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While the rare and choice items are listed in the main catalogue, we have a certain amount of cheaper items acquired along the way. Rather than clogging up the main lists they are here at clearance prices. More info on any item on request, just email me: eoinsyoung@btinternet.com

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WILLIAMS RENAULT FORMULA 1 MOTOR RACING BOOK. 1994 glossy large format hardback guide to F1. £2
RACING CARS Doug Nye 1981. small format (7x9in) hardback with significant cars profiled and illustrated. £5
BARRIE GILL'S GRAND PRIX GUIDE. 1977 small softback with good colour illustrations of contemporary and early racing. £2
MURRAY WALKER'S GRAND PRIX YEAR 1987. Softback excellent condition £3
DRIVING FOR SPORT. Martyn Watkins small hardback on circuit racing, rallying, trials etc. etc. £3

GREAT RACING DRIVERS. Doug Nye. 1977. Great illustrated history of the author's choice of the most significant drivers from the 1900s on. Hardback in good condition with d/w. £6

GRAND PRIX DRIVERS, The. 1987. Profiles of every Grand Prix winner since 1950 with authors including Jenks, Nigel Roebuck, Alan Henry, Maurice Hamiltone etc. Good photos from Autocourse £10
FORMULA ONE YOUNG GUNS, The. 2004. Glossy picture book covering Button, Raikkonen, Alonso, Webber, Massa, Schumacher (Ralf ) and Montoya.  A4  hardback.pp. 128 £4
INDIANAPOLIS 500 1965 "Track Facts" Entry list for the '65 race with garage allocations in Gasolene Alley. Mario Andretti is listed as a rookie. Single sheet item. light horizontal fold and a couple of numbers filled in on the qualifying times column.- fill them all in for authenticity and frame it! £8
THE MOTOR CAR An illustrated History. Gianni Marin. Andrea Mattei English translation by Rodney Walkerley & Lyon Benzimra. Good illustrations. £10
OLD CAR BOOK, The. John Bentley American models 1925-1935 listed and illustrated. £4
MOTOR CAR BOOK, The. 1946-56 Michael Sedgewick.  Good hardback with d/w. illustrated. £5
KEN PURDY'S BOOK OF AUTOMOBILES. Collection of magazine articles on all aspects of motoring and motor racing £8
MOTORCADE A Dictionary of Motoring History. M.A. Hammond. lots of period ads reproduced. damaged d/w but clean inside £3.50
THE MOTOR CAR. AN ILLUSTRATED INTERNATIONAL HISTORY.1979. David Burgess-Wise Large format hardback full of colour illustrations. £5
SHELL BOOK OF ROADS, The.   Large format hardback with famous UK highways described by Geoffrey Grigson and illustrated with David Gentleman paintings 1960s. £7
THE MOTOR INDUSTRY OF GREAT BRITAIN CENTENARY EDITION. Superb miscellany of period ads, articles and historical snippets from 1896-1996. Softcover A4 item pp.248. £4
CONQUEST OF SPACE AND TIME. - THE HIGHWAY. E. Eschieldrop. 1939. hardback history of the motor vehicle. Good section on record breaking. £10
A SHORT HISTORY OF MECHANICAL TRACTION AND TRAVEL. PART 1- ROAD. (parts 1 and 2) 1769 - 1944. R.W. Kidner. hardback history. £8
THE EARLY HISTORY OF THE MOTOR CAR 1769 - 1897. R.W. Kidner. paperback part 1 of volume above. £3
FROM TRACK TO HIGHWAY. 1935 hstory of British roads. Hardback £5
FROM STEAMCARTS TO MINICARS. 1961. Eclectic history of the motor car covering record breaking and racing as well as road car development. Good hardback with d/w. pp. 128 £6
THE CHEQUERED FLAG. 100 Years Of Motor Racing Very enjoyable year-by year history from 1894 onwards. Terrific pictures throughout plus lots of useful (and findable!) reference information. Large hardback with OK d/w. pp.400 £9
BATSFORD GUIDE TO VETERAN CARS, The.   small encyclopedia-format  book. ex-lib, spine repaired with tape £2
GREAT CARS . New English library 1971 Good colour illustrations of veteran, vintage and classic road and race cars. £4
THE VETERAN MOTOR CAR POCKETBOOK. 1963. Delightful little hardback  with early motorcars profiled and pictured . pp.256 £4
THE VINTAGE MOTOR CAR POCKETBOOK. 1963. Companion volume to above. pp.256 £5
PASSENGER CARS 1905-12 Small format hardback with colour illustrations of 96 cars and brief profiles. pp.162  £2
MOTOR CARS Up to 1930. small paperback with great colour photos. £1
MOTOR TRUCK and AUTOMOBILE MOTORS AND MECHANISMS. 1918. Early technical explanation with lots of cutaway diagrams. Nice hardback pp.238. £9
TRAFFIC DRIVING TECHNIQUE. 1934. Nice hardback with great photos of '30s cars and traffic. pp.131 £5
EUROPEAN CARS 1886 - 1914 Slim hardback with illustrations and descriptions of some early cars, many of them obscure. pp.72 £6
VETERAN AND VINTAGE CARS. Troy Model Club series. Detailed acount of available models of early motor cars. illustrated. pp.62
FLOYD CLYMER's Historical Motor Scrapbook STEAM CAR EDITION massive amount of information, period ads and articles. £10
THE MODERN STEAM CAR & ITS BACKGROUND companion volume to above.  £10
OLDTIME STEAM CARS model-by model account with photographs. softback with pages and cuttings from "Light Steam Power" magazine slipped inside £5
STEAM ROAD VEHICLES  1953 Science Museum London publication. Softback £4
THE ULTIMATE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FORMULA ONE. 1995. Large format hardback, profusley illustrated. £5
WHO'S WHO IN THE MOTOR INDUSTRY Guild of motoring writers' yearbook 2004  £3
WHO'S WHO IN THE MOTOR & COMMERCIAL VEHICLE INDUSTRIES. 'Motor'/ 'Comercial Motor' yearbook 1970/71   £3
HOW TO MAKE MOTOR TRANSPORT PAY 1920 hardback with d/w on commercial vehicle logistics. lots of period ads. £8
THE "MOTOR" REFERENCE YEARBOOK 1959. Facts and statistics on road cars, racing, records etc. 206 page paperback in superb condition. £9
THE CONCISE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FORMULA ONE. 1999. Large format glossy tome. great photos. £3
HAMLYN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GRANDS PRIX, The. 1988. Hardback with d/w in protective sleeve. £3
MOTOR TRANSPORT LAW. 1949 L.D. Kitchin.hardback with d/w £2
GLASS'S GUIDE TO USED CAR VALUES. January 1939 paperback pocket sized guide "for the trade only". Nice. £5
THE BEST BOOK OF FORMULA ONE FACTS & STATS EVER! Bruce Jones. -No it isn't! but it does have some good driver biogs and odd facts.. £2
MOTOR CAR INDEX 1918 - 1929. Autobooks reprint of 1929 set of tables giving specifications, prices etc. of cars from around the world. Card covers. excellent condition.pp.211 £8
INDIANAPOLIS NEWS 500 MILE RACE RECORD BOOK. Pocket sized softback detailing whta happened to every driver in every race from 1911 to 1991. pp.155 £4
INDIANAPOLIS MEDIA FACT BOOK.  1994 softback giving entrants, driver profiles, stats, history tables etc.  good condition but slightly rubbed/marked cover. £4
BAR HONDA MEDIA GUIDE 2004 Fact book on the Formula one team. Ring bound with card covers. £4
WHO WORKS IN FORMULA 1. 2000 directory of team personnel, sponsors, journalists etc. Thick hardback. pp. 654. £10
FORMULA 1. DRVER BY DRIVER. 1992. Good illustrated account of everyone who started a Grand Prix since 1950. Hardback with excellent d/w. pp.192. £9
ODHAM'S MOTOR MANUAL 1958  General handbook on all aspects of car maintenance, overhaul and repair. Useful handbook for any 40s or 50s car  £4
CASSELL BOOK OF THE HILLMAN MINX 1959. Small hardback format owner's manual £6

CASSELL BOOK OF THE STANDARD TEN (from 1954)  1960. Small hardback format owner's manual £6

THE MOTOR CAR 1765-1914 Anthony Bird Very good on the earliest vehicles, including (my favourite) the Pennington Tri-Car "..the constructional sordidness of which is indescribable"  £10
HILLMAN AVENGER OWNER'S MANUAL from 1970.  1972. P. Olyslager softback A5 sized owner's manual £3
THE BOOK OF THE STANDARD CAR. 1934-1948  8., 9, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 20 models. Pitman Motorist's Library owner's manual. hardback. £6
BOOK OF THE MORRIS EIGHT AND MORRIS MINOR, The.   All Morris 8s and Post War Morris Minors (to 1954) Pitman Motorist's Library owner's manual. softback. £6
MOTORIST'S HOME REPAIR BOOK, The. Bill Hartley. 1961. £2.50
STEERING PROBLEMS. treatises on steering geometry. 1950s. great engraved illustrations. £3.50
PLYMOUTH OWNER'S (and all Chrysler built cars) OWNER'S HANDBOOK. 1955 Floyd Clymer softback in good condition. £8
AUTOMOBILE ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE. A.W. Judge. 1946. Good manual on vintage electrics, inc. magnetos etc. £3
THE MOTOR VEHICLE. 3rd edition. Newton & Steeds 1946. Technical manual on all aspects of motor vehicle design. pp.492 £5.
THE MOTOR VEHICLE. 4th edition. Newton & Steeds 1950. Technical manual on all aspects of motor vehicle design. £5.
THE MOTOR VEHICLE. 6th edition. Newton & Steeds 1958. Technical manual on all aspects of motor vehicle design. £5.
THE MOTOR VEHICLE. 7th edition. Newton & Steeds 1962. Technical manual on all aspects of motor vehicle design. £5.
MECHANICS OF ROAD VEHICLES. Engineering textbook full of practical formulae, principles etc. £2
MOTOR VEHICLE CALCULATIONS AND SCIENCE.  Motor engineering textbook ideal for those building specials etc. and trying vainly to recall odd bits of school physics! £2
MOTOR VEHICLES IN A NUTSHELL.  Simplified handbook of basic principles. Soft covers. pocket sized. £2
PRACTICAL AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING. S. Abbey (ed) 1959. Highly detailed general manual for commercial garage use etc. Hefty tome at 512 pages. £8
PRACTICAL AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING. S. Abbey (ed) 1965. Fourth edition. Highly detailed general manual for commercial garage use etc. Hefty tome at 512 pages. £8
MOTOR RACING DIRECTORY. 1980. Mike Kettlewell. Detailed reference on UK motorsport and history of F1 etc. £3
AUTOMOBILE EFFICIENCY. Maintaining performance with electrical test equipment. 1951. Good series of diagnostic test using simple amp/volt/ohm meters etc. £2
MOTOR CAR MECHANISM & MANAGEMENT SIMPLIFIED. 1924. General technical explanation. Nice hardback pp.166 £5
BOOK OF THE VAUXHALL VICTOR & VENTORA, The. Handbook/manual for all models up to 1969. Small softback. pp.124. £4
MODERN DIESEL, The.  1933 hardback "review of high speed compression ignition engines. lots of diagrams and photos, plus period ads.. pp.184 £3
SKILFUL DRIVER, The.  1956 driving manual with great photos of '50s cars and traffic. pp.166. £5
ALBION MOTORS Ltd. Small booklet giving the history of the company from 1899 to the 50s/60s. £6
MODERN MOTOR CARS 1952 hardback in excellent condition. great illustrations and diagrams. £6
MODERN BUSES AND COACHES 1952 hardback in excellent condition. Companion to above. £5
BERT HARRIS OF THE POLY. A Cycling Legend. 1964 hardback. £5
RECREATION MOTORING. John Marshall. Motoring humour and cartoons. small hardback with d/w. £5
MOTOR CARS P.A. Turner of "The Motor"  1958. "Power and Speed" series for boys. small hardback with d/w £3
MERCEDES. George Bishop.  Large format glossy picture book. excellent condition. £3
THE WHEELS USED TO TALK TO US. Illustrated first hand history of London trams, £5
HOW TO BE A MOTORIST AND STAY HAPPY Humourous articles and cartoons. G. Haines & B. Walker 1967
ALFA ROMEO MUSEO. Museum programme. A4 softcover item with superb pictures of exhibits. pp.32 £4
THE DONINGTON COLLECTION Large format programme of single seater racing cars. Softback. £2
ESSENTIAL BASIC GERMAN MILITARY TERMS Not a motoring book but a nice oddity. Technical phrase book produced in 1944, presumably for D-Day £3
BRITISH CARS 1961 P.D. Matthews Current cars from profiled and illustrated in the manner of a motor show catalogue. small paperback. £2
A SOURCE BOOK OF MOTOR CARS. Colin Munro. Around 140 cars from all eras profiled and illustrated  in small hardback with good d/w. £4
ROYAL SCOTTISH AUTOMOBILE CLUB Official Yearbook 1964. Maps, hotels, period ads etc. £3
THE MOTOR Magazine Dec.23rd 1942 Includes recollections of the Paris Madrid race of 1903. £5
THE MOTOR Magazine Jan 8th 1946.  Includes articles on the demise of Brooklands, Elizabeth Junek's Targa Florio etc.. £5
THE MOTOR Magazine October 18th 1944.  Farina at Tripoli in 1940, Cubic capacity as a taxation class etc. £5
THE AUTOCAR Magazine October 24th 1941.  Article on the possibility of a Geodetically constructed racing car, Police mobile units etc. £5
THE AUTOCAR January 5 1967  Racing Car show guide, New Aston Martin V8 engine, Jensen Interceptor.   January 5 1967. £5
SPORTS CAR ILLUSTRATED DIRECTORY 1959. U.S. Guide to all available sports cars. £6
AUTO SPRINT 11 September 1964. Special on the Monza Grand Prix. Front cover missing. £3
CONTINENTAL COACH TOUR HOLIDAY. Does just what it says on the cover. 1963. pp.224 £2
MOTORIST'S COMPANION ON THE HIGHWAYS OF ENGLAND. 1955 Illustrated guide to the major roads as an aid to planning a motoring holiday. Hardback. pp.174 £5
THE NATIONAL ROAD BOOK. Vol. 1 THE SOUTH EAST OF ENGLAND.  1936. Illustrated gazetteer in beautiful condition (worn dustwrapper) £5
WONDERS OF TRANSPORT. 1930s book on all forms of transport. Hardback. pp.286. £5

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