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A constantly changing collection of very rare and choice memorabilia and motoring books. 
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912.    LOLA Type 220 CANAM.  Technical specifications on Lola headed paper.  Two pages.  £20

911.    LOLA RACING CAR SPECIFICATIONS.  Total tech detail, foolscap typescript:
a.  Type 222 CanAm.  pp.3    £20
b.  Type 260 CanAm.  pp.2   £20
c.  Type 250 Super Vee.  pp.2    £10

f.   Type 240 F2/3/B/Atlantic.  pp.3  £15
g.  Type 324 Super Vee.  pp.2    £10
h.  Type 350 Formula 3.  pp.2    £10
i.   Type 360.  Formula Atlantic.  pp.2  £10
j.   Type 400.  F5000.  pp.2    £20

910.    FORD-COSWORTH.  First Ever Ford Formula 1 Engine.  1967.  Original press releases for DFV V8 on Ford headed paper.  2 pages of description.  8 pages of Walter Hayes speech detailing why Ford became involved with Cosworth in F1.  10 x 8 in photograph of Graham Hill with Ford Director, Harley Copp (shown)   £40

908.    ELVA MK. 8S Sports Racing Car. 1966. Maintenance and General Instructions. 5-sides foolscap typescript.  £30

907.    BRABHAM REPCO.  Press releases on headed typescript.
a.  Repco-Brabham Modifications for 1967 F1.  pp.3  £30
b.  Australia Builds Racing Engines for World Championship.  2-sides.  £25
c.  Third World Championship for Jack Brabham. 2-sides.  £30
d.  Brabham F1 Plans for 1967.  1-side.  £20
e.  Motor Racing Developments.  1969 racing activities.  £12

906.    M.G. AT INDIANAPOLIS.  1964.  BMC Competitions News Service.  Foolscap sheet on headed paper.  Detail of the ill-fated Kjell Qvale Indy entry.  £25

902.    JOHNNY LURANI / CRYSTAL PALACE.  1938 / 1988.  Christmas card 1988 with photos front and back of his Maserati upturned at Crystal Palace in 1938. 6.5 x 4.5 in.  £25

899.    TORQUE -- A Quarterly Review of Motoring Books.  1954.  Book collecting gossip.  Review of foreign magazines, review of Amateur Racing Driver by Cholmondley Tapper, The Le Mans Story by Fraichard, feature on specials racing in South Africa.  8.5 x 5.5 in.  pp. 40  £20
898.    BUGATTI OWNERS' CLUB.  Monte-Honiton-Carlo Rally.  June 12 1938.  Large format fold-out typescript results.  Won by C.I. Craig in a supercharged Bugatti.  16.5 x 12.5 in.  Folded for original mailing.   £30
897.    PHOENIX NEWS BULLETIN.  2-side single sheet typescript description and specification of 'Egypt's new performance car' -- 2-litre Type 2SR6 with news of  Le Mans entry in 1956.  13 x 9 in.  Folded for original mailing.  £40
895.    PEUGEOT (England) Ltd.  1928.  Three letters regarding spares etc. on company headed paper.  £20
887.    FERRARI and McLAREN COLOUR ART (Ickx and Hulme) on 1970 Christmas card from the President of the RAC de Cataluna.  8 x 5 in.  £40
886.    MASERATI 250F / ROB WALKER. Sideview art with Santa Claus pouring champagne into the perol tank. Christmas card from Rob Walker and signed by him. 8x5 in. £50
885.    CIRCUIT AUTOMOBILE DE MONTAGNE D'AUVERGNE.  1959.  Single-fold invitation to dinner and presentation at the French GP at Clermont Ferrand.  5 x 4 in.  £20
884.    HORSELESS CARRIAGE GAZETTE.  Christmas issue 1944.  1902 Tourist shown on cover -- it was a car made in California.  Photos, technical and social notes.  8.5 x 5.5 in.  pp.16  £30
874.    BUGATTI OWNERS' CLUB Christmas Card.  Unwritten with original envelope. 8 x 5.5in
a.  Side view basic colour artwork of Type 13 Brescia with brief description inside.  £15
b.  Side view basic colour artwork of 1910 Type 13.  'Alleged to have seen service on the battlefields in 1914-18 war, and to have been Bugatti's personal car'.  £20
873.    MOTOR SPORT CENTENARY WALL CHART.  1994. Comprehensively illustrated item for framing with a total of 121 photographs of cars drivers and races from 1894 to 1994.  All you ever wanted to know about the history of racing - including Indianapoplis, rallying, endurance racing, constructors, Gordon Bennett, city-to-city, etc.  One of these wall charts is framed and on display in the British Racing Drivers Club at Silverstone.  Folded for original mailing.  Opens to 24x34in.  £10
871.    FERRARI.  Driver postcards.  Colour factory publications for driver fanmail. Each £40.
a.  Alboreto, Arnoux and Ferrari. Facsimile signatures.  355/85
b.  Alboreto and Ferrari.  Facsimile signature.  356/85
c.  Arnoux and Ferrari.  Facsimile signature.  357/85
d.  Alboreto and Berger and Ferrari.  Facsimile signatures.  466/87

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868.    FIAT AND THE MOTOR RACES.  1901-1927.  Unusual Fiat Museum publication in English with a tipped-in photograph on each page of typescript.  17 photos in total covering all important Fiat racing cars.  Targa Florio, Italian GP, French GP, etc.  11x8in.  pp.18   £50
867.    FORD COSWORTH DFV GP ENGINE.  1967.  The original technical description of the DFV, photographs, specification.  Published by Ford.  11x8.5in. pp.8 £20
866.    HONDA-MARLBORO-McLAREN.  1992.  Colour promotional supplement with cover-fold poster of Ayrton Senna in McLaren.  Cutaways of car and engine, chart of season with track maps.  11x8in.  pp.12  £15
865.    FERRARI / FIORANO.  Original factory-published colour postcard showing aerial view of Ferrari test circuit.  465/87.  Pista de Fiorano.  £30
860.    JAGUAR LE MANS MEDIA GUIDE.  1990.  Amazingly detailed book giving total information on the World Sports Car Championship, concentrating on the history of Jaguar at Le Mans, details of cars and driver plus photos and details of all entries.  Ferrari F1 chief, Ross Brawn is shown as Jaguar Technical Director.  8.5 x 6 in.  Glossy.  Valuable marque reference.  pp.50 £35
855.    ARROWS F1.  1998.  Lavish, glossy colour pocket-book reference covering F1 and the Walkinshaw team that recently foundered and was sold.  7x4in. Spiral bound.  Total information on team and F1 in general.   £15
854.    ARROWS / TWR.  1998. Lavish, glossy illustrated invitation to join the Arrows GP International F1 Association.  Details of the team, the TWR group and the cars, drivers and race season.  8x8in.  pp.8  Tissue-faced.  £12
852.   HONDA F1 TURBOCHARGED V6 1.5-LITRE ENGINE.  SAE Technical Paper Series. 1989.  Total technical detail with photographs, graphs, technical drawings. English text.  11x8.5in.  pp.10    £25
850.    MGA / SUNBEAM ALPINE.  1962.  Unusual marque items, being a letter from the Experimental Department of Humber (Rootes) in Coventry plus a detailed 3-page foolscap typescript road test of an MGA in October 1959.  Single page comparison of performance figures between MGA and Alpine.  Road test of the MGA ends with the comment 'It is a far less refined car than the Alpine and is more tiring to drive for long distances.'  £35 
846.    AUTOMOBILE ART.  Catalogue of the James Barron Collection at Bethnal Green Museum.  1974.  Photographs, colour art of posters paintings, prints, drawings, mascots, models, etc.  Paris-Madrid Mors on cover.  8.5x6in. pp.40   £40
844.   MG / PERFORMING MIDGETS. 1952.  MG Co. published 2-part illustrated reprints of 'Autocar' features on modified MG TDs.  Photographs, cutaways, power graphs, supercharger details, etc.  11.5x8.5in.  Half folded for original filing.  pp.10  £35
841.    CLERMONT FERRAND '6-Heures d'Auvergne'.  1961.   Promotional folder. 3-fold, 6-side items.  Circuit photos.  Photo of  Ferraris and Porsches in Le Mans start.  Opens to 20 x 7 in. £20
840.    McLAREN CANAM.  1969 American Road Racing Calendar.  Mini-size folder from Inver House Scotch.  Cover photo of Denny Hulme leading in McLaren.  Opens to 5.5 x 3.5 in.  £20
839.    'ROVER' ALBUM OF MOTOR CARS.  1920s.  Mini size colour album of current cars, sideview in colour.  Art size approx. cigarette card size.  Alvis 12/50 to Wolseley 14 hp.  3 pages motor registration marks.  Car crests and badges. 4 x 3 in.  pp. 28  £40
837.     MG / JUDSON SUPERCHARGERS.  Illustrated promo card showing sideview of supercharger (40% faster acceleration).  MG TF shown fitted with Judson blower.  (No bubble on the hood is required).  American.  8.5 x 5.5 in.  £40
836.    ALFA ROMEO / FARINA.  B&w 'Fisher' art of Farina practising for the 1938 Swiss GP in V12 Alfa.  Note on reverse says art is by Walkden Fisher who also did centrepiece art for 'Eagle'.  7 x 6.5 in.   £20
835.    AUTO UNION / ALFA ROMEO.  B&w 'Fisher' art of Rosemeyer in Auto Union heading Nuvolari's  Alfa Romeo in 1936 Eifelrennen on Nurburgring.  Note on reverse says art is by Walkden Fisher who also did centrepiece art for 'Eagle'. 7 x 6.5 in.  £25
832.    HEADLIGHT PATENT.  1918.  Original patent papers filed by Messrs Truman Post and Clarence Des Jardins on a new headlight design.  2 pages description, 1 page of technical art.  11 x 7 in.  £15
829.    ANCIENS PILOTES DE GP.  Photo record of the 1987 gathering at Villars. Full listing of all members present.  Great group photographs including Gonzales, Fangio, Lurani, Shelby, de Graffenried, Moss, Maria Teresa de Fillipis, Phil Hill, Bondurant, Chinetti, et al.  French text description of event. Facsimile autographs on photo of Ascari in V12 Ferrari.  11.5 x 8.5 in.  25 single-side pages.  £65
826.    FERRARI LETTER.  Headed notepaper dated 15 Dicembre 1969 relating to mechanics Borsari, Pignatti and Bellentani.  Italian text typescript. 11 x 8.5 in.  £40
824.    EIFEL-RENNEN / NURBURGRING.  1955.  Miniature colour poster art showing single-seater chased by racing motorcycle.  Issued as a promotional item by Continental tyres with price list on reverse.  6 x 4.5 in.  Handsome little item.  £30
823.    MOTEUR GARDNER SERPOLLET.  1905-ish?  Handwritten instructions in French for the commencement of the steam car on the back of a La Havre cafe card. 5x3in.  Unusual.  £25
821.    MONTEVERDI.  55 Years of Monteverdi 1928-1982.  Peter Montiverdi's personal race record 1956-60 and photographs and details of all his road cars to date.  12 x 8 in.  Light vertical crease.  English and German.  pp. 16  £40
819.    1900 MICHELIN GUIDE.  All the detail you expect with town maps, restaurant, period motor ads, etc.  Pocket size 6 x 4 in.  I assume this is a reprint because it is so perfect.  Ideal for a tour with a veteran car.  pp. 400  £20
818.    MOTOR SPORT AND SHELL.  1965.  Action photos of Graham Hill in H16 BRM, Mike Hailwood on Yamaha, Surtees in Ferrari.  List of successes.  Company details.  10 x 8 in.  Double-fold 6-side item.  £15
816.    BRSCC SILVER JUBILEE.  Fancy Dress Ball.  London 1971.  Glossy prestige magazine style item.  Feature articles by Denis Jenkinson, John Bolster and others, trace the club history.  Fascinating.  Some pen marks.  11 x 8 in. pp. 26  £20
810.    MILLE MIGLIA.  1954 postcard showing 'La variante di Mantova nella XXI Mille Miglia' with course map from Cremona to Mantova and on to Brescia.  £45
805.    RAC Founder Members' Dinner menu.  1847-1947.  Art of Frederick Richard Simms on cover.  Ribbon tied.  Wines included 1929 Chambertin, 1928 Louis Roederer.  1811 Leon Croizet with the coffee...  10 x 7.5 in.  £15
804.   WAR OFFICE 1916.  Driver's Permit.  Authorization card to drive 'a motor car, lorry or bicycle when on Government duty.'  4.5 x 3.5 in.  £12

803.    MONACO GRAND PRIX POSTCARDS.  Monochrome.  Mint and original. Postally unused.  Each card:  £10

1950   winner Fangio on podium with Prince Rainier
1950    full field climbing to the Casino with Maserati leading Ferrari

1956    winner Moss on podium with Prince Rainier
1956    start of race, Fangio, Moss and Castellotti
1958    driver meeting: Bonnier, Allison,Collins, Hill & Trintignant
1959    start shot with Brabham (Cooper), Behra (Ferrari) Moss (Cooper)
1959    candid head and shoulders shot of Jack Brabham in a natty cardigan
1960 Moss (Lotus) and Brabham (Cooper) both sideways out of wet hairpin

1961   Stirling Moss on royal box steps with winner's trophy
1962    Bruce McLaren cockpit closeup in winning Cooper
1963    G. Hill (BRM) leads Jim Clark (Lotus) and Richie Ginther (BRM)

1964    Graham Hill on royal box steps with winner's trophy
1965    Graham Hill at speed in BRM V8 at Tabac
1966    Jackie Stewart in BRM V8, closeup action

797.    FERGUSON R5 ROAD CAR.  Company published, spiral bound item including an original b&w 10 x 8in photograph.  Detailed technical description in 20 single-side typescript pages.  £65
796.    FERGUSON R5 ENGINE.  1965.  Glossy Ferguson company reprint of detailed illustrated technical description from 'Automobile Engineer'.  Photographs and cutaways of the flat-four  engine.  12 x 8in.  pp. 12  £40
795.    BROOKLANDS.  1985.  Excellent illustrated coverage of cars, planes, motorcycles and cycle racing at Brooklands.  Great period photographs. 9 x 7in.  pp. 36  £18
792.    BRITISH AUTOMOBILE RACING CLUB.  1963.  Illustrated come-on book for prospective club members.  Aston Martin DBR1 photo on cover.  Race photographs.  Club regalia, etc.  £10
788.    FORD ENTHUSIAST'S CLUB.  c1939.  Folder describing the formation of a sporting club, with Sydney Allard and K.N. Hutchinson as the founders. Unusual marque item.  Not illustrated.  Small tear at top corner. 8 x 5in. £15
787.    1955 INTERNATIONAL SPORTING CALENDAR. Pocket sized book listing all the races, rallies, hill climbs, auto shows, international racing colours, details of European racing circuits -- even a chart of best French wines! 5 x 3in.  pp. 21  £15
782.    STEWART GRAND PRIX.  Elaborate keyring and clip with enamelled fob: 'STEWART Grand Prix', the Ford oval and a flash of the Stewart tartan. Souvenir of the 3-time world champion's effort at fielding his own F1 team. £15 
781.    McLAREN.  Leather keyfob with enamelled Kiwi shield lettered: McLaren Motor Racing Team.  Re-issued by the Bruce McLaren Trust some years ago. Originally designed by artist Michael Turner, based on the shape of the British Racing Drivers' Club badge, featuring a Kiwi against a chequered background, and a single-seater in profile. £22
780.    TERETONGA.  Brass keyfob issued as a limited edition for the first race of the millenium in 2000 on the world's southernmost race track near Invercargill in New Zealand.  Next stop Antarctica.  The track shape is outlined against a chequered background and lettered:  Teretonga Park N.Z. Classic Speed Fest.  2 3/4-inches long with split ring.  £15
776.   EL GRAFICO.  1940.  South American sports magazine with the first cover colour photograph of Juan-Manuel Fangio with 24 pages of text and photographs of Fangio winning his first major race in his Chevrolet coupe - The Gran Premio Internacional del Norte.  9x12in.  50 pages.  Excellent original condition.  £75
773.    ELF / TYRRELL Elf Team Tyrrell embroidered patch. From mechanics overalls etc. Used but fairly clean! 43 x 165 mm £20
771.    GULF GOES RACING.  1972  Promotional leaflet/ poster for Gulf Racing's Programme in 1972. History, Pictures and details of Le Mans, Indy and Can-Am cars and profiles of Gulf- sponsored drivers Peter Revson, Jackie Stewart, Denny Hulme, Derek Bell and Gijs Van Lennep. signed (in very '70s green felt tip!) by Van Lennep. Original 4- fold item 16.5 x 21 in. £35
770.    LETTS MOTOR RACING DIARY 1962. Traditional Letts tiny format diary includes a summary of the  formula changes for each year 1906- 1961,  Drivers world Championship events, BRDC and BRSCC awards, Rally and hillclimb championships, Data on Grand Prix, Sports Car and Rally results, Land Speed Record,  plans of British circuits, FIA rules plus UK maps and photographic plates of racing cars in action. 
The diary section is almost unused except for a few pencil entries by the original owner, M. Eastwood who used it mainly to record his Game hunting successes. There are a few entries in ink for such things as "Ecurie Ecosse Dinner", "Royal Scottish Auto Club Dinner" and "Jaguar Apprentices M/C Celebrity Dinner/ Meet Loftie (sic) England in his Office"  In very good condition complete with its little pencil. Leatherette covers 3 x 4 in. £25
767.    INNES IRELAND Christmas Card.  Fine b&w photo portrait of Innes, looking left, goggles at throat.  This is a special item as the photo was taken of Innes over the first Grand Prix weekend Watkins Glen in 1961 when he won the first Grand Prix for Team Lotus.  This is a personal greetings card from the U.S. motor racing photographer and historian, Charles Lytle, and signed by him on the face of the small card.  Card mount 8 x 12cm, portrait photo 4 x 4.5cm.  Fascinating item.  £45
765.    JAGUAR V12 ENGINE: Its Design and Development History. Institute of Mechanical Engineers Motor Show lecture from 27 October 1971 by Harry Mundy.  Magazine format with numerous cutaway diagrams, photographs etc. A4 format 14 pp.  £35
762.    GILLES VILLENEUVE  Limited edition (number 1366) postcard. front artwork shows Villeneuve portrait behind race Ferrari photo with the legend "Gilles Lives".  Stamped with special San Marino GP postmark. 24.4.93 but not written on. Mint condition. 6x 4 in.  £25
761.    INNES IRELAND Medical certificate  certifying the holder as "fit to drive a car in Road and Circuit races" Valid for 1960.  £40
756.    BRISTOL REVIEW Summer 1952 vol. II, No. 7  Company Magazine containing illustrated articles on Aero engines, Bristol Car and Engine racing successes, even the company sports day!  Cover photo shows Mike Hawthorn "in his Cooper-Bristol touring back to the pits immediately after winning the Sussex International Trophy at the Goodwood Whitsun meeting" 7x9 in.  pp. 42  £30
755.    SHELL/ BP "Performance is Proof"  Achievements book from 1934. Illustrations of races from Brooklands to Monza, Aviation feats and motor cycling successes.  Includes fold- out illustrated map of the I.O.M. TT course.  spiral bound, card covers, 8x10 in. pp.82  £50
748.    BRISTOL ENGINES, 50 Years of.  1970.  Rolls-Royce publication on Bristol Aero engines from poppet and sleeve valve engines of the 1920s to the Olympus 593 jets in the (then experimental) Concorde.  B&w illustrations of engines and aircraft.  Spiral bound, soft covers.  pp.39    £55
740.    BRITISH ROAD RACING  John Dudley. 1950. Profusely illustrated account of racing in Britain. Includes chapters on historical development, British cars such as ERA, Alta, Cooper, Bond, HRG, Rover, OBM and BRM, Foreign cars such as Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, Bugatti, Talbot-Lago, Cisitalia, Simca-Gordini and Veritas and British circuits such as Silverstone, Goodwood, Blandford, Jersey and Douglas. Published by Ian Allan in theUK. Softback 8.5 in x 5.5 in pp.56 £30
738.    L'AUTOMOBILE. SPECIALE TAZIO NUVOLARI MUSEO.  Journal of 'Automobile Club Mantova' from 10 October 1985. 8 x 10 in magazine format. Full of illustrations from Nuvolari's career. Italian text. pp.16 £30
734.    FLEMINGS GORDON BENNETT TRIALS. 1994. Souvenir brochure produced by Flemings investment bank, Isle of Man. Reproductions of original articles from motoring journals of the 1900s, articles on the trials, Gordon Bennett, map of the 1904 course etc. Large number of period illustrations. A4 size softback.  pp36 £45
733.    500th GRAND PRIX.  A pair of commemorative engraved wine glasses in a presentation box, produced for the 1990 Australian Grand Prix.  £50 plus fragile packing and post.
731.    BMC: Britain's Biggest Motor Concern.  1961.  Soft-cover, ring-bound brochure describing BMC's activities worldwide.  Full colour illustrations show car manufacture, new factories, export activities, rally and record-breaking competition successes.  13.5 x10in.  pp24  £50
730.    OWEN ORGANISATION Research Facilities & Services.  1963.  Brochure produced to list the company's engineering laboratories, libraries, design services, etc., available to industry.  5x8in.  pp.12 £10
729.    YARDLEY-BRM Grand Prix Racing Guide.  1970.  Large format (9.5 x14in) folder containing separate illustrated leaflets (one missing) covering the 1970 championship (first half of the season results pre-printed).  Top driver profiles, 1970 GP car cutaway, GP driving, Top cars, GP history, etc.  Slight fade marks to back cover otherwise good original marque racing item.  £60
724.    MOBIL HIP FLASK with fitted cup.  Unused in original presentation box.  Flask is just under 5 in high and 4 in wide.   £25
720.    FERRARI SUPER AMERICA.  Large scale (11in long) Japanese tinplate toy with fabulous patina (or faded and bashed about, if you prefer).  Friction drive, missing one plastic rear light and one headlight cowl (the other is broken) and rear wndow.  Evocative and ripe for restoration.  £155.
707.    SPEED WITH STYLE. The Autobiography of Peter Revson. Peter Revson with Leon Mandel. Biography of the American driver which was written just before his fatal crash in South Africa, rather like Mike Hawthorn's 'Champion Year' being published after he had been killed in a road accident. Hardback with very good dustwrapper (slight rubbing at corners)  Illustrated US first edition.  6x9 in approx. pp.221 £50
706.    MG K3 Racing Model / Supplementary Instructions.  8 pages of thin but legible photo copy with full technical details, photographs, drawings, power graph. Unusual marque item.    £10
696.    BRUCE McLAREN - The Man and His Racing Team.  1971.  UK first edition.  Eoin Young.  I can highly recommend this profile of Bruce and his company!  Excellent dustwrapper.  AUTOGRAPHED BY AUTHOR.  pp.215  £75
695.    JAMES HUNT - Against All Odds.  1977.  Eoin Young.  James talks about the 1976 season when he won the World Championship for McLaren.  Hardback with excellent dustwrapper.    pp.176   £30
678.    BRM/The Development of the Rover-BRM.  Peter Spear (BRM) and Noel Penny (Rover).  1964.  Illustrated paper to the Automotive Engineering Congress in Detroit.  Background to the Le Mans prospect, total technical details. Photographs, technical drawings, charts, etc.  SIGNED ON COVER BY PETER SPEAR. 11 x 8.5in.  pp.30    £40
677.    MARLBORO-McLAREN -FERRARI MONACO Dinner Menu. 1995. Amazing original unused item with cover portrait  photographs of Mika Hakkinen and Nigel Mansell with their McLaren and Gerhard Berger and Jean Alesi with the '95 Ferrari. This became an instant collector's item when Mansell quit the team after just two races on the eve of the Monaco Grand Prix and never graced the dinner! Titled GRAND PRIX MONACO 1995.  £20
672.    NEW ZEALAND MOTORSPORT NOSTALGIA. 1989 Glossy Illustrated sepia magazines. No. 1 covers New Zealand racing in 1949 including the first Wigram race, hillclimbs and beach racing. Season results. 
No. 2 covers the 1950 season with Roycroft hillclimbing, the GP at Ohakea airfield, 2nd Wigram. 12 x 8in. Each 24 pages. As new and as a pair. £30.
668.    BROOKLANDS.  1957.  Two detailed typescript press releases from Vickers-Armstrong on headed paper describing the unveiling of the 'Brooklands 1907-1939' memorial and the cars that will be on parade.  £20
667.    BRM / Owen Racing Organisation.  August 1955. Original foolscap typescript 2-page press release describing the new 2.5 litre car. "If the Grand Prix of Barcelona is run later in the season, it is aimed to have two cars there, driven by Peter Collins and Ron Flockhart" £20.
665.    JENSEN.  1946.  New-car description of the 4-litre.  Cutaway drawings, photographs.  Full detail.  4-side single-fold item.  £10
664.    JENSEN CARS FOR 1958.  Typescript Jensen Motors 5-page foolscap issued October 1957.  541 'R' and full range described.  £20
663.    JENSEN - Artists of the Motor Car.  A history of Jensen Motors Ltd.  Typescript, 3 foolscap pages.  No date but mentions Interceptor in closing passage.   Plus 1967 single-page feature on Jensen progress by Douglas Armstrong.   £15
658.    "GRAHAM".  c1972.  Typescript Final Draft Film script on Graham Hill. 12 x 8.5in.  42 pages.  Quotes include Princess Grace, Prince Rainier. Rob Walker, Colin Chapman, Jackie Stewart, Paul Newman, Bette Hill, Stirling Moss, etc. Fascinating. £175
656.    1966.  THE OWEN ORGANISATION B.R.M. Grand Prix Racing Car.  A.F. Rivers-Fletcher.  Owen organisation publication.  Revised uprated BRM history to include the H16 and Jackie Stewart's Monaco win in the Tasman V8. Photographs of Hill, Stewart, Spence, Attwood.  Chapter on engine development.  7.5 x 5in.  pp.40  £40
655.    1966.  SOME ASPECTS OF MOTOR RACING RESEARCH.  Peter Spear and Tony Rudd.  Owen Organisation publication.  Detailed illustrated glossy treatise on the
technicalities as exercised by BRM.  Written by the team's chief engineers. Photographs, technical charts.  9.5 x 6in.  pp.50   £45
654.    BRM -- "Development of the Owen Organisation's BRM H-16 Formula 1 Racing Engine."  A.C. (Tony) Rudd.  a 9-page illustrated paper delivered to a Symposium on Transport Engines of Exceptionally High Specific Output for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in Nottingham.  September 1968. Photographs and performance chart.  Total technical detail by the Chief Engineer of BRM.  11 x 8.5in.  pp.9  £40
653.    1969.  B.R.M. LIGHTWEIGHT H16 ENGINE.  Owen Organisation BRM Press Release on headed paper describing the lighter version of the heavyweight H16 3-litre.  Dated February 1969.  2 pages.  £35
652.    1969.  RE-ORGANISATION OF B.R.M.  Owen Organisation BRM Press Release on headed paper.  February 1969.  Chief Engineer and Team Manager:  Tony Rudd. No. 1 Driver:  John Surtees.  No. 2 Driver:  Jack Oliver.  Single sheet. £25
651.    BRITISH RACING MOTORS ASSOCIATION.  c1950.  Typescript letter giving details of membership, sets of photographs available, plus the new car badge "which will shortly become available"   Single sheet. £15
650.    HOW TO FORM A BRANCH OF THE B.R.M.A.  c1950.  Foolscap typescript.  2 pages. 'It is believed that you and every patriotic Britisher will welcome the opportunity to associate yourselves with the B.R.M...'   £35
646.    GRAHAM HILL. Illustrated card swinger with string tie.  'The Graham Hill Appeal'.  Art of his helmet.  Circular 2.5 in.  B&w photograph 5 x 3.5in of Hill in helmet.  £25


Rare early b&w factory portrait photographs of drivers, some with facsimile signatures.All official Ferrari factory cards unless stated.
Mario Andretti. Facsimile signature, Sponsors listed on reverse.  £65
Jacky Ickx, (smiling) Facsimile signature.  Sponsor details. £55
Jacky Ickx,  (more serious) Facsimile signature.  Sponsor details. £55

Arturo Merzario, (sports shirt)   Facsimile signature.  Sponsor details.       £55
Arturo Merzario, (overalls)  Facsimile signature.  Sponsor details.       £55

Later colour cards. driver portraits. All official Ferrari factory cards with prancing horse logo and other details on the reverse.
Carlos Reutemann,  (portrait) Facsimile signature on front,Sponsors listed on reverse. £45
Carlos Reutemann, (sitting in car) Facsimile signature on front,Sponsors listed on reverse. £45
Niki Lauda,  Facsimile signature on front,Sponsors listed on reverse. £45
Michele Alboreto and race car. Card no. 421/86 Facsimile signature on front, Sponsors listed on reverse. £30
Stefan Johansson and race car. Card no. 420/86 Facsimile signature on front, Sponsors listed on reverse. £30

Factory issued cards of drivers and cars. All official Ferrari factory cards with prancing horse logo and other details on the reverse.

Michele Alboreto and car. Card no.292/83   £30
Rene Arnoux and car. No card no.     £30

Patrick Tambay and car. No card no.   £35
Arnoux & Alboreto and car. Card no.332/84   £30
Rene Arnoux and car. (blue background) Card no.357/85   £30

Stefan Johansson waving by car. Card no. 362/85   £30
Alboreto & Arnoux both looking at car. Card no.355/85
Pista Di Fiorano (Ferrari test track) Card no. 465/87   £20
Michele Alboreto and car. (blue background) Card no.362/85   £30
Michele Alboreto with foot on car. Card no.423/86   £30
Alboreto and Berger standing behind car. Card no.466/87   £25
Nigel Mansell driving car on track. Card no.574/89   £25
Gerhard Berger & Nigel Mansell and car. Card no.544/89   £30
Prost & Mansell (shaking hands rarther gingerly over car) Card no. 597/90

Not official Ferrari factory cards. Mainly produced by sponsors etc.
Ristorante "Cavallino", Maranello.  £10
Jody Scheckter. Italian Brooklyn chewing gum sponsor's card.Facsimile signature.   £20
Scheckter& Villeneuve. Sint 2000 sponsor's card from 1979. Facsimile signatures and record of Drivers' and constuctors' victories in '79 on back.
Phil Hill in Tipo 156. British postcard with ORIGINAL SIGNATURE OF PHIL HILL in felt pen.  £80

Dino Ferrari pulling out of pitlane. Italian postcard. No markings on back.   £15
Ferrari P-3 on track. Italian postcard. No markings on back.  £15

641.    MERCEDES BENZ 1939.  15.2.39.  Factory published technical specifications of all production models including the Typ 500, the supercharged 540K and the 7.7-litre Grosser.  Two-side single-sheet item.  German text.  12 x 8.5in.  £30
640.    MERCEDES-BENZ 1939.  17.2.39.  Sammelpreisliste.  4-side, single fold booklet.  Price details of all versions of all models including the Typ 500, the 540 Kompressor and the 7.7-litre Grosser Mercedes.  6 x 4in.  £30
638.    LOTUS.  1964.  Indianapolis 500.  Detailed single-sheet release on Lotus England headed paper relating to the "erroneous impression" about Jimmy Clark's Dunlop puncture in the "500"  12 x 8.5in.  £45
634.    BROOKLANDS BULLETIN.  July 1936.  4-side single fold item.  "Brooklands has been Sold"  To whom?  Doesn't say, just announces sale.  Diary notes include "A competitor went over the top of the Byfleet Banking at nearly 100mph during a recent Wednesday meeting - and got away with it, except for two small bones broken in his wrist and a few thorns having taken a liking to his flesh."  8 x 5in.  Illustrated with BARC and Aero Club badges.  £30
633.    BROOKLANDS ADVICE.  March 1936.  Folder listing suggestions and action from the General Meeting if Members held on January 11, 1936.  Includes better toilet arrangements for Ladies, a Leader Board for Mountain races, and Loudspeakers in the Railway Enclosure.  10 x 8in.  Half-folded for original mailing.  Illustrated with BARC badges.  £30
630.    BRISCOE CAR CATALOGUE.  1916.  Illustrated fold-out item.  A New Zealand publication illustrating a tourer and a 3-seater Sporting Model.  Agents listed as Dexter & Crozier, Auckland and Christchurch.  Letters of appreciation from New Zealand owners.  Opens to 22.5 x 9in.  5-fold item.  Light staining to extreme edge.  £65
627.    YARDLEY McLAREN 1972 action colour photo art of Peter Revson and Denis Hulme in M19 McLarens at speed at Race of Champions, Brands Hatch.  SIGNED BY DENIS HULME AND PETER REVSON.  30 x 20in.  Excellent condition on heavy gloss paper.  Horizontal format.  £400
626.    BUGATTI.  Original unused Bugatti Owner's Club Christmas card featuring Gordon Horner 1952 art of the 1938 Type 57SC Bugatti with Corsica coachwork.  5.5 x 5in.  £15
624.    B.R.M.  1955.  Letter on headed paper (featuring V16 art and ORMA badge) from Rivers Fletcher regarding an enquiry for chassis numbers of the early cars in racing. Typescript page attempting to explain V16s No. 1 and No. 2 in  1950, then the Mk II cars No. 4 and No. 5 in 1954.  Plus 4 sheets of events in which the BRMs ran 1950-1955 and their results.  £60
623.    MOTOR-RACING DRIVERS PAST AND PRESENT.  1956.  A collection of colour caricature artwork by Sallon of all the major racing personalities in the 1950s.  Heavy art paper with a caricature per page and ideal for breaking and framing.  In  fact this example is near mint and a rarity since most copies have been broken up.  Wire spiral binding.  68 in total.  Includes:  Abecassis, W.O. Bentley, Tony Brooks, Colin Chapman, George Eyston, Mike Hawthorn, Raymond Mays, Reg Parnell, Ken Wharton, etc.  10 x 8in.  Original plastic cover.  £65

617.    THE JOHN L. GODDARD COLLECTION.  1984.  Hardback illustrated auction catalogue of 'Jumbo' Goddard's collection of classic and vintage cars, automobilia, marine,
  instruments, clocks and steam.  Cars include the D-Type Jaguar OKV1 driven to second place at Le Mans by Duncan Hamilton in 1954.  'Jumbo' had the D-type modded for touring, pre-dating Jaguar's own XKSS which was a road-equipped version of the D-Type when the racing version became outclassed.  10.5 x 7.5in.  pp.64  £45

611.    1961 DUNLOP SUCCESSES IN WORLD MOTOR  RACING.  This is the illustrated achievements book covering the season when Ferrari and Phil Hill won the World Championship.  Detail and photographs of each GP.  Detail of Moss winning at Monaco and the Nurbrurgring.  Also Ferrari and Hill/Gendebien winning at Le Mans.  Dunlop achievement books are the rarest of all.This one is in excellent condition with clean unmarked pages and just a light vertical crease to the cover  10 x 7in.  pp.32  £65

GERHARD BERGER.  BMW Motorsport Director.  Teams, races and successes listed.  Colour portrait of Berger.  SIGNED BY BERGER.  8.5 x 4in folder.  £40

Williams- BMW promotional card.  Colour photo of car and Jan Magnussen's portrait and signature on reverse.  6x6in.  £20

LUCIANO BURTI colour portrait on Stewart Racing card with career details on reverse.  Burti is now Ferrari's test driver.  8 x 6in.  SIGNED BY BURTI in felt-tip.    £30

609.    WHY DENNIS -- AND HOW.  Twelvetrees / Squire.  1945.  Business history of car and commercial vehicle company in Guildford, Surrey.  Illustrated.  Handcut pages.  Original dustwrapper.  Rare title in excellent condition.  pp.106   £75
602.    OSCA/ VILLORESI - Detailed history of OSCA MT4 Chassis 1101.  Diary-type detail from April 5, 1948 to Villoresi's race win on September 9, 1948. pp.3 £20
599.    BOSCH / Developments During the War in Automotive Ignition Particularly by the Firm of Robert Bosch, G.m.b.H. Stuttgart.  British Intelligence Objective Sub-Committee.  Report No. 947.  1947.   Technical details, drawings, photographs.  From the same series as the Government report series on German Grand Prix cars.  pp.46    £50
598.    NARDI.  B&w photograph, frontal view of the Italian rear-engined Formula Junior car.  c1961.  Works photo.  7x5 in.  £25
595.    MERCEDES-BENZ/ Goering's Bullet-Proof Car.  Descriptive folder with car illustrated on cover.  'Captured by the British Army and Exhibited for the Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmens' Families Association.'  8.5 x 5.5 in.  pp.4  £45
593.    ALFA ROMEO DRIVER PHOTOGRAPHS.  Portrait shots.  Karl Kling and Piero Carini.  5.5 x 3.5 in.  The pair:  25
592.    1955 MONACO GRAND PRIX.  This was the only Grand Prix of the season that Mercedes did NOT win.  It was also the race where Ascari's Lancia plunged into the harbour.  These item offered are from the files of Raymond Baxter, as a journalist covering the event 47 years ago.

b.  Typescript official lists of practice times over 3 days, starting grid. 4 pages.  £40
c.  4 pages of detailed lap charts covering the progress of each car in the race.  £50
d.  Detailed race notes written on back covers of the official 1955 Monaco Grand Prix regulations booklet.  Example:  "80th lap.  Moss into pits on fire & Ascari missing".  'Missing' has been crossed-out and replaced by 'in drink at chicane'. £50

590.    B.R.M. - The 1960 Rear-engined BRM. Illustrated publicity folder from the Owen Organisation. Photo of Alfred Owen with the V16 and the new rear-engined car. Cutaway across centre spread. Reprint from MOTOR, September 1960.   £30
588.    1952 SHELL GUIDE TO EUROPEAN MOTOR RACING.  Illustrated achievements book with photos of all the top cars including Gonzales winning the British GP to give Ferrari their first championship GP win.  Jaguar and Aston at Le Mans, plans of all the circuits.  4 x 6.5in.  pp.48  £35
587.    1952 SHELL GUIDE TO EUROPEAN MOTOR CYCLE RACING.  As above but for two-wheelers.  Includes Duke on Norton, Doran on AJS "Porcupine", Eric Oliver on sidecar, plans of all the circuits including Isle of Man.  4 x 6.5in.  pp.48   £35
580.    ROVER - PIONEERS SINCE 1878.  From the Bicycle to the Automotive Gas Turbine.  Brief illustrated history of the company.  Line drawings.  8x6in.  pp.12   £25
579.    AUSTIN CARS.  1906.  Preliminary Circular.  Line drawings of the different models with specifications.  Art of factory "where the Austin cars will be made."  This facsimile of the original booklet was produced for a Veteran Car Club rally to the factory in 1948.  Fine marque item.  8.5 x 5.5in.  Card covers.  pp.12   £35
577.    FERGUSON Excerpts from an Address by Mr. Harry Ferguson to an International Food Conference at Ford-Ferguson Field, Bethesda, Maryland.  1943. Promoting the Ferguson tractor and its hydraulic equipment. Card covers.  Glossy.  Photos.  11 x 8.5in  pp.42    £45
576.    1955 MILLE MIGLIA.  The famous 1000-mile race won by Moss and Jenkinson in the works Mercedes 300SLR.  Original items of race documentation, each dated.  XXII Mille Miglia.  "Coppa Franco Mazzotti".  These official pages are numbered but they are not a complete set.  They are rare just for their existence at all!  Each 9 x 11.5 in.  Each has a map of the course inset.

1.  Communicato n. 4 "All'approvazione della CSAI il regolamento della XXII Mille Miglia."  Gennaio 1955.  £50

2.  Communicato n. 5 "Notizie sulla XXII Mille Miglia:  la Categoria turismo di serie speciale."  Gennaio 1955.  £50

3.  Communicato n. 6 "Una Speciale Classifica Per Vetture con Carrozzeria Aperta." Gennaio 1955.  £50

4.  Communicato n. 15 "I primi cinquanta iscritti alla XXII Mille Miglia."     Aprile 1955.  entry list of top 50.   £70 SOLD

5.  Communicato n. 18 "Oltre cinquecento iscritti alla XXII Mille Miglia."   Aprile 1955   £50

6.  Ufficio Stampa.  Per Ricordare "Clemente Biondetti" una lapide sul Passo della Futa. 6 Aprile 1955.  Club MM badge illustrated. £60

7.  Shell Italiana.  2 copies of fuel supply sheets issued to HEALEY.   28.4.55.  As a pair:  £50

8.  Voucher for "Whisky Haig".  Map of Mille Miglia course inset.  5.5 x 4.5 in.  XXII Mille Miglia.  £35

9.  Official Automobile Club Brescia postcard showing the course of the race.  Dated  1955.  £60

574.    DAN GURNEY/ LOTUS NASSAU TROPHY.  1961.  'Nassau Guardian'  newspaper (complete) with cover story "It's Handsome Dan- Gurney breaks own record of last year to win Trophy Race. 90.796 mph in English Lotus" Full race report on inside pages. £20
565.    FERRARI / STEWART.  Action colour tinted photo of frantic Ferrari pitstop for Jackie Stewart in the 1000km race at Brands Hatch.  Rear view of the car.  How many Ferrari drives did JYS have?  Maybe just this one?   8x5 in.  £20
564.    ESSO RACING ACHIEVEMENTS BOOKLET.  1955.  Before advertising was allowed on racing cars, the oil companies publicised their involvement with success by publishing these rare illustrated annuals.  Art of bob-tailed Cooper and Manx Norton on cover.  Reg Parnell / Aston, Salvadori / Aston, Ivor Bueb / Cooper bobtail, Colin Chapman / Lotus, Michael Anthony / Lotus, Jim Russell / Cooper, etc.  8x5 in.  pp.24    £65
562.    BP RACING ACHIEVEMENTS.  1964.  Covers each GP with Cooper, Rob Walker,  Parnell Racing, Honda, Brabham, McLaren.  Rallying.  Motorcycle racing / Hailwood.  8 x 5.5 in.  pp.38  £45
560.    MERCEDES 300SL / 1955 SPANISH GP.  Mercedes archive b&w photograph of the start  with two 300SLs leading from a pair of  Jaguar XK coupes.  Captioned on back.  8.5 x 5.5 in.  £40
559.    AULD DRUITT'S ALMANAC 1960.  Illustrated booklet of season predictions by BP racing manager, Dennis Druitt.  Rob Walker/Moss, BRM, Aston  Martin, Yeoman Credit, Centro Sud, Porsche/Moss F2, Camoradi Maserati Birdcage.  Group photo of Denny Hulme and George  Lawton getting NZ Driver to Europe award. 8.5 x 5.5 in.  pp.16  £55
554.    FERODO MOTORSPORT HISTORIC HIGHLIGHTS.  1971.  Illustrated coverage of 1970 races giving results, but also the historic background details to the race and the circuit.  Bugatti art on cover.  Unusual.  Good reference. 12 x 8 in. pp.16   £35
548.    BMW DRIVER POSTCARDS.  B&w BMW factory fanmail driver portrait postcards c1970.  Chris Amon, Gunnar Nilsson, Ronnie Peterson, Dieter Quester. Unwritten original factory items.   As a set of 4:  £40
547.    AUTO UNION / HANS STUCK.  B&w BMW factory postcards published when the pre-war Auto Union GP works driver was winning the 1960 German hillclimb championship in a BMW Spyder.  3/4 front of Auto Union GP at speed, same card with Stuck portrait inset, 3/4 front of Stuck's Auto Union making pitstop at Tripoli, Stuck hillclimbing in BMW works competition Spyder, Hans Stuck portrait.  As a set of 4 original unwritten German text cards:  £25
545.    MERCEDES / ASCAR I / KLING. B&W photograph of Alberto Ascari with his hand on the shoulder of Karl Kling sitting in the cockpit of the Mercedes-Benz streamliner on the grid of the 1954 French GP.  SIGNED BY KARL KLING.  7x5in £95
542.    MERCEDES 300SL / ROB WALKER. Christmas card with Brockbank cartoon of Rob Walker in speeding 300SL. SIGNED:  ROB WALKER.  Mike Hawthorn crashed fatally just after passing Walker in his 300SL on the Guildford Bypass in 1959.  9 x 4in.  £65
536.    INDIANAPOLIS / LOU MEYER. 1934.  Sepia photograph of three Indy 500 driver portraits:  1932 winner Fred Frame, 1933 winner Lou Meyer and Rex Mays. SIGNED BY LOU MEYER who won the 500 mile race three times.  8 x 5in.  £75
531.   BUGATTI  TYPE 35 Key ring.  Three-quarter front view of car in relief.  Bugatti oval badge in relief on reverse.  Original unused item in original French titled plastic packet.  I think this key ring was produced for the Bugatti centenary some years ago.  Handsome piece.  1.5  inch diameter.  £25
530.    BROOKLANDS AUTOMOBILE RACING CLUB.  Colour enamel lapel pin with stud fixing.  Miniature of the Brooklands car badge with two period cars racing under the bridge on the banking. Lettered:  'B.A.R.C. Brooklands.'  Unused in original plastic display box.  1 inch deep by 1.25  inches across the wingtips.  £30
527.    ROVER 2000 prestige glossy colour sales catalogue.  Covers the SC, sporting TC and the SC Automatic.  8x 12in.  pp.16   £22
526.    BMW 2002 and 2002 tii prestige glossy colour sales catalogue.  Full technical specifications, photographs, fold-out, cutaways.  The tii was the rare competition version.  8x 11.5in.  pp.18  £30
524.    JOCHEN RINDT/ F2 BRABHAM art on colour promotional leaflet for 1970 European Trophy race at Tulln-Langenlebarn.  6x 8in.  £30
523.    COSWORTH V8 FOR VICTORY. 1977.  Detailed statistical booklet detailing 100 Ford-Cosworth GP wins 1967-1977.  Actually covers the full F1 championship with photos of drivers and cars.  Profile on engine designer, Keith Duckworth  Lotus, Matra, Tyrrell, McLaren, Brabham and Wolf shown on cover. 5.5x 4in.  pp.52    £15
520.    JAGUAR D-TYPE ANNIVERSARY DINNER/ LE MANS.  1950-1996.  Official racing menu. Cord tied.  Le Moulin de Villeray 16 June 1996.  List  of Jaguar Le Mans victories from 1951 listed on back cover.  Nice rare marque item.  6x 8in. £35
518.    ROY NOCKOLDS ART.  Booklet of b&w illustrations of Nockolds motor racing paintings plus descriptive listing of books from Motor Racing Publications. Includes "The Grand Prix Car" and "A Record of Motor Racing".  5.5x 8.5in. pp.16   £40
516.    JIM CLARK MEMORIAL ROOM.  Catalogue of the trophies and awards won by Jim Clark.  Profile of  Jim.  All trophies described and dated.  6x 8.5in.  pp.20 £30
514.    HONOR THE AUTO.  1982.  Illustrated selection of items on display in the Ray Holland Collection of Art and Automobilia in Bethlehem, Pa.  Photographs of early model cars, sculptures, art, mascot, automobilia.  11x 8.5in. Winner's trophy sculpture for the 1925 Grand Prix de Cote D'Azur on cover. pp.28   £40
513.    VOLKSWAGEN/ KDF WAGEN. Illustrated facsimile colour copy of the original 34-page catalogue for the prototype of the original People's Car -- Volkswagen. Interesting to compare the photographs of the interior in different fold-down modes with  the modern re-creation of the Beetle.  8.5x11.5in. £40
511.    WOLFGANG VON TRIPS.  Black-bordered card  in German text from the 1961 posthumous World Champion, send by his parents.  Relates to his death. 7x 4.5in.   £35
510.    LE MANS '63 / ROVER.  Illustrated promotional folder relating  to the Rover gas turbine.  Action photo of Graham Hill at Le Mans in the 00 Rover-BRM. Photos of the Le Mans programme in centre spread with further photos on the development of the gas turbine in various Rovers.  Includes turbine power boat.  Single-fold, 4-side item.  10x 8in.  £55
505.    MG THROUGH THE AGES.  Fold-out display poster with photographs of all the MG production models from 1924-1966 -- 14/28 to Midget II/III.  Opens to 22x 16.5in.  32 photos.  Includes K3, Tigress, Q and R-type racing Midgets. Nuffield Press.    £30
496.    BRM/ FERGUSON 4-w-d Formula 1.  1964.  A pair of typescript press releases from BRM and from Ferguson.  The Ferguson release is typescript on a single sheet.  The BRM release is on headed Own Organisation paper, written by Rivers Fletcher.  £40
495.    FERRARI / KONI.  Le Mans 1961.  Illustrated promotional item.  Photographs of Gendebien/ Hill winning Ferrari, Mairesse/ Parkes Ferrari, Noblet/ Guichet Ferrari, Pabst/ Thompson Maserati, Gregory/ Holbert Porsche, Cunningham/ Kimberley Maserati, etc.  Double side item for Koni shocks.  £20
494.    NURBURGING/ MOSS.  Mint original race programme for the 1961 German Grand Prix.  All usual programme detail.  Entry list, track map, driver photos etc. SIGNED BY STIRLING MOSS who won the race that year, beating the might of Ferrari in his Walker Lotus.  pp.44   £130
472.    B.R.M.A. Member 1950.  Enamelled lapel badge.  Full lettering and date. Buttonhole fixing.  Excellent original condition.  £145
470.    B.R.M. -- but is actually an enamelled lapel badge for the rare British Racing Mechanic's association.  B.R.M. initials across winged background. £150
468.    OOZELUM & WOKING MOTOR CLUB.  1930.  Circular enamelled badge featuring an owl-like bird (an Oozelum?) with wings outstretched.  Engraved 'Mrs P.
Shillabeer.  Winter Trial.  1930.'      £70
442.    RAILTON-MOBIL/ JOHN COBB Land Speed Record.  Special 4-page reprint from "The Autocar" of August 22, 1947, commissioned by Thompson & Taylor who built the record car for John Cobb.  Photographs, cutaway, technical art and full description of the project. From T&T's archive. Page size is A4.  £65
414.    INTO THE WATER BARRIER.Donald Campbell.  1955.  The story of Campbell's enormous efforts to finally break the Water Speed Record in Bluebird at 202.32mph.  Water speed record books are rare.   Dustwrapper.  pp.239   £55
410.    ORIGINAL CIGARETTE CARDS featuring early motor racing subjects have been professionally mounted in suitable pairings on heavy card for framing and display. Details on back of cards visible from the back of the mount.
Each mount features a pair of cards.  Each 6x10.5in.  Stylish and different.


410c.  GEORGE EYSTON.  Churchman's sepia card as above with portrait of Eyston in linen helmet with goggles atop plus Eyston in Wills's Cigarettes 'Speed of the Wind' record car on colour card.  £12

410d.  GEORGE EYSTON.  As (c) above but portrait matched with Wills's Cigarettes colour card of 'Thunderbolt' Land Speed Record car.  (shown left) £12

410e.  AB JENKINS.  Churchman's sepia card with cockpit shot of Jenkins. Paired with Wills's colour art of 'Mormon Meteor' at speed.  £12


409.    DER NURBURGRING.  Early illustrated German magazine devoted to the mountain circuit.  Good period racing photographs,  German text.  11.5x8in.
1949 Sonderheft    pp.36            £30
1950 April           pp.32?            £30
1950 Dec             pp.32            £30
1951 April           pp.32           £30 (includes circuit elevation fold-out)
1952 June           pp.32?           £30
1953 March         pp.32?           £30
1953 Christmas   pp.32?           £30
406.    GRAND PRIX CARS 1948-1967. Cyril Posthumus.  Castrol collection of full-page sideview colour art for framing:  1948 4CLT/48 Maserati, 1949 Lago-Talbot, 1955 Mercedes W196, 1958 2.9 Cooper, 1958 Vanwall, 1967 BRM H16.  10.5x8.5in. £40
405.    50 YEARS OF GP CARS/Cinquante ans de Voitures de Grand Prix.  1962.  Glossy illustrated selection of important GP cars in European collections, with race results.  From 1895 Panhard et Levassor through Alfas, Bugattis, Cisitalia-Porsche, Alfa 159, Ferrari 500, Gordini, 250F Maserati, Mercedes MG, etc.  8.5x10.5in.  French text.  pp.36   £45
401.    1948 BRITISH GP. Red PIT ATTENDANT armband for the RAC GP.  First British GP at Silverstone. Looks like new.  8.5x3in.  Cord ties.   £50
399.    "500" RACE.  Original regulations booklet for the first major race to be run preceding the RAC 'Grand Prix' at Silverstone on October 2nd 1948.  'For cars with engines not exceeding 500cc unsupercharged.'  6x9.5in.  pp.8 £40
397.    ROVER STORY, The.  Graham Robson.  1984.  Enlarged 3rd edition.  Marque history by expert author.  Excellent in dustwrapper.  pp.201   £30
396.    METRO -- The Book of the Car.  Graham Robson.  1982.  Model history. Excellent in dustwrapper.  pp.192   £30
392.   THE WORKS MINIS.  Peter Browning.  1979.  Paperback illustrated edition. Mint.  pp.206  £18
391.    COMPETITION DRIVING.  Paul Frere.  1963.  All aspects of racing covered by the Ferrari Le Mans winner.  pp.144     £30
386.    PHIL HILL. 1964.  B&w action photos of Phil Hill's Cooper blazing in the Austrian GP and Hill fighting the flames with an extinguisher.Dramatic.  Choice of 4:  a, b, c or  d  9.5x7in. £20 for the set.
374.    WOLFGANG VON TRIPS.  1988.  Hermann Harster.  Superb glossy collection of b&w photographs tracing the German nobleman's racing career from Porsche to Ferrari.  Great action.  Career race results.  Card covers.  German text. 8x8in  pp.44 £25
367.    FERRARI/ FIORANO.  Colour postcard of 312P Ferrari on test track.  Italian. £15
365.    GRAND PRIX DE LAUSANNE.  Retro 1983.  Colour postcard of 1930s Alfa, Mercedes, Maserati, Bugatti, Auto Union with 1980s GP Alfa.  Unwritten.  £15
364.    FERRARI/ SHELL.  1961 racing achievements book.  Comprehensive photo coverage of the season dominated by Ferrari.  8.5x5.5in.  pp.52    £40
363.    MORGAN THREE-WHEELER.  1935.  Original Wakefield Castrol lubrication wallchart.  Plan view of chassis with all lube points noted.  For Twin and Four-cylinder models.  17x23in.  Folded for original mailing.  Good condition.  £85
357.    VILLENEUVE/ "Caro Gilles".  1982.  Collection of fan letters published by "Autosprint" after Gilles' death.  Centre spread colour of Villeneuve at speed in Ferrari.  Italian text.  8x11in.  pp.32.   £50
350.    INNES IRELAND.  1956.  Insurance premium receipt made out to R. McG, Innes-Ireland Esq.  8x5in.  £30
349.    VANDERBILT CUP.  1904.  Excellent facsimile reprint of the original illustrated programme with photographs of all major cars and drivers plus a summary of the race..  Published by the Veteran Motor Car Club of America in 1944.  8.5x5.5in.  pp.78   £65
348.    MILLE MIGLIA STORICA 1984.  Italian Fiat/Lancia press information plus 9x7in photograph including Fiat 8V, Fiat 525SS, Bracco/Maglioli Lancia Aurelia winning in 1951, Ascari winning in D24 in 1954, OM team in 1927 etc.  £45
341.    BUGATTI VALVE SPRING Packed in a plastic bag with a slip of card from the factory with figures (tested strength in Kg?) written in pencil,  a photograph  (shown here) and a brief history of the Type 251 car. The printed card bag header also states:

"A Valve Spring from the Last Grand Prix Bugatti.
Production was geared to a run of eight cars, and this hairpin valve spring (authenticated as a genuine Bugatti part by the Bugatti Owners Club) is a souvenir of the very last Bugatti." £30

340.    PORSCHE/Firestone.  Illustrated German Firestone achievements folder. Dramatic b&w action photograph of Brian Redman's 908 Porsche airborne at Nurburgring.  Centre spread colour of Jo Siffert's March 701.  B&w action of Schetty's Ferrari 212E hillclimb car plus Tecno F3, Ginetta G12, etc. 8x11.5in.  Folder.  £10
338.    GILLES VILLENEUVE.  1979 Labatt Grand Prix du Canada original unused decal featuring the Canadian driver.  Mint.  £15
337.    WOLFGANG VON TRIPS.  Illustrated biographical funeral folder.  10 September 1961.  German text. single fold four sided item 3in x 5in  £30
336.    JIM CLARK TROPHY COLLECTION.  Illustrated catalogue of items in the collection open to the public at Duns in Scotland.  46-pages.  £30
325.    MICHAEL TURNER racing art in miniature.  A set of three colour greeting cards.  1961/62.  Phil Hill winning the 1961 Belgian GP for Ferrari in 1961, Stirling Moss winning at Monaco in 1961 in the Walker Lotus and Bruce McLaren winning the Monaco GP for Cooper in 1962.  As a set of three: £20
322.    ZANDVOORT GRAND PRIX POSTER.  1969.  Colour art of Jackie Stewart in the Matra and action art of a Gold Leaf Team Lotus Type 49.  Quarter folded for original mailing.  Unused.  Excellent.  Jackie Stewart won the GP.  23.5x17in.    £180
319.    AMERICA'S FIRST AUTOMOBILE RACE -- 1895, The Golden Anniversary of.  Charles B. King.  1945.  Glossy detailed illustrated coverage of the race, photographs of cars and drivers, map of the course.  Plus illustrated details of the King automobile engine and the 550hp aero engine used in WW1.  8.5x11in.  pp.52   £100
318.    JOHN SURTEES ON RACING.  1960.  Detailed illustrated booklet.  Biography of Surtees motorcycle racing career, preparation of the motorcycle, engine tuning, race starts, cornering and advice on braking, slipstreaming and overtaking.  Photographs and diagrams.  5x7.5in.  pp.57   £30
317.    WILLIAMS-HONDA F1 PRESS RELEASE.  1983.  2 pages on Denim headed paper detailing the first Honda-powered Williams for Keke Rosberg.  8x6in press photo of the Williams FW09.  £20
316.    MONACO CINQUANT ANNI di GRAN PREMIO 1929 - 1979.  Every race covered with results and photographs.  8x11.5in.  Glossy.  Williams' Bugatti and Scheckter's Wolf shown on cover.  pp.42     £45
314.    LOTUS  /  INDIANAPOLIS 500 - 1964.  Press  release on Lotus headed paper explaining that the reason for Jim Clark's retirement was due to tyre failure, not a suspension breakage.  Single sheet dated 22/6/64.  £35
313.    INNES IRELAND.  Midland Bank insurance certificate dated March, 1960, and issued to "R. McG. I. Ireland, Esq."  7x5in.  £25
312.    FRAZER-NASH LE MANS REPLICA SALES CATALOGUE.  Fold-out b&w 2-fold, 6-side illustrated item.  Art of Le Mans Replica, Mille Miglia and 'Foursome' Cabriolet.  Specifications of each.  Cover side view photo of No.26 in Le Mans pit.  Signed on cover by Roy Salvadori.  8x6.5in.  £80
310.    BROOKLANDS GOLDEN JUBILEE.  1957.  Programme listing all participating racing cars, motorcycles and Light Aeroplanes.  Cars include Hampton's 5-litre 'Black Bess' Bugatti, Napier-Railton, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang II, Parry Thomas' 1927 Leyland Eight plus Bentleys, Sunbeams, etc.  6.5x8.5in.  pp.19     £30
309.    ALFIN SUCCESSES 1953.  Illustrated achievements book.  Alfin made finned alloy brake drums and motorcycle cylinder barrels.  Photos include Allard, Bristols 401 and 450, Connaughts, Cooper Bristols, Cooper 500s, Frazer Nash GT,  Le Mans Replica, Lotus 6.  8.5x11in.  pp.20   £35
307.    WARWICK FARM/"The Fabulous Farm".  Well illustrated and detailed magazine format history of the Tasman Cup races at the Sydney circuit.  8x10.5in.  pp.68    £45
306.    SHELL SUCCESSES 1951. Illustrated achievements book.  Early Ferraris, Alfa Romeo 158 with cutaway, Coopers, etc.  Profile of Farina as first World Champion.  7.5x5in.  pp.24  £35
303.    BRABHAM/Motor  Racing Developments.  September 1967.  List of BT type Numbers and Quantities Produced.  From BT1 to BT24.  Photo copy of original.  £15
302.    BRABHAM BT25.  1968 Indianapolis.  Specifications sheet on Motor Racing Developments headed paper.  £30
300.    S.T.D. MOTORS LTD.  (Formerly A. Darracq & Co. (1905)  Ltd.)  Various documents on headed paper relating to shares and dividends.  5 letters in all, dated between 1929 and 1934.  As a collection:  £45
294.    RICHARD NOBLE.  Colour magazine published to celebrate Project Thrust taking the World Land Speed Record in 1983.  8x12in.  pp.24  SIGNED ON COVER BY RICHARD NOBLE.  £45
286.    ROUEN F2 POSTCARD.  c1963.  B&w photo postcard with race action.  Programme times on reverse.  Programme des Grands Prix de France du 11 Juillet. £15

285.    RACING CAR SHOW PROGRAMMES.  London.  Full details of all cars, companies and teams on display. Photographs of main exhibits.
1960  pp.63  £40
1962  pp.89   £35
1964  pp.128 £35
1965  pp.128 £30
1971  pp.116 £25

283.    WILLIAMS GP ENGINEERING.  A ten Year Tribute.  1979-1989.  Magazine format.  Colour. Full team background, drivers, cars.  Pp.20  £20
276.    TROJAN CAR, The.  'The Car that sees you through'. Original 1927 glossy illustrated sales catalogue with full technical details (Engine has only 7 moving parts) plus press opinions, etc.  Different body styles shown.  5.5x8.5in.  pp.24  Taped spine.  £35
264.    BROOKLANDS SNAPSHOT ALBUM.  Pocket sized fold-out item originally available from vending machines at the Track.  Envelope titled Snapshot Album to be used for mailing like a postcard. 4x3in.  Fold-out titled:  The Snapshot Album of Brooklands Motor Course Weybridge.  Vest Pocket Souvenir.  Twelve views in sepia gravure.  1920s action views, pits, paddock, test hill.  Unusual postally unused item.   £55
253.   LE MANS / TWENTY-FOUR HOURS AT LE MANS.  J.A. Gregoire.  1957 English edition. Novel by the French designer who raced a front-wheel-drive Tracta for four years and designed the prototype of what would become the Dyna-Panhard, based around a new turbo car for Le Mans and all the machinations on track and behind the scenes.  Good dustwrapper.  pp.199    £50
 243.   DEVIL BEHIND THEM, The. John Bentley..  1958.  Collected biographies of racing drivers, with Bentley's distinctive slant:  Nuvolari, Caracciola, Wilbur Shaw, Varzi, Seaman, Sommer, Moss, Ascari, Fangio.  Very unusual to find biographical detail on Varzi and Sommer.  Excellent dustwrapper. pp.253   £75
233.    PORSCHE CUSHIONS.  1982.  Porsche press release on headed paper in German with two photographs of factory-produced cushions (in a wind tunnel!), one as a 356 Speedster, the other of the 1982 IMSA-title winning 935.  £45
228.  MONZA/ Italian GP.  Official colour photographs on plastic plates with swinger calendar attached.  Presented by Autodromo Nazionale de Monza.  6x4in.

1984 race ('85 calendar).  Grid from above with Nelson Piquet on pole with Brabham-BMW.  £35

1992 race ('93 calendar)  Jean Alesi's Ferrari leads out of the chicane.  £35

227.  MONACO GRAND PRIX 1929-1963.  Folder containing a 6-page typescript listing of GP performances from 1929, car by car in alphabetical order.  An 8-page alphabetical list of driver appearances, by year.  Large illustrated cutting from a French newspaper covering the first five Monaco GPs 1929-1933.  Double spread from 'Motor', Sept 1940, feature on the 1932 Monaco GP by Laurence Pomeroy.  Nevin art of Nuvolari's winning P3 Alfa in 1932.  As a collection:  £18
226.  MILLE MIGLIA 1957.  Original document from the very last of the 1000-mile races:
'Ordine de Partenza'.  Large format (10x14in) single-fold-4-side item listing time of start for all drivers and cars.  £35
221.  BRM/ O.R.M.A.  Original leaflets for BRM Supporter's Club.  One illustrates the car badge, lapel badge and coat badge.  The other is a folder illustrating Ken Wharton at speed in the V16, describing the club and an unused membership form.  As a pair:  £30
203. AUTO UNIONDriver postcards.  B&w fanmail portraits from 1937 of Rudolf Hasse, Ernst von Delius and H P Muller with facsimile signatures. As a set of three £150
149. RILEY 1926. "The New Capital to Coast Road - NAIROBI to MOMBASA"  'Photographic record of the first car, a 12hp Riley to accomplish this journey.'  The Riley appears in many of the 28 photographs. Also lions and giraffes. 6.5x8.5in. pp34. Unusual marque item.   £40
145.  MONACO GRAND PRIX 1950. Press bulletins relating to the GP won by Fangio (158 Alfa Romeo) from Ascari  (Ferrari) and Chiron (Maserati.
a. 3-page typescript preview on Monte Carlo Bulletin headed paper. French text. Details of Fangio's entry in this first world championship GP to be held at Monaco. Also entry details for the 500cc race.   £45

b.  3-page coverage of the GP including a description of 'Le Carambolage du Premier Tour'!   £45

137. MILLE MIGLIA/ 'Count Maggi's 1000-Mile Dream'.  Peter Miller. Limited edition review of the Mille Miglia published as a numbered limited edition of 500 for Connolly Leather exhibition, No.357. Colour poster art for 1952 race on front and back covers. Signed by Peter Miller on cover. 8.5x11in. pp4   £55
130. AUSTIN HEALEY RECORDS Postcard of l.h.d. red 100/4. two scarved ladies, lake background. On reverse: US National and Stock Car Records. International Records Class D Pub. No. 1045.  £30
106. THE COOPER STORY. 1950. Glossy Illustrated booklet on the history of the tiny company from 1946 to date. Signed on the cover by John Cooper. 8.5x5.5in. pp.28  £65
38.  SCHNEIDER TROPHY PILOTS.  1929. Sepia photograph of the six pilots standing with Sir Henry Royce.  Titled and dated 1929.  Signed by each pilot.  9.5x8in.  Note:  the original print was torn and damaged.  This is a professional copy print so that all the signature inks are distinctive.  Excellent for framing and display.  £30
31    GROSSER BERGPREIS von DEUTSCHLAND.  1937. B&w cover art of Auto Union storming a hill with swastika flag in background.  Handwritten notes by "Motor" journalist, Rodney Walkerley, show that Brauchitsch was replaced in the works Mercedes by Lang.  Caracciola drove the other works car ("driving in cap! -- noted in margin).  Rosemeyer and Stuck drove Auto Unions.  6x8.5in.  Parting at spine but good for age.   pp.58     £95
29.  BRM/ The Owen Organisation Film Unit catalogue.  c1954.  Illustrated booklet listing all the BRM films available for loan.  Includes:  BRM Beginnings, BRM at Barcelona, BRM 1951, BRM 1952, BRM 1953, BRM 1954.  6x5in.  pp.28    £18
28.  BRM -- The British Racing Motors Association Rules.  1950.  Small booklet with brown card covers outlining the rules and privileges of membership.  Dated 10th August 1950.  pp.12      £25
21.  AUTOCAR.   'A Journal Published in the Interests of the Mechanically-propelled Road Carriage'.  Edited by Henry Sturmey.  The British magazine is the oldest in existence, still appearing weekly.  I can offer this issue from the 1800s in excellent condition considering it is over 100 years old!

1899   March 25th   Features on Joel electric Simms 'motor wheel' tandem, Hall's hydraulic variable speed gearing, etc.  Ads.  pp.31   £45

19. PARIS-MADRID 1903 Postcard. Original Item found in Paris.   "Louis Renault arrivant  1er a la Montee Rouge... a la vitesse de a 110 kilometres a l'heure" £50


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