on the top by him, dated 2002 and still has various plastic fixing attached for the audio and feeding tube for the driver. There is some bobbling to the lining. This is considered to be one of the best F1 helmet designs of all time. Price £9,500



FO03.    FELIPE MASSA 2FO04 SAUBER BELL HELMET.  This still has a tear-off attached and a few dead flies on it.The Bell decal on the back dates it as 2004-07. It also has some of the plastic fittings for the communication system and the metal bosses for the HANS device. There is quite a lot of bobbling to the lining. Price £9,500    

F004    JOHN WATSON 1979 McLAREN GPA HELMET. GPA had a different design with the bottom of the helmet hinged for ease of putting on. The paint design was by Doug Eyre and the helmet has an unusual visor mechanism. The helmet catch for the rear half of the helmet base has been broken at some time. Price £7,000

FO05.    NARAIN KARTHIKEYAN 2012 HRT BELL HELMET. This was his helmet during the 2012 season and is numbered 2012/02.It has some aerodynamic aids added to the basic shell and still has a visor tear-off strip attached. Price £7,000

FO06.     GERHARD BERGER 1991 McLAREN STAND 21 RACE SUIT. This original suit is about the heaviest I have ever known. It makes you appreciate the stress they put their bodies through. This McLaren suit is in good condition and has his name on the waistband . Price £6,000


FO07.     GERHARD BERGER 1997 BENETTON SPARCO RACE SUIT. A very colourful suit in good condition. It has his name on the waistband and inside on the collar. Price £5,500
FO08.     DAVID COULTHARD 1999 McLAREN SPARCO RACE SUIT. The West sponsorship made these suits very distinctive. His name is across the front and on the inside. It is in very good condition. Price £5,000

FO09.     DAVID COULTHARD 2000 McLAREN SPARCO RACE SUIT. Another West suit in good condition with his name on the front and inside. Price £5,000

    FO10.     DAVID COULTHARD 2001 McLAREN SPARCO RACE SUIT. This one has the unusual use of his first name as part of the suit design. This was a distinctive design and was also used for his team partner Alex Wurz. Price £5,750

FO11 .    ALEX WURZ 2001 McLAREN SPARCO RACE SUIT. This is the other half of the team that year, with "Alex" on the front and back. Price £5,750

FO12.     GIANCARLO FISICHELLA  2002 JORDAN SPARCO RACE SUIT. A very colourful one and signed by him on the chest, in felt tip pen. It also has his name on the leg. Price £4,750
FO13.     GIANCARLO FISICHELLA  2004 SAUBER RACE SUIT. This time it is a Puma suit who his name on the top of one leg. Price £4,750
  FO14.     JOHNNY HERBERT 1995 BENETTON SPARCO RACE SUIT. This was his only year with the Mild Seven team. The suit has his name on the waistband and is in good condition. Price £4,000
FO15.     CHRISTIAN KLEIN 2004 JAGUAR OMP RACE SUIT. This was his only year with Jaguar Racing. The suit is in very good condition and has his name on the waistband. Price $5,000

FO16.    ALEX ZANARDI 1999 WILLIAMS SPARCO RACE SUIT. A  very colourful one with the Winfield sponsorship. It is in good condition and has his name on the leg. Price £4,000

ZX14. LOTUS RENAULT F1 VIP PADDOCK PASS AND LANYARD. This is a current F1 item, although I don't think the pass will get you very far at the circuit. Worth a try though. Price £20

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